The up and coming German old school death metallers Eroded absolutely blew me away with their demo tape, and after a split 7" I decided I should get an inside look at what these worshippers of Swedish metal had to say.
We did the interview by e-mail between the 4th of May and the 3rd of July.

Hey Kai! Or should I say K�
You and P (don�t know his full name) are the two sole members of Eroded. Did you start the band together, or did it start out as a solo-project like your other band Depression? And you started in 2004, right?

Just call me K, as I feel like a different character with ERODED than with Depression, you know (strange musicians...).
Yes, we started the band together. P and me, we both are dedicated to the OLD SCHOOL (Swedish) Death Metal sound, so we joined forces under the banner of ERODED. The official start was in 2004, right.

You released your demo, Beneath the Cross, last year, and from what I�ve understood the press and listeners have all fell in love with it. Did you expect it to be so warmly welcomed by the scene?
To be honest, we didn�t expect such overwhelming reactions. But it proofs that the hunger for the good old ancient spirit is still alive!! ERODED is for all freaks who know what Death Metal is all about!! We are glad that our debut-demo was so warmly welcomed and we will always keep the dedication to the ancient spirit!

Early this year you made your debut on vinyl; I�d say the preferred media for old school death metal. What�s the responses been like for the Eroded / Paganizer 7�?
Yes, you are right. It is the preferred media for old school Death Metal and that is the reason why we released a good ol� 7�vinyl EP after the traditional Demo-cassette. The reactions are quite positive again! Yeah!! We recorded two new hymns for that release, and compared to the demo material the songs are faster and they have a darker atmosphere. The focus is a bit more on the occult vein. The Paganizer stuff is also VERY great, with a nice crusty touch. THANKS to Rogga and Paganizer again for this great and dedicated work. And also a big thanks to mighty Imperium Productions for the killer packaging, high quality vinyl, extra poster, a �gold card� and nice booklet.

The label behind the release, Imperium Productions, has also released two Kaamos LPs, so you�ve definitely found a great label. How�d you get in touch with �em, and how come Paganizer was chosen for the other side of the vinyl?
You�re right. Imperium is a perfect label for ERODED! Their other bands are very cool and their attitude and packaging-philosophy is great. Imperium showed interest in us after they heard about our aims and background. We told them what ERODED is all about and that our chosen path is without any compromises. They liked this idea a lot and we agreed for the releases directly. Paganizer was chosen for the other side of the EP as Rogga was in contact with me regarding a forthcoming split-CD with DEPRESSION. He noticed ERODED and got the Demo, and he loved the songs right away!! Something like a friendship grows as we noticed that we both lives for the same traditions and so it was an easily born idea to release a split. Imperium agreed, as they liked this idea as much as we did.

Hmm� You say �releases�. Are there more records planned for release on Imperium? Do you have any releases planned on any other label?
Imperium is a very honest and quality-worshipping label. I can only say the very best about them, so of course, we plan other releases under their sign. But we are also open and free for other labels, so if any label has serious interest in us, just write. We will not sign for exclusive releases, so we can do something on Imperium and something on other labels. We want to release our debut-full length on CD and LP, so maybe we do this on two different labels, who knows?!

After hearing the 7� I�d say you�re without a doubt ready for a fullength, wouldn�t you agree? Or do you wish to release some more splits before you take that step? If I�m not mistaken you have close to enough songs written to fill a fullength�
Many thanks, Kristoffer, for your very nice compliments about ERODED. I�m glad that you like our stuff! Yes, a full-length will follow this autumn/winter definitely. It will contain 8-9 songs and a coverversion. About five songs are already composed, and they are the best material we have written so far!

And we agreed that vinyl is the preferred format for old school death metal; so is never releasing anything on CD a part of your chosen path that labels will have to deal with?
Well, in modern times, CD is the usual and most accepted medium for listeners. SO we will release our next album on CD for sure. We are old school, but we are not stupid, hehe, if you know what I mean� Of course, the vinyl version is very important, and I suppose, we will do a nice collectors item for the true freaks!

You will make your live debut in August at the Party San Open Air festival. How will you work that out when you�re only two guys in the band? Have you started rehearsing with some session members for the gig, or have you upgraded your ranks to a full line-up?
We are working with session-members. The spirit of ERODED is just me and P, no one else should destroy the gloomy feeling when we create our darkness. But for live we need session-musicians, and this will be no problem. First rehearsals already took place. Be prepared for DEATH METAL at the Party San!!!

Do you have more gigs planned? I suppose there won�t be a whole lot of them since you and P live quite far from one another.
Yes, you�re right. The distance is very far to have regular rehearsals. We will see if other gigs will follow. We don�t plan to do a world tour, but for sure, we can�t put that great offer down to play at mighty PartySan Festival. We will crush it!!!

And concerning the distance, how do you work out the rehearsing before your recordings? And the writing of songs?
P is coming up with some riffs, and at rehearsals we discuss how to make a song of �em. Using a break or a bridge, playing that part slow, the other fast, and so on. Sometimes a song is almost finished from him. After the song get through a slight metamorphosis at every rehearsal, when we think it is perfect that way, P starts writing lyrics. They are personal lyrics with a brilliant mood and attitude. I love them! We record the rehearsals, so that we can listen to the song-fragments over and over again, and see if we can change something or not. Then we are rehearsing by ourselves at home, enter the studio and record the songs. That�s it.

On your website you mention tons of bands as inspiration, and a lot of them are Swedish. Would you say the Swedish old school death metal scene is what�s inspired you the most?
Indeed !! Old school Death Metal rules, and Swedish/Scandinavian Death Metal kills!! We choose the name ERODED because of a song from Grave, we choose the Demo Cover because of Entombed�s �Left Hand Path�, we choose the logo because of the Carnage logo, etc� You see, the Nordic bands are our favourites. But we also like some US-Bands, btw�

As I mentioned earlier you, K, is deeply involved with Depression. And you�re also a family man, having a newborn baby. How do you work out the time between your personal life and bands?
Haha, yes, you�re right. I am a �busy� man. I don�t know how to do it all together. My family is an important part of my life, with two little girls is every minute full. DEPRESSION takes a lot of my free time, but that is part of my life for a long time, so it will always be a part. Now with ERODED it is possible, too, as P and me exactly know what we want with ERODED, so we don�t need much rehearsals, har, har. We will see what the future will tell me, how long I can do it all at once, right?!

Since I�m pretty much clueless as to whom P is I have no idea if he�s in any other bands or such. Care to shed some light on this issue?
P is a demon and no one knows his real identity� well, I think you bet that it is not the truth, he?! P is not involved in any other band, ERODED has his main focus. But he is involved in the scene in another way, but I will not clear this secret. Maybe he will do someday. But be sure, he is a great person with the right attitude and the best musical taste you can imagine.

So how come he�s decided to keep his identity secret? Did you also intend to keep your identity a secret too? Why the secrecy?
Well, the MUSIC is the most important for ERODED. People shall feel the ancient spirit. It doesn�t matter who is behind it. The music should stand for its own. Let the metal do the talking, hehe. I suppose it is too difficult for me to keep it as a secret who I am, isn�t it?! But it doesn�t matter.

Well, this interview�s coming to and end, so it�s time for me to ask what you expect/hope will come out of Eroded in the future?
I hope that our forthcoming debut album will be satisfying for ourselves! It should be released the way we want to have it, and it would be cool, if the freaks out there would like ERODED as well. We will see what the future brings to us than. Step by step, that is the best way for us.

And that was actually the last serious question, so on the to standard ones. But since I�ve already interviewed you once on behalf of Depression I�ll skip the ones where I think the answers are still the same.
Latest record you bought?

Phobia �Grind your fucking head in� � Big surprise! I never thought that they deliver such a masterpiece!! Who is Nasum? Long live Phobia! Their best record after �Return to Desolation�

Latest record you listened to?
Darkthrone �The Cult is alive� I love Darkthrone!!! All their records are killer, and I like the punk attitude from the new one. They rule!

Latest book you read?
�Choosing Death� from Albert Mudrian. A bible for the roots of Grindcore and Death Metal. Written from a subjective point of view, but from the very beginning of the whole movement. Nice!

Latest show you went to?
Depression at the rehearsal-room party-gig, hehe

Crappiest record you've bought? (Last time I asked, you answered Worship by Wicked Innocence, but maybe you�ve managed to purchase an even crappier album, hehe)
Haha, yes, damn. There is always an even crappier album around� But Human Waste �So is Death� is really not one of my favorites.

So there you have it; the interview. Anything I should�ve asked that I missed?
No, BRILLIANT interview !! Really, your support for DEPRESSION and ERODED is very nice, your activity in the scene is cool, so, nothing more to add here, my friend.

Thanks a lot for your time, and best of luck in the future! I hope to see you play live in Sweden some day!
Yeah, the Swedish sounding German band ERODED will play in Sweden, hehe! What do you think the will audience say?

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