When I first moved to this town I was saddened by the lack of metal acts in the area, but got my hopes up a bit when I heard Evildoer. A potent slab of raging thrash metal, and so of course I had to do an interview.
The interview was done by email. I sent the first bunch of questions at the 29th of September and received the last bunch of answers at the 19th of October.

Well, hello there. Let us get the interview going by having you introduce yourself (so we know who�ll be answering the questions), and the rest of the band members.
Im Agge and I'm the drummer of Evildoer and I hate doing interviews but I will try doing this one, the rest of the band is nothing to introduce more than they just play guitar and bass all those shitty instruments.

Haha, if you hate doing interviews how come you�re the one responsible for doing so?
Im not responsible for it, im the one that forwarding them to the others in the band so they can do the interviews. But this particular one had some� questions about VERMINOUS so I had to do it, so its your fault haha

You recently parted ways with your vocalist Andy, and at the same time brought back Lucas, who was your original vocalist. The departing of Andy�s not really a mystery, considering he lives quite far away from the rest of you guys, but how come Lucas was the one who took his place (or maybe I should say took it back)?
Yeah, Andy wanted to focus on his primary band called WITHIN Y and its fucking great because I wanted Lucas back more than anything and as lucky as we were Lucas wanted to do Evildoer again, it actually feels like he never left the band because we always hang out and get drunk together.

Do you think that the change will have any affect on your development and writing?
Well, we have another songwriter in the band again so we have one more source of great ideas for the songs so the development of the new songs is just better and still getting better and better and more insane.

Two of you are also involved in the death metal band Verminous, which have been on hiatus for a while, but is now re-spawned. You have a bunch of other side-projects too, but since Verminous are fairly big in the underground do you think time will become a matter of importance? That the two acts will take up too much time from each other?
No, since the vocalist of VERMINOUS (Germaniac) has a major hearing disorder we are not that active with VERMINOUS anymore, but we are doing the final songs for the next VERMINOUS album which is titled "THE UNHOLY COMMUNION" and we are planing to record it this year and hopefully release it in the end of 2006 or in the start of 2007. So the answer for your question is that the bands doesn't affect each other at all.

If I�m not mistaken you�re concentrating on new material for an upcoming album with Evildoer too. How�s the writing process been so far? Will we notice any significant changes?
You will notice that your ears are bleeding and start falling of and then you will be� feeding your dog with your own ears. Of course its better like every band says, but this is the truth its better, faster and more heavy shit has a place on the album. We are almost done with the whole album and a little bit more actually and I'm very satisfied with the sound and the whole concept for the album.

And that question brings me to the next one; you�ve parted ways with Scarlet Records. So who will release the next album? Have you gotten some offers?
We are right now in the middle of that issue and we are not sure yet who is going to be the lucky fucker to have their record label logo on our album, but soon enough we will tell you which label its going to be.

Which just naturally brings yet another questions forth; you say Scarlet Records weren�t able to fulfil their part of the contract, but no real details are apparent. Care to shed some light on the ordeal?
No, I don't wanna say anything about Scarlet Records. We have moved on and things are going as planned, I'm very happy about that we can deal with other labels on the new evildoer album because its worth more work than Scarlet can do.

Well, have you got any plans for when the recording of the forthcoming album will commence?
No not a fucking idea, we are just going to find out who is going to throw up the money for it and do the work for it. Everything is ready so we can record it tomorrow if so, we are not stressed out to get it out but when it does your grandparents gonna shit their pants.

Terror Audio have received nothing but great reviews, from what I�ve seen and heard, and so was also the case for your demo. �By the Flag� from Terror Audio was aired on Swedish national radio even before the album was released, I think. So it seems like you�ve really been off to a great start. Was this what you expected to come out of the band when starting out? Or maybe I should say, when did you know you were on to something great?
We didn't expect anything like every other band says, of course we are very satisfied with all the reviews and the good words about the band. We started at my place in the basement getting drunk and did "right hand servant" and then we recorded the demo 2004. Two years has passed and now we are back in the original evildoer line up, like it should be. And now we are doing something great, it takes time to develop the sound of the band, but for the new album we have something going on I can tell you.

How do you think your fans will react to your new album and the alteration of vocalists?
I think it will be a great reaction, if not we will put those who think the opposit to the black list But i think its better/harder/stronger than ever and couldnt care if somebody didnt like it, as long as we like its the shit!

Your lyrics are quite political (from what I can understand since I still haven�t read any), and I have a hunch they�re on the left side of the matter. Have you had any reaction due to this, and the plain and simple awesome artwork? I mean, anyone got offended, pissed off or something�
I'm sure many got offended and cried in their mothers arms and stuff like that, but that's the fucking point. I'm not writing any lyrics because I'm shitty at doing it and its shitty to be good at writing lyrics that's why I'm not doing it haha its Johan the guitarist of Evildoer that have been writing 90% of the lyrics on terror audio because he is a shitty person and not my friend.

You haven�t had a whole lot of gigs throughout the years, how come? The Kristianstad area might not be the greatest and most musical place, but surely the rest of Sweden would like to see you.
I know, we haven't booked so many gigs because we have worked on all the other things like doing new songs, but we wanna do tours and stuff like that, the problem is we are too lazy on planning it ourselves. Hopefully we will work with a booking agency on the next album who can help us with that so everybody can get a part of EVILDOER.

I see� Well what are your plans for the future, except recording your new album, getting a label to get on board and getting in touch with a booking agency (if there even is more to plan)?
Thats pretty much it, we are going to work for the touring part as much as we can and hope to get out there and get drunk with everyone that likes our music and work hard for the new album to get to as many as possible.

What are your hopes for the future, concerning the same subjects as the previous question?
Hope is for church, but i hope to get free beers all my life trough a pipline to my bedroom, that would be fucking awesome!

Huh, well I think I�m running out of questions now. So I�ll get on with my standard ones�
Latest record you bought?

Mastodon - Blood Montain - Totally fucking amazing album
Death Breath � Amazing

Latest record you listened to?
KAAMOS - s/t

Latest book you read?
The Da Vinci Code

Latest show you went to?
Cryptopsy and Darkane at Malm� Festivalen

Crappiest record you've bought?
I cant remember, i dont keep them

If you ever decided to commit suicide, how�d you do it?
I dont know, havent though of it, the coolest way must be shotgun to the head, but it would be awesome to take every drug in the universe until the body stops working haha

That�s it. Thanks a lot for your time; I hope it was worth it since I know you didn�t really wanna do it, hehe. Best of luck in the future!
Haha no problem man, it was fun and I thank you coz its your time we depend on!
Hope to get drunk together someday!
Thanks for the support!!!!!!

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Photos by Henrik Hallengren

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