First time I heard of Crossing Chaos was when I bought a compilation tape some years ago... A couple of years after that they released their first 7", which I bought too. And I will continue to buy every fucking record this band will ever release, totally kick-ass rawpunk!
The interview was done over the internet, first questions was sent out at the 24th of August, last answer was received at the 6th of September.

Hope things are ok over there. Could you start by just introducing yourself and the rest of the members to the readers?

Yo,Yo Mtv Raps �hhh!!
Yeah everything is ok except that I�m at the work right now.
Me: Guitar & vocals, Age 22, Pissed off steal worker, Father....
Danny Chaos: Guitar & vocals, Age 24, Pissed off beer drinker.
Per Chaos: Drummer boy, Age 24, Pissed off welder.
Johan Chaos: Brand new Bass player, Age 22, Pissed off cable monkey

So, to sum it all up you're basically pissed off? ;)
You've been playing together for quite some time now, since �96 to be exact, but still you haven't had more then a couple of line-up changes. That's quite unusual. Seems like most bands change members a couple of times every week. How come Crossing Chaos are able to stick together?
But you actually kicked out Tedd from the band, why?

Ain�t all punx pissed off in one way or another?
Me, Per & Danny started it all and we love to scream & play brutal Rock n raw punk together. I think if any of us quit C.C. the magic will disaper.
Johan just joined us and he fitted in so bloody fine, a great bass player and an old friend of mine. The whole thing with Tedd is a little bit foggy. He didn�t come along with some of us, so he had to go. But he�s still a friend.

Oh, well... That happens sometimes, I guess.
You recorded your first 7" in the year �98, but it wasn't released until �00. And in �00 you recorded another 7", but that one's still waiting to be released. Why all the waiting?

Let�s see. In 98 we recorded our first Ep "From the nearest liquor store in hell", released by Resist The System Rec year 00.
99 we recorded the "Behind the glamorous..." released by Yellow Dog Rec in 02. In 00 we recorded the "Disgusting Reality" ep. Soon gonna be out on Blindead prod. (ex.Resist The System Rec). Why all waiting hmmm.. I think diy labels got the right will, but not too much money. The guy from Italy Antonio who released the split with Full of Hatred/C.C. got the ep out a few months after we recorded the tracks. So that was a new experience for us hahahahahaha...

haha, yeah. I bet it was a new experience... I know what it's like with all the money trouble that comes with running a DIY-label!
You recorded your first full length in �02, when will that one hit the shelves? Really, Really looking forward to a full one with you guys. Human Vermin will release the LP, will anyone release it as a CD too?

The lp named "At the end" recorded in september 02 goanna be released both as cd & lp by Putrid Filth Conspiracy. And it feels fucking fine that they will release it. So if any of you HUMANVERMIN guys read this you ain�t got our permission to release the lp any more. Shitty way to tell em� but they told us to record the songs. With the deal, C.C. pay the studio costs and got lp�s for it. And so we did. In the beginning they gave us different release dates all the time. Now when I try contact em� in any way they won�t fucking answer. SO FUCK humanvermin rec. They also owe my other band Uncurbed alot of money for lp�s they bought but didn�t pay. And they owe Martin from Diskonto 5000. That they wont pay either. F U C K H U M A N V E R M I N R E C O R D S...................

Really? I didn�t know Human Vermin ripped people off� But when will PFC release the album then?
Sad but true. I don�t know the date yet but in a near future. They got all the songs & cover.

Well that�s cool anyway. Rodrigo at PFC is a really, really nice and down-to-earth guy.
You�ve become quite popular I have to say. When talking about old and raw crust, Crossing Chaos is always on everyone�s lips. Did you imagine that you would become so popular when starting the band out? Did you dare to hope? ;)

Yeah Rodrigo seems to be a real GREAT guy. All the best to him & P.F.C rec.
Popular?? Hehehehe I have not noticed that. But it sounds good. So were are all the gigs?? When we started we got our goals clear. We want to sound exactly like Moderat Likvidation and Anti Cimex mixed with Disrupt. So if people talk about Old crust, Raw punk etc. And mention us It�s great.

Haha, yeah. You're popular :) I've never spoken to anyone that listens to that type of music, and that dislikes CC!
So you don't have many gigs?

No. We got two upcoming gigs right now. Uppsala kaos punkfestival in Knivsta 29-30 august. And a gig here in Avesta with Driller Killer & Asocial(old line up&songs). In 25 October. It�s our first gig�s this year

Hmm� Do you have any other records planned at the moment or are you just waiting for the full length to be released? Anything other planned with the band, breaks (dear, god, hope not!) and stuff?

We rehears on songs for a new full-length album. The songs to that one will be in the old C.C. way, but with more Rock n� Roll stuff. Like the Black uniforms with cool & raw guitar licks. I hope Rodrigo will release the new album too. Other plans are to set up a tour. And try to get so many gigs as possible. Breaks!! FUCK NO count that out.

Ohh� Hope you�re able to come down here around Malm� and play!
Since you don�t have a lot of gigs, is there a special gig that takes up a special part of your heart/s?

Ya it would be great to play around in your area. The closest we get so far are J�nk�ping (Eldslandet -99). We have done around 16 gig�s since -96 and that�s way to little. Hehe the gig at Eldslandet was a drunken mess. A friend of mine (our road crew) got arrested etc etc....
Before a gig with Driller Killer me and same friend started to party in his car with alot of pot & booze. We drove around complete insane and smashed the car in a ditch. Fucking insane. Almost every gig have been to wet. Hehehehe.......

Haha. So one of your best memories is when you and your friend broke the law by first smoking pot and then you found time for some drunk driving� Interesting ;)
By the way, I have to ask� You recorded a cover of a Eddie Meduza song for a tribute. I�ve always hated Eddie Meduza, what�s the deal? Why does every punk just love him? He sucked :)

Ehhh It�s not the best memories from our gigs but it definitely got a special place in my heart. (the dark side of it) hahahahaha.
Eddie Meduza was a rock n roll genius, with inventive lyrics. That�s it. We recorded he�s �N�r Torsten h�llde br�nnvin i ett glas �t Karin S�der� And you will be able to hear it when egg tapes got their tribute cd out.

Haha, oh well... Still think he suck :)
Ok, so. I have to say that I can't think of anything else to ask you. Best of luck to you guys, hope everything turns out great with your new CD/LP. Hope you guys comes down here around my area and gig a little. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Anything you'd like to say to end this with?

Thanx for the interview.

Rock n� rawpunk /Jim Chaos

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