I honestly can't remember how I came across this band, but I think I stumbled upon their website by mistake. I do however remember how a love for the band instantly immerged as soon as I heard a song. This is without a doubt a band to remember!
It was done by email. I sent the first bunch of questions at the 31st of August and received the last bunch of answers at the 18th of December.

Hey guys, or maybe just guy (don�t know how many of you�ll be answering these questions, hehe). So why don�t we just start by having you present the band, and letting us know who�ll be taking care of the answering!
Hi there, well since I�m the only one in Bloodbastard who can write more than his own name, I do the interviews� So I�m Sander B. and I play bass and take care of the vocal parts in Bloodbastard (BB), a hot threesome from Holland� Hot, threesome and Holland, need I say more?

Hehe, well maybe you can let the readers know about the two other fellows that the threesome consists of?
They�re not worth mentioning. Really.

It wasn�t too long ago that I stumbled upon your website, downloaded a few tracks and was absolutely blown away. I couldn�t believe my ears when I heard this gruesome, brutal-as-hell gore, and that I�ve never heard of you before. You had released two demos with great sound and you�d toured with General Surgery a few years back. And not only have you toured with General Surgery, but you�ve also done gigs with Rompeprop, Bloodduster, Bile etc� but I still managed to have never heard of you. Is that a common reaction from folks, or have I just been unlucky to have been missing out?
Well thanks man! But it�s quite a common reaction; I mean, we did play with some great acts indeed, but it takes a lot more than that before you�re �big� in this scene.

Anything in particular that you have in mind? And do you think you will achieve this, becoming �big�?
I think you�ll have to do something, not every band does in the style you play. It doesn�t mean you have to be original, but you must do something which draws people�s attention. I don�t think we�ll ever become big, because we ain�t good�

To have gigged with such great acts (as we mentioned earlier) must�ve felt awesome for a young band like yourself. How�d you manage to get that together, great connections or what?
Yeah it was/is great indeed! It was really cool to share the stage with bands that inspired us. But we did have some luck with that, by having the right connections and a drummer that gives excellent blowjobs.

Since I first heard of you, your debut fullength, Next to Dissect, has been released. Are you happy with the result? Anything you wish you�d done different, maybe sound-wise or something?
Yeah we�re really content with the cd, lots of credits go to Fredda (Dirtybird Productions) for that. The sound is even better than that we�d hoped it would be, and it fits our songs too. So I guess we wouldn�t change anything if we had to do it again. Except for learning to play.

How do you think people will respond to the album? Both your demos have been pretty well received, from what I can understand.
We didn�t have any expectations before the release, seeing the fact that we�re quite unknown in the scene and it is our first full length release. But as soon as it was released, we got great responses from everywhere! But we were really surprised to hear from Brock (Scrotum Jus recs) that he already sold 800 copies in almost 2 months!! He�ll be rich�

I�ve never heard of the label before, how�d you get in touch with Scrotum Jus Records, and how�s the co-operation worked out?
We�re the 3rd release on Scrotum Jus, so it�s imaginable that you haven�t heard of it. But we�re really happy with this collaboration; there are no contracts, no deals or whatever. Brock Scrotum just emailed us that he wanted to release our full length, we agreed and within 2 or 3 months the release was there! So things are working out great between BB and Scrotum Jus, without having seen each other even once!

Will you try to get a tour together to promote the release?
Yeah we�re busy to get some shows together, and a tour would be great of course. So at the moment there are a couple of things running.

Any thoughts on visiting Sweden to do some gigs?
Would you like us to play at your party? No further gigs planned for Sweden.. We�d like to play there! But I heared from some Swedish friends of ours that finding gigs in Sweden is quite hard, because of the amount of great bands playing there. The (musically!) spoiled Swedish crowd want no shitty dutch band to play there�

And you�re also at the moment trying to get a split with Bile and Crypticus together, any labels that have jumped on that? Do you have any other releases planned?
It would be great if we could do a split with them, we�re really looking forward to that! Scrotum Jus will do a 2nd release of us next year, and Deadlock Records (hol) will probably do the Bile/Bloodbastard split. Scrotum Jus also let us know that he liked Crypticus, so who knows what might happen�

Well, what would be the ultimate split for you to do?
Heheh, the split with Bile! Will Rahmer from Redrum Recs releases it in april 2007 and I quote him �For sure to be one of the most brutal split C.D.s ever released!!!�� So it speaks for itself I guess�

Enough about your releases, at least for the moment� I have to ask you about something a lot more depressing. Is it true that your guitarist (and one of the founding members) Patrick died earlier this year? I understand if you don�t wanna talk about it, but what happened?
Well, that rumour is new to me (or do you ask every band that same question?), so I�m afraid I have to disappoint you on that. Pretty cool that there are rumours about us by the way� Oh wait, his hamster died two weeks ago. Does that count too?

Hehe, well it�s not exactly a rumour (or maybe it will be after this interview). I just read on your site that you cancelled a gig in March, and stated as a reason was �our guitarist died�. So the vicious rumour is just me speculating, hehe�
Haha, yeah, I saw it on out website after I read the question, it�s just the sick humour of our drummer� Patrick never died. Though sometimes he smells like he did a year ago�

Let�s move on to the whole concept of Bloodbastard. If I�ve understood it all correctly, the name Bloodbastard comes from the 19th century mass murderer (and cannibal?) Willem van Henneberg, who was in fact called The Bloodbastard. Am I correct this far?
Yep that�s correct, it�s an old local story which a lot of people forgot about or don�t even know!

He and three of his sons supposedly murdered and ate a bunch of people in the Netherlands, and continued to do so for a number of years until Willem and one of his sons were killed by a mob out to stop them. And your rehearsal room is said to be built in the area where this happened. Is that from where you got the concept of the band? Is it correct to call it a concept? Are all your lyrics dealing with this murder spree?
We did some research about the story of the bastard, and the more we got to know about it, the more we wanted to do some songs about it. That�s were we started BB. So there are quite a few lyrics about the bastard and/or his slaughtering itself.

When you started playing you were heavily inspired by fellow countrymen Bile (awesome choice for inspiration if I may say so, myself) and the Aussies The Day Everything Became Nothing. Have your inspirations remained the same throughout the years, any other bands that have played a crucial part?
They stayed our main inspiration all the time, but there are more bands we got inspired by or stole riffs from, like Cock and Ball Torture and Rompeprop. Fortunately we play their riffs so bad that they wouldn�t even recognize it as their own�

Haha, well you have chosen your inspirational sources wisely!
Anyway. A couple of days ago you had your release gig for the album. How was the turnout? What was the response like from the crowd? Did everything go as planned?

We had a great night, although there were some troubles with the venue it should�ve been held at. It was rebuilt at the time of our release party haha! We switched venue and things turned out good; there were quite many people for the venue we played at and he other bands kicked ass!! (a.o. Skullhog & Backstabbers Inc)

So what do you hope will come out of Bloodbastard in the future? You�ve released an album, have more releases planned, have gigged with some of your inspirational bands etc. So it seems like you�ve come a long way. What is there left for you to accomplish?
We�d definitely want to play on the bigger grindfests like MDF, OEF ever! We�re confirmed for the Fuck the Commerce Fest in may, that was one of our goals to achieve once, so bit by bit we�re getting there heheh�

I think we�ve covered most of what I wanted to ask, at least that I can think of at the moment. So I suppose all we have left are the standard questions I tend to ask towards the end of an interview�
Latest record you bought?

Gert & Hermien � Ik eet jouw poep met liefde

Latest record you listened to?
Sayyadina � Fear gave us Wings

Latest book you read?
The Dutch Lawbook (because of a barfight last week)

Latest show you went to (beside your own release show)?
Arnhem Metal Meeting (a.o. Tankard, General Surgery, Pungent Stench!)

Crappiest record you've bought?
Irene Moors & De Smurfen � Smurf the house

And, if you ever decided to commit suicide, how�d you do it? Maybe get yourself killed by an angry mob �cause you devoured a bunch of townsfolk, hehe?
I EAT a bunch of townsfolk for breakfast, so I guess not� Well I think I�d throw me in a fire to burn all up; I�m about 190 pounds, so I won�t let my momma lift me from an oaktree� Ain�t that real love??

That�s it. Anything else you wanna say before we go? Anything I should�ve asked that I missed?
You could�ve asked me how I get such a beautiful smooth skin� The answer would be: peanutbutter. Lotsa. Daily.

Thanks a lot for your time! I�m eagerly waiting to get my hands on your album and I�m gonna try to track down your demo�s too! Best of luck in the future!
Thanks man, it was my pleasure to do it! We�ll be seeing eachtother!!

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