After interviewing Tomas Nilsson, on behalf of Suicidal Seduction, I felt that one of his other bands deserved to get a spot here too, namely Aktiv D�dshj�lp.
So, we did the interview by ICQ. First session very, very early in the morning 14th of September, and the second session later at night.

Yo Tomas! Let us just start with a small presentation of the band...
Hello! Aktiv D�dshj�lp is a band from Finsp�ng/Norrk�ping - Sweden. The line-up is - Tomas Nilsson, me, guitar, Petter Johansson vocals, John Andersson bass and Samuel �jring drums. Just four guys that enjoy hangin' together and drink and play!

The start of Aktiv D�dshj�lp is a fairly stressful story, at least it seems to be. You came up with the concept, a couple of hours later you had Samuel on board, the next morning Petter joined in. And in just two weeks you wrote and recorded your first demo (Allt Hopp E Ute). And without even rehearsing it� In retrospect, are you still happy with the way you handled it?
I still enjoy to listening to the first demo. You can really feel the anger and the frustration when it�s attacking you. The band was just a stupid thing we did to kill too much spare time. When people started to like what we had done we decided to take it to a more serious level and start rehearsing before entering the studio and before gigs - hahaha

The demo got released as a CD-R through Halvfabrikat Records. What was the response like from the crowd?
The reviews have been great and the record sold out quite fast so I guess that people liked it, and that's nice. We even sold some copies to Japan...

Eight months after you recorded Allt Hopp E Ute, you went into the studio again, this time to record your second demo, entitled En Tid Av Sm�rta & F�rnedring. That was the first recording your bassplayer John was involved with, right? Before that you handled all the string-work.
Yeah... I played the bass on the first demo. To promote the first release we did a gig in Link�ping. We needed a bassplayer for the gig and asked John if he wanted to join, only for that gig... after the gig we felt that he was the right bassplayer for us and he was eager to join the band!

I didn�t even have to ask you the next question. I was gonna ask you if the main reason for recruiting a bassplayer was to be able to play live, hehe.
Well, En Tid Av Sm�rta & F�rnedring got released as a CD-R on another label. As you mentioned earlier you were a tad more serious with this demo. Was there anything you wanted to change radically for that recording? I mean, that you weren�t satisfied with on the first one?

Yes... we wanted to have a heavier sound and more back-up vocals. We didn't have the time to do any advance shit for the first demo... we just simply stormed in and rigged the place and recorded Allt hopp e Ute. We had also spent some time at the rehearsal place to arrange some songs. I wrote the title track in the studio though.

Hehe, ok. So still keeping it real then� Gotta have some pressure and stress, hehe.
But the response was even better this time, right? I mean, it must feel like this demo caused your �big breakthrough�, since you got to play at the Swedish Augustibuller festival.

Some people like the first one most and some like the newer one better. But it seems like everyone likes both the records - hahaha, and that's really cool! Yeah the people behind the festival seemed to like us because the gave us a very good spot in the schedule

So what was the response like after Augustibuller? Did you feel that you did a fair enough gig?
You can always look back on a gig and say - the sound at stage could�ve been better, we could have taken fewer beers (hahahaha) or shit like that... I had a great time and the crowd were awesome! We sold almost all the merchandise we brought. And the response afterward has been great. But you can never satisfy everyone at a concert. You can always find a bitter shithead that thinks he�s better than you, if you know what I mean?

Haha, oh yeah? So if people don�t like what you do they�re bitter shitheads?
Hahaha, no... That wasn't what I meant. Some people like black some like blue... but if you don't like blue you don't have to devote your life to haunt them. For an example all the guys that really hate Hammerfall and print t-shirts saying - We hate hammerfall... people like that really pisses me off

Hahaha. It makes me laugh when I see shirts like that� I get your point, but Hammerfall still suck! Hehe�
Anyway. What�s with all the CD-R releases? Why not a real CD, or vinyl?

Hahaha don't ask me! The labels didn't have the money to release a real CD or a vinyl... and we didn't wanted to release a demo on our own... so why not let some guys with the right network do it for us? But we will not release any more CD-Rs. We have a few labels that like us and they are not interested in CD-R, and neither are we.

Well, you have your first vinyl release on its way, a split 7� with Swedish crust compadres Slaktattack. Excited about that?
Yes! Feels like the first step to a bigger market. But I personally prefer CD... the release after this one will be a CD!

Oh yeah. Already decided? Have you begun writing the tunes?
We have some plans for it but nothing is decided yet. I have a concept that will be like a theme at it. We have some musicals ideas, but mainly lyrical. I have some other projects that are eating up my time at the moment...

Ok. But then Aktiv D�dshj�lp�s not only a stressful story; it�s also a fairly successful story. Not two years have gone, and you�ve already gotten quite the recognition.
You say theme. Does that mean you�ll change direction a bit for your next record?

We will try some styles out in our concept. Everyone in the band likes hardcore and grind. I think you can hear that on the split with Slaktattack. I have some ideas to do a cool outro, like we tried out on En tid av sm�rta & f�rnedring. Maybe have an intro too, and maybe a track in the middle or so too.

I see� Well, I know you were very inspired by Skitsystem when you wrote the first demo, so how have your inspirations evolved since? Sounds like it�s gonna get more melodic, talking about your outro and such.
Are you also letting the rest of the guys in on the writing now?

Yeah everyone who has an idea is welcome to show it for the rest of the band. Samuel and I wrote the first one together... the second one was mainly my creation. This third one has John and I done much work at. We don't reflect very much on the inspiration. If it sounds despair and aggressive, then it's just the thing for Aktiv D�dshj�lp. The lyrics are more important than the music. The music is more like the soundtrack for the tale.

Ahh, yeah you have a band name that gets the message through (euthanasia). Is it despair and misery that you�re trying to put to tape/paper? Where do you find the inspiration for your miserable lyrics then?
The whole idea behind the project was to get an out-put for the negative shit in personal life. So I guess that is one of the goals; to put despair and misery on tape & paper. But sometimes you hear something on the teen'o'clock news and feel you have to write something it about it. Psykisk V�ldt�kt is one of these songs

What is Psykisk V�ldt�kt about then? And I suppose Bev�pnad F�r Att D�da is one too.
It's about the victim�s perspective in bullying. School simply turns into a prison. I heard a story about a boy in Sweden that made me write this tune, it's written for him but I changed the ending though
Bev�pnad f�r att d�da is just a tune about the new ammunition that Swedish cops uses... ammo that�s illegal to use even in war.

So the boy didn�t kill himself in real life?
Most crust acts base their lyrics on their political views, no plans on starting writing from a political angle?

I never head the end of the story... I don't know...
No, we�re all too corrupted to rule anyway! hahaha... you always change from one asshole to another

Haha, ok. You�re not a politically active bunch then? Next year it�s time for the Swedish governmental election, do you plan to vote?
No not really... I have lost hope for humanity, kind of hehehe... I always vote, otherwise that would be a way of disgracing democracy in my opinion

What�s your stance on ideologies then? Do you consider yourself to be leftwing, rightwing, what?
I consider myself to be a leftwing guy. But that doesn�t mean that everyone else does so... hehehe

Hahaha, ok� Relatively leftwing, then? ;)
Maybe? hehehe... I�m definitely not rightwing.

Ok, so about the recognition part that I mentioned earlier (quite a long time ago now, hehe)� You�ve gotten the proper attention in Sweden at least, with Augustibuller and releases and all, but what�s it been like abroad?
We have sold some records to USA, Korea, Japan, France and Germany. A zine from Spain interviewed me a few months ago, but I don't know what happened with the interview though

Well, you�ve only had five gigs so far, if I�m not mistaken. Do you have plans for a tour? I hear Czech�s nice to tour, hehe. Touring other countries would definitely give you more attention.
The tricky thing is to get in touch with all the people that are booking these gigs... I don't have the contacts to do that. That really sucks!

Ahh, yeah. I occasionally get contacted by bands asking me to put a Swedish tour together, but I don�t have the energy nor the capacity to do so. But if given the opportunity, would you happily gig outside of Sweden? Or maybe work and such gets in the way�
Absolutely! Everything to promote the band you know

Well, you have a 7� on the way, a CD is planned� Are you happy with the way Aktiv D�dshj�lp has turned out? I suppose you weren�t expecting all this to be happening, since it wasn�t meant to be too serious, as you said before.
I'm very proud of what we have done with Aktiv D�dshj�lp. We always have a great time when we're working with the project too, and that's important!

Yeah, of course. Do you think your current fans will like the 7� as much as the earlier material? And what do you hope will come out of Aktiv D�dshj�lp, now that it�s gotten much bigger then it was meant to?
The 7" is the perfect mix between the first two records soundwise. We have also added more hardcore and grind influences to it. I think that the people who like the first two will not be disappointed.

So, will you try to get some gigs to promote the record?
I have talked with Slaktattack and we will try to make some gigs here in Sweden to promote the record. Hopefully it will turn out fine... but you never know with gigs. It's easier today to release an album than it's to find a gig... hehehe

Hehe, yeah� That�s sad in two ways... First off it�s just sad that we don�t get enough cool gigs to mosh to. But what I find fairly disturbing is that bands seems to have forgotten what releasing a demo is all about. Record a demo, get some kind of response, take the critique to heart and try to improve your music. But today the entire demo-stage is skipped, and they go right on to releasing records, and often by themselves.
Well, the interview�s closing in on us� To sum it all up, what do you hope will happen with/for the band in the future?

Releasing more records, get more attention and make some tours, both in Sweden and Europe. I would like to play at some more festivals next summer too. Augustibuller kicked ass in my opinion!

And what do you think will happen?
You never know... I will do my best to promote it and us as a band. But I can't force people to like us, so... it's up to them to deicide our fate.

Hehe, a very diplomatic answer.
So� You know what. In all honesty I have no questions left to ask. Do you care to put an end to this interview with whatever ramblings you can come up with?
Thanks a lot for you time, and I wish you all the best in the future.

Thanks a lot for the interview... I hope that everyone will check out the new record! I think it will be a killer split together with Slaktattack!
Take care!

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