Here you have MP3s with some bands I can recommend. Some are friends of mine, some I've just had contact with by e-mail, others I've co-operated with etc... I can't guarantee that all the links are working. Some were added years ago, and I'm not really in the mood for checking all the links every month. But most should still be functional!

Aeternus Dominion - Death, thrash and heavy metal - Brutal Aussie Bastard Metal. [website, label]
Global cremation suicide
All tracks from Semper Tyranis CD

Agregator - Hungarian doom/death metal [website]
Aki N�ma - A Semmi �g�n CD
Gy�kerek N�lk�l - A Semmi �g�n CD
A V�ls�g Dics�rete - A Semmi �g�n CD
EdenEast - T�lont�l demo
Stampede - T�lont�l demo
OnePowered - T�lont�l demo
T�lont�l - T�lont�l demo
Painting the Chaos - Pusztal�t demo
Without Colours - Pusztal�t demo
S�t�t �den - Pusztal�t demo
The Apostate - Pusztal�t demo
V�ndor A Porban - Pusztal�t demo

Aktiv D�dshj�lp - Swedish crustcore! [website]
Gr�tens Kalla Bris - Allt Hopp E Ute CD-R
Mordbrand - Allt Hopp E Ute CD-R
Hatets Beg�r - En Tid Av Sm�rta & F�rnedring CD-R
Bev�pnad F�r Att D�da - En Tid Av Sm�rta & F�rnedring CD-R
Tungsinnets Tr�l - split 7" w/Slaktattack

Apologia - Grinding angst-filled hardcore [website]
Concrete Locust - Concrete Locust 7"
Impressions of Choice - Concrete Locust 7"
Newborn - Sentinel CD
Sentinel - Sentinel CD
B.R.D. -Apologia MC

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Furious mix of grind and death metal. [website, label]
Living a lie
All tracks from Still human, still humane? MCD

Bloodbastard - Heavy-as-fuck Dutch goregrind. [website]
Chained, maimed, severed
Full body mutilation
All tracks from Full Body Mutilation MC

Body Core - Progressive Swedish death metal. [website]
Enshrouded with hate
Track from Rancid cerebral lobotomy CD-R

Canopy - Atmospheric, doomy death metal. [website]
For the sickened voice to hear
Track from Will and perception CD-R

Carneous - Swedish death/thrash metal [website]
Desertsand - Wave of sickness CD-R
Chtonic creation - Promo 2005 CD-R

Corpulent Moth - Ultra-heavy death metal. [website]
Sun, God, Opium
Track from Rusting crescent sun CD-R

Deathboot - Bone-breaking old school grindcore. [website]
Nightmare III
Track from You scream in pain when I crush your balls CD

Decadence - Thrash influenced melodic death metal [website]
Red - The creature CD
Wrathful and sullen - Decadence CD
Decadence - Decadence CD

Depression - Groovy German deathgrind [website]
The exorcist - Das Relikt 2xCD
Leichenduft - Split CD/LP with Mesrine
I killed someone during spring (spring time is killing time) - Split 7" with Gonorrhoeaction
Defaced - Split CD/LP with Heamorrhage
Putting the last nail - Chronische Depression CD

De�nga - Amazing hardcore/crust [website]
We're Not Dying
�gren is Life
No More Cops
Rock �t Svinen
K�ka Sopor? Det E V�rldens K�k, Kittlar D�dssk�nt I Kistan!!
All tracks from No submission no penance no repentance and no fucking shit! CD-R

Deviant - Swedish brutal-ass-hell death metal [website]
Infernal - s/t CD-R
Tools of Termination - s/t CD-R
Tools of Termination (live) - Uppsala Deathfest 2003

Devourer - Raging Swedish black metal [website]
All tracks taken from Malignant CD-R

Ebolie - Australian deathgrind. [website, label]
Blood tapped skull
Rape of sanity
All tracks from Elevation Into Disintegration MCD

Embalming Theatre - Swiss grindcore deluxe [website]
4 Brains, One Hand And One Foot In My Luggage - Sweet Chainsaw Melodies CD/LP
Hallucinating Genitals-ejector - split CD w/Frightmare
The Asian Penis-elevator - split 7" w/Sewn Shut
Daddy Raped My Girlfriends - split 7" w/Maggot Shoes
Rotten Corpses Whereever I Look - split 7" w/Terrorism
Shoes Made of Human Skin (live, Hellvetiaday 2002) - I Can Smell That They Are Dead CD-R
Anthropophagus - split 7" w/Unholy Grave
United Pest Control - split 7" w/Final Exit
Even Shakespear Fed the Worms - split 7" w/Agathocles

Eroded - German old school death metal [website]
Black empire - Split 7" with Paganizer
The pits of gruesome torment - Beneath the cross MC

Facing Death - Swedish death metal. [website]
Eyes of hell
Track from S/T CD-R

Fondle Corpse - Splatter B-movie gore metal [website]
Fucked Stabbed and Eaten - Limbless 7"
Bits & Pieces - split 7" w/Inkblack (clip)
Formaldehyde Soaked Corpses - split 7" w/Inkblack (clip)
Kingdom of Rot - split 7" w/Inkblack (clip)

Grind Minded - Dutch old school deathgrind. [website]
Saskia Du Quelle
Fuck Off And Die
The Axe Effect
All tracks from 9mm Facial CD

Haarp - Heavy, harsh neocrust/metal/hardcore [website]
Nothing (Part I)
Nothing (Part II)
Nothing (Part III)
Nothing (Part IV)
All tracks taken from split CD w/Evolution Cancer

Hailstones Kill 200 - Aussie grindcore frenzy. [website, label]
I am not afraid
Track from June 19, 1932 MCD

Halo of Knives - Raging Australian crusty grindcore. [label]
All too human
Watch the red devils burn
All tracks from Eat God MCD

Illd�d - One of the greatest crust acts around!. [website]
Raseri - R�kapitalism LP
The parade goes on - R�kapitalism LP
Gammal fet � utbr�nd - R�kapitalism LP
Starka nationer - R�kapitalism LP
N�r gl�den d�r - R�kapitalism LP
Concrete - R�kapitalism LP
We, the people - R�kapitalism LP
Maktl�s - R�kapitalism LP
F�rpestad - R�kapitalism LP
Mot alla odds - R�kapitalism LP
Eyes of a drunken bastard - R�kapitalism LP
Murder & blood & shit on the dancefloor - R�kapitalism LP
En ny dag - R�kapitalism LP
Alliansen - Nemo saltat sobrius 7"
I f�rening - Nemo saltat sobrius 7"

Istapp - Black metal. [website]
Sn� - M� det aldrig t�a CD-R
M� det aldrig t�a - M� det aldrig t�a CD-R
I v�ntan p� den absoluta nollpunkten - M� det aldrig t�a CD-R
Bortg�ng af Alvr�dul, ljusets f�rfall - Ljusets f�rfall CD-R
Fj�llh�ga nord - Ljusets f�rfall CD-R
1160 (Miovik) - Ljusets f�rfall CD-R

K.N.B. - Mincecore from Singapore [website]
Peace To The World
Solitary Minded (Agathocles)
All tracks taken from Peace To The World Tape/CD-R

Kvoteringen - Swedish allstar crustcore. [, label]
Sjuk V�rld - Roffarens Marknad 7"
Roffarens Marknad - Roffarens Marknad 7"
Vem Har Gett Dem R�tten? - Vidrig Maskinell Framfart 7"

Likskjit - Norwegian crustcore. [website]
D�dsdisippel - D�dsdisippel 7"
D�d men sulten - By warbells, blood and booze CD-R
Paranoide bivirkninger - By warbells, blood and booze CD-R
By warbells, blood and booze - By warbells, blood and booze CD-R

Masspsykos - Swedish crustcore [website]
Slaves to the war - Kontrollstat Tape/CD-R
T�rgas - Kontrollstat Tape/CD-R
Forced beliefs - Kontrollstat Tape/CD-R
Sluta le (Acursed cover, live) - unreleased
Xenofobi (live) - unreleased

Meat Wallet - Deathgrind. [website]
Filth kill
Investment in death
All tracks from The Wrong Side of Capitalism LP

Nominon - Supreme old school death metal! [website]
Condemned to die - Recremation CD/LP
The lost ones - The true face of death MCD/MLP
Invocations - Blaspheming the dead 7"/MC
Night of damnation - Diabolical bloodshed CD
My flesh - My flesh MC/Daemons of the past CD
Blodsblot - Daemon I MC/Daemons of the past CD

Nuclear Winter - Death metal from Greece
Dead Congregation - Abomination Virginborn MC

Origin Blood - Marvellous thrash metal. [website]
Track from mr. Jakker Daw CD

Penile Suffocation - Evil Swedish deathgrind [website]
It's My Party And I'll Die If I Want To
Bukake Warrior
Rabid Rabbi
Choke Choke Die
The Joy of Being Evil
Fat Fuck
Death of the Lying Bastard
Darkness Will Prevail
Flesh Feast on the Altar of Evil
Grindfucked With �ber-Erection (in nomine satanas)
All tracks taken from s/t CD-R

Protest - Crust
Matad Med Skit - s/t Tape/CD-R

Putrescence - Canadian goregrind [website]
Excreted decapitated - Dawn of the necrofecalizer CD
Raised in an oscillated brain tumor - Mangled, hollowed out and vomit filled CD

Radioskugga - Hellish crust/grind from Sweden [website]
N�r Helvetet Fryser Till Is - En Estetisk Krigsf�rklaring CD-R
Antipacifistisk Aktion - En Estetisk Krigsf�rklaring CD-R

Download the entire demo packed as a zip-file: Radioskugga - En Estetisk Krigsf�rklaring
Use Winzip, or another similar program, to un-pack it.

Relevant Few - Swedish old school grind [website</>]
Dress code evil
Oral mutual thieves
No saviour
All tracks taken from Live: Revolution! CD

Remasculate - Swedish humoristic deathgrind [website]
Til the stench do us part
Mens true Asian obsession
Bon ape tit
Subway doomsday
All tracks taken from Blend in and juice them CD

Ripped 2 Shreds - Killer German deathgrind! [website]
Claustrophobic Headfuck - split CD w/Poostew
Fried Alive - split CD w/Poostew
Nothing - split CD w/Poostew
Kneedeep in Bones - Straight Hate CD
Slaves - Straight Hate CD

Silovanje - Cyber goregrind [label]
I raped a rapist
Jane Doe
All tracks from Taste of Death CD

Slaktattack - Swedish crustcore! [website]
Evigt Lidande - split 7" w/Aktiv D�dshj�lp

Splattered Mermaids - Swedish brutal death metal [website]
Creation of wounds (clip) - Creation of wounds CD-R
Take the pain (clip) - Creation of wounds CD-R
Trust your instincts... Be a cannibal (clip) - Creation of wounds CD-R
Your bleeding (clip) - Creation of wounds CD-R
By my blade (clip) - Creation of wounds CD-R
Enslaved from the birth (clip) - Creation of wounds CD-R
Slaves of pain (clip) - Creation of wounds CD-R
Take the pain - Bloodfreak CD-R
Last wish - Bloodfreak CD-R

Splitter - Raging Swedish grindcore [website]
S� J�vla Trasig - Vardags�ngest MCD
N�r Allt Sp�rar Ur - Stundens Chockerande Intryck CD-R
Illustrerad Dj�vulskap - Stundens Chockerande Intryck CD-R
SS (Smarta Snubbar) - Stundens Chockerande Intryck CD-R
Vidriga Skam - Stundens Chockerande Intryck CD-R
Uppdrag: Bakh�ll - Stundens Chockerande Intryck CD-R
Slutet Spelar Roll - Stundens Chockerande Intryck CD-R
Den Sista Jakten - Stundens Chockerande Intryck CD-R

Syconaut - Swedish hardcore/thrash metal [website]
My Deception - Geodesic CD-R
Fragrance of Decay - Geodesic CD-R
As Pure As I - Geodesic CD-R
The Scars Remain - Geodesic CD-R
The Rival of Pain - Geodesic CD-R
The Curse - Shredlust CD-R
Scar Mutation - Shredlust CD-R
I'm a Remedy - Shredlust CD-R
God I Create - March of a New Division, CD-R
Undergo - March of a New Division, CD-R
Begone - March of a New Division, CD-R
In Serpent Skin - March of a New Division, CD-R

The Arson Project - Amazing Swedish grindcore [website]
Parson paedophile - s/t CD-R/MC
Trenchrat - s/t CD-R/MC

Uncle Charles - Crustcore [website]
Bit Inte Handen Som F�der Dig
Uncle Charles (G.Y.M.T.A.H)
Noll Tolerans
All tracks taken from In Crust We Trust 10"

Undivine - Swedish black/death metal. [website]
Behind thy eyes
And so I fall
Tracks taken from Behind thy eyes CD-R

Vand�d - Swedish newcomers of black metal. [website]
Burden of Eden
Track from Vand�d demo

Underneath here I've just gathered links to websites with MP3s. So to make it as clear as possible, I do NOT store these songs myself on any server. And I'm not responsible for what can be found on these pages. What I want to accomplish with this is just to recommend bands and give folks an opportunity to hear new groups they normally wouldn't hear, maybe... Anyway... Great music from great bands...

Attack Fanzine
He's gathered some MP3s from his releases... Sewn Shut, Akkolyte, Crossing Chaos, Bombstrike, Krigshot, Kontrovers and more...

Demos and records with classic Swedish rawpunk groups like Raped Teenagers, Kurt I Kuvös, S.O.D. and many more...

Bastardized Rec.
Gomorrha, Hellchild, Six Reasons To Kill, Absidia and more... Grind, hardcore mostly...

Catchpraze Rec.
Contravene, Svart Aggression, Misanthropic and more... Crust, anarkopunk, hardcore...

Comatose Music
Death metal. Lust of Decay, Dislimb and more...
A lot of excellent crust and grind mp3s

Exutoire Rec.
Assuck, Last Days of Humanity, Knut, His Hero Is Gone, Artimus Pyle, G77 and more...

Bands like Antagony, Sayyadina, Senseless Apocalypse, Kungfu Rick and many more...

Flowerviolence Rec.
Kick ass bands like Artimus Pyle, Y, M:Pati, Assel, Diskonto and more... Hardcore, crust, grind...

Heroine Rec.
Cool bands like Louise Cyphre and The Death of Anna Karina

Insane Society
Malignant Tumour, Cerebral Turbulency, Disrupt, Agathocles, Remains of the Day and more...

Morbid Rec.
Death metal and grind. Waco Jesus, Haemorrhage, Neuraxis, Dying Fetus and more

No Escape Rec.
Extreme grind. Fuck...I'm Dead, Captain Cleanoff, Neuro-visceral Exhumation and more

No Tolerance Records
Skitsystem, Retaliation, Relevant Few, Wolfpack and Insula

Obscene Prod.
Grind. Ingrowing, Dead Infection, Malignant Tumour, Agathocles, Squash Bowels and more...

Scorched Earth Policy
Stack, Fear is the path to the Dark Side, Catharsis, Cheerleaders of the Apocalypse, Victims and more...

Self Made God
Grind. Rzeznia, Third Degree, Agathocles, Selfhate and more...

Stonehenge Rec.
Born Dead Icons, Jasemine and more...