A very promising and interesting young Swedish act. Unfortunately the interview suffered a bit from technical problems...
It was done by email. I sent the first question at the 21st of March, but I didn't receive the last answer until the 25th of November. My computer got infected with a major virus and broke down. So for a couple of months I hardly had access to the internet, and the interview had to go on holidays for some time.

Howdy Daniel!
Let�s just start with a presentation of the band, will you?

Daniel: It all started in the summer of 2004, when Erik G�rdefors got the idea to start a new band with me and Simon. We were all friends before, cause we went to the same school for three years. We all played in bands; Simon and I in Saturate and Erik in Heresy, but nothing together with Erik. So we thought it was a great thing to do. Erik wrote some songs and in October we recorded our demo "In A Moment Of Aberration".
Erik is playing the guitar and making the growls, I'm screaming and playing the bass and Simon is sitting behind the drums.

It doesn�t take a rocket scientist to notice the inbreeding of members in A-Bomb, and the bands related to A-Bomb. I mean, You and Simon are brothers, playing in M:40 and Saturate as well. Erik is also in Heresy and Insult. Yet another Blomberg-brother, named Ulf, is in both Exhale and Grace.Will.Fall (right?), and it�s also in his studio where you�ve recorded your demo� Now, is this just me confusing a bunch of names, or is there even more inbreeding going on that I�ve just missed? :)
Daniel: No, I think thats the most of them... Of course we've all had other bands before and making different things at home, but thats nothing to mention.

About the demo... It wasn�t too long ago since you released it, what�s the response been like so far? Anything totally over-the-hill and surprising?
Simon: The response has been good so far, we have had some reviewers who has liked it alot and that really feels great, there is no one who has given us a bad response... So we must say that we are satisfied so far!
Erik: Yeah it has been good and that is great! But I thought that more people should talked about our industrial parts in the songs, I thought that it was something extra in our music, well, well...

Another little note considering the incest I came to think of� Ulf and Bj�rn of Grace.Will.Fall also runs a small label named Hobo Rec. Any plans to release anything through them, keeping it in the family? Hehe�
Simon: No, there are no plans with a-bomb at HoboRec for the moment, but probably M:40 are going to release an album with help from Hoborec now in the summer... We will see, maybe that�s something for A-bomb also in the future...

Ok, no plans for Hobo Rec. So what are your plans for the future?
Daniel: We will record a new demo as soon as possible, and then we'll see what happens...

I suppose music�s a big part of your life, considering how much time and effort is put in to your bands� Does it sometimes take overhand, maybe causing problems at home or such?
Daniel: Very much in my life is about the music, but I don't think it it's causing any problems. No big problems. Maybe my girlfriend thinks it can be a little too much sometimes, but I think it's ok!=)
Erik: Well this sounds like a big, inflated clich�, but music for me is bigger then life... I think music is the best art form for me to express my feelings for all around us! I play in three very different bands/ projects, and I feel passion for all of them in very different ways. My parents are the biggest fans of these bands, so there is no problem at all :)

He� Sorry for the long delay! I�ve already explained why, so there�s no reason to do so again. But I thought I should ask if anything�s happened within the band, to the band, or otherwise relating to the band, that you think is worth mentioning? You know, �cause of the delay I�m not up-to-date :)
Simon: Erik has written some more songs for our next recording, so we are now rehearsing them. We have also bought a drum pad, so I can play our industrial noises when we play live.

Ok. Well we�ve talked about reviewers� response to the demo. But we haven�t mentioned the subject of playing live. Have you had any gigs so far? Any planned? Do you consider yourselves to be more of a live band, maybe?
Simon: Actually we haven't played live yet, and there are no plans for the moment. So I think we have to say that we dont know. But I'm sure that it would probably be an awsome live consert with all the samples and stuff...dont you think?

How come you don�t even have plans to play live?
Well, I suppose it would somehow remind me of Counterblast, they too use quite a lot of samples. How�d you work out the sample-part, have a guy on the side working the computer?

Simon: Well, off course we have had plans for playing live but for the moment we spend most of the time for our other bands. Daniel & I are doing alot with M:40 because of the album we've just realesed and Erik is spending alot of his time to his band Insult. And besides that, Erik has now moved to Gothenburg, which makes it all even more complicated. But perhaps our second demo will soon be recorded and maybe we will play live then.
Daniel: Most of the "samples" in our songs is just drums with alot of distortion on it. And that is what we have the drumpad for. The other things that you can call samples is just some kind of intros, so I don't think we need one more guy to make that work.

Hehe, yeah ok. Well you�ve started working on new material for the second demo. Can we expect any changes in your music? Anything the critics might have said that you, yourself, weren�t really satisfied with on In a moment of aberration?
Erik: Yes there are some small changes I think... Some of the new songs are a little bit more technical. And some songs are a little bit faster then the songs was on"In a moment..." I have also tried to focus on to do the songs alble to play live, with only one guitar. I think that we maybe will record a new demo this winter, but you never know!

So how do you think the listeners will response to the upcoming demo? Will it still satisfy any current fans?
Erik: I think that they who liked the first one will also like the second, it is in the same vain but hopefully better!

From where do you draw most inspiration when composing A-Bomb tunes? Soulfly is a pretty obvious source of inspiration, but I suspect that�s not the whole truth�
Erik: Well I can only answer for me and I do not see Soufly as a inspiration at all. I have never liked that band but I know that Daniel and Simon do that... It is hard for me to say any big inspirations for A-bombs music, you know I do not play this form of music in my other bands (Insult & Zaraq). A-bomb is a new way for me to express my big feeling for extreme music!

When reading your lyrics I detect a hint of political rage and social awareness, a wish for change, you might say� Am I correct; is that a fair judgement to make?
Erik: Yes the lyrics are full of fury and critic to the society the propaganda and all losers who think they are something good! I hate to see all passivity every day! We do not judge anyone we just react!

Are you guys politically active? Plan on voting in the Swedish governmental election next year?
Erik: I am not political active, if you mean demonstrations etc, but off course I have my opinions and they are very limited!
Daniel & Simon: Well, it depends on what you mean with "active", off course politic is something that we care about and we also take part in some demonstrations and things... But none of us is active in any political organisation for the moment.

What do you hope will come out of A-Bomb in the future? Are you reaching for the stars, or are you just happy with releasing demos and eventually an album, or what? And what do you think will come out of A-Bomb?
Erik: Well I don�t think that we have any concrete visions, we just take it for what it is and the future will tell us...
Daniel: It's hard to tell what�s going to happen. We do all have other bands that we play with and I think that is a reason why things go that slow with A-Bomb.

Well, on to some of my favourite questions, really, hehe� Pretty much silly ones�
Latest record you bought?

Erik: "Hellfire" with 1349
Daniel: Meshuggah - Catch 33
Simon: Dillinger Escape Plan

Latest record you listened to?
Erik: "Black imperial blood" (demo) with M�tiilation
Daniel: Victims - In blood...
Simon: Svenska Akademien � T�ndstickor f�r m�rkr�dda

Latest book you read?
Erik: "Texter i poetik" Per Erik Jung & Anders Mortensen
Daniel: Can not remember that...
Simon: "Da Vincikoden" Dan Brown

Latest show you went to?
Erik: "Nile" in Gothenburg
Daniel: Insult in Lidk�ping
Simon: Also Insult

Crappiest record you've bought?
Erik: "Absolut music 29" =D
Daniel: Hot Stuff
Simon: Hmm...

If you could choose any band, dead or alive, to do a split with � which would be the ultimate band for A-Bomb?
Daniel & Simon: Guess that would be Pantera! Sepultura would be nice too...

And last of the silly ones: if you ever decided to commit suicide, how would you go about it?
Erik: Nothing I will share with you - sorry...
Daniel & Simon: Probably with an A-BOMB!=)

Soo� That�s it, you guys. The interview�s taken pretty much forever to get finished, but now it has actually come to an end. Is there anything I should have asked that I�ve missed?
Thanks for bearing with me during long delays and screw-ups. And also a huge thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Best of luck in the future, and I�m curious to see how A-Bomb will develop! As usual it�s up to you to end this interview. Take care!

Erik: I have tried to answer your questions and thats all for me I think... Thanks for your support for A-bomb and for all other underground bands out there! Cheers Phuling!
Simon: No, I think you got it all! Thanks!
Daniel: Thanks!

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