I got an email from a, to me, totally unknown band, asking if I was interested in releasing their new recording. I downloaded their latest demo, and was blown away. Unfortunately I can't afford to release anything, but since I really enjoyed their music I decided to do an interview.
It was down by email, and a small session by MSN (which I usually don't use). Can't remember when we started it, but it was put to an end at the 29th of June. Enjoy!

Could we just start of with you presenting yourself, and the band? No need for an entire biography, but still a small presentation so the readers will know who�s answering the questions, and why.

Hails, my name is Waldo keyboard player from Darkside. We started the band in winter of 1998, since then we create dark metal full of atmosphere enhanced with melodies and suicidal tendencies. Darkside is a six member band hailing from Mexico. All in the band collaborates with the music, and myself with the lyrics. We are very open minded with all genres of metal as you can see in our demo, we have a little bit of Black, Death, Dark and many other...

You�ve had quite a lot of line-up changes throughout the years. What effect has that had on the music you play today? Have the �new� members brought their own touch to it, or have you continued down the same path, no matter if the line-up shifted or not?
Well, the old line-up was a great one having more depressive doom moods and stuff I like a lot. But as we can feel, this new line-up is quite better related to music. For instance, our new guitarist (Ricardo) have added that essential touch of heavy melody to the band transforming it into a heavy metal oriented band, but without forgetting our extreme metal roots. We all like 80's metal so there is always a touch of that decade in our band.

How�s the black metal scene in Mexico - gigs, labels etc�?
To be honest I�m not at all familiar with it, the only other black metal-oriented band from Mexico that I know of is Moonlight. Are there any other bands that I should check out?

As well as I know Black Metal has a strong presence in Mexico in certain places. Cities like Mexico City and Monterrey have a great black metal scene, these are the main cities and is where the big bands come and a lot of people assist to gigs to support not only Black but metal shows in general.
There are many metallers in Mexico that I like here are a few ones:
you should check The Chasm, Cenotaph, Sargathanas, Avhzia, Xibalba, Shamash, Under Moonlight Sadness and many more�

I feel that your previous demo �A Curse on Darkened Soils� is quite interesting, and really great. The use of keyboards and sounds really creates an atmosphere. Did you work hard on the material to really have it atmospheric, or does it just come natural when writing it?
Well, we always make our music the darkest possible, the guitars have the melodic part and the keys have the atmospheric work. Regularly our music simply comes from one single riff that someone brings from home. At the rehearsal room all members cooperates to conclude the song arranging parts and giving different opinions about the sound, letting the music just flow.

What�s the response been like? A lot of great reviews, interest from labels etc?
We sent a few demos to foreign small and big labels having great reviews despite (as you heard) the sound quality that is poor. We are using this material for promoting ourselves worldwide knowing that the recording quality is not as well as we wanted. We are now on the studio process of �Evil Nature Luminescence�, that will have a much better recording quality and hopefully find a label to sign our new stuff.

How will the new material differ from the previous demo, other than the sound quality? Were you disgruntled with anything on A Curse on Darkened Soils that you have changed for the new stuff? Any new twists, influences etc?
As you know we were not fully satisfied with A Curse not only for the quality but for the tempos. We had really bad moments recording this demo, a lot of computer failures giving unwanted situations and losing tons of time. That�s why we decided to re-record two tracks from A Curse on Darkened Soils again to give them a new twist of quality with this recording. That�s the decision that all have made, give a new opportunity to these tracks for not being forgotten. But the new stuff will be even more melodic and atmospheric as well.
Always we try to be the most genuine and try to create music inspired by the nocturnal scenarios, sorrow and malignancy, that�s our main influence and our key to keep making our metal at its darkest point.

How has the demo been selling? Have you been getting good responses from fans - not only �cause of the demo, but also after gigs?
Only the first few copies of this demo had a price, selling the entire cd�s and having good reviews from the people that have listened to us. Another part were distributed to some small labels. Now on our webpage you can have full access to our demo, you can go to www.darksidecurse.tk and download it for free.

Well, what about gigs� Do you have a lot of gigs, many people attending?
This june we will we very busy locally, we will be playing each weekend at local bars. Normally when we play in every single place there's a full, a lot people assists to enjoy the show, we are glad with that.

So. I just got informed, by you (haha), that you�re finished recording the new demo. What do you think of the result? Is the sound just the way you want it, something that fucked up while recording? Would be great if you�d wanna give me a little run-through the recording process.
We actually had a really good time recording "Evil Nature Luminescence" in contrast with our past demo, as you can hear the sound quality is better than "A Curse on Darkened Soils". I really don't remember having a bad time during these sessions. So far this is the best recording that we ever have had.

How do you think people will react to this new material then?
Will you start selling it as a demo, or will you just send it to labels to try and get it released?

We are seriously searching for a label to released this new material, we need someone that represents us in all ways worldwide.

Well, I really hope you will find a label to release the stuff. I don�t think it should be any problems with it; your stuff is really great.
I was thinking about something, actually. The members of Darkside, are you all dedicated solely to Darkside, or do you have any other projects too?

Right now Darkside members are dedicated only to the band. In the past they had their own projects from HardCore to Death Metal that's why the combinations in our music.
And thank you for your comment, we are feeling proud that in Sweden are listening to Darkside music...

I see� Well, I think that�s it for the interview. Don�t think I have any other questions, to be honest. Anything you�d like to say, ask or whatever? If not, than this last space is yours. Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions. It�s been great fun. Good luck to you in the future, and take care!
It was an honour to us for appearing in your My Last Chapter, really I had a wonderful time answering to these questions. We want to thank you for this space you gave us, whenever you want to come to Mexico let me know, THIS IS YOUR HOME!!!!

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