So who am I, you might wonder. Well, the name's Kristoffer and I'm a fat slob born in �83. I've had some previous experience as a vocalist for a couple of bands, but at the moment I'm not involved in any musical projects. The main part of my record collection consists of grindcore, crustcore, black metal, death metal and punk. But also doom metal, hardcore, thrash metal and troubadours.
I'm not very well educated, I don't have a degree in journalism or anything like that. I just do this zine 'cause I love the music, I hear tons of new bands and get an opportunity to make great contacts all over the world. And of course, the fact that I get free records is also a nice bonus, haha.
I get very excited every time I get a package from a band or label that I've never heard of. The zine's grown over the years, which makes me very happy. But I hope to have it grow even more.
Everything's done in my spare time, which at the current state is just about 24/7 since I'm unemployed. But a big chunk of time also goes towards my girlfriend and various psychological disorders. It's not as bad as it sounds, but I do suffer from severe mood swings, hehe.
Well, that's probably more info than you wanted to know anyway. So I'll stop before I start rambling about way too personal issues. Thanks a lot for your interest in this site, I hope you enjoy it! /Kristoffer

For pretty much every interview I've done over the last couple of years I've asked a series of standard questions. And I figured why not give my own answer to the very same questions. So here they are...

Latest record I bought; V/A - Brutal Domination, DVD
Latest record I listened to; Cadaveric Crematorium - Serial grinder, CD
Latest book I read; At the moment I'm reading "The gates of Rom" by Conn Iggulden and "Hems�borna" by August Strindberg.
Latest show I went to; Malm�festivalen. I saw Mob 47, Sista Sekunden and Cryptopsy.
Crappiest record I've bought; Noll Koll - Toner f�r miljoner, CD-R

If I ever committed suicide, how'd I do it; I have no idea, actually. I'll give it some thought and maybe I'll be able to give you a better answer some other time.

Answered at the 15th of September 2006.