A couple of years ago I stumbled across Grind Minded's website, and I definitely liked what I heard. And when Jerry asked me if I wanted to do an interview I figured "hey, what the hell, why not". So there you have it!
We did the interview by e-mail between the 21st of June and 13th of July.

Heya! I usually have a request at the beginning of each interview; to get a presentation of the band. And why should this time be any different? So, I ask of you to please present yourself � who�ll be answering the questions and what other members the band consists of.
I'm Wim, trying to fuck up my vocal cords before I turn 40 and I will try to answer the questions. Also I'm the asshole who'll drink all the beer reserved for the other band. Then we have Jerry, a bald sorry excuse for life whose function is to play some guitar. But that's what the others are trying to make me believe. Erwin wandered around in the garden of Jerry and turned out to be the foster parent kid they sponsored. After two lobotomies he turned out to be a fairly decent drummer. Mathijs is the other mariachi in our band and gives us that Miami/Cuban sound. He's also a damn good cook if provided with deepfreeze pizza's and an oven. Jasper is the new bass player and has the tendency of trying to make the other 4 deaf with his equipment. He's the first person ever to be banned from idols for showing his dick to the jury.

You started the band in 1997, but had some line-up problems for some years: Your vocalist Robert quit and was replaced by Arjan who quit some time after that. David replaced him, and with David you recorded the MCD Your Suffering Will Be Legendary. But before you were to record your debut fullength David was replaced by Wim, and Mathijs joined in as a second guitar. This sounds like troublesome times. Why did all your vocalists leave the band? Were the decisions mutual?
This is more a question to be answered by Jerry or Erwin but they couldn't be bothered. Robert quit with GM when he became a born again Christian. Arjan wanted to start a family and you all know what happens when a relation becomes serious. Instead of drinking yourself to death the bitch will do the job. After "Your suffering" it looked like GM had lost the spirit a bit. Rehearsing looked more like a drinking fit and everybody was making noise for themselves. That's why they took a second guitar player. Still it needed something and a few weeks after they asked me to replace David. And for some reason this was the right line-up.

As far as I know you never made a demo, and jumped right on to the MCD. How come you skipped the demo stage? That�s often a very important tool for a band to develop.
Filthy records is the drummers label� enough said? Development?? Us?

Henk, your (old?) bass player, is also in God Dethroned, and you have a guy called Jasper to fill the bassist spot now. But to me it�s not really clear if Henk is completely out of the band or not, and if Jasper is just a temporary solution. So what�s the deal?
When Henk was asked by God Dethroned to play with them he didn't want to leave GM. Because we didn't want to loose Henk, we asked Jasper to fill in the gaps. Soon we discovered that it didn't work. Writing new material was hard because we had to learn it on different occasions to two bass players. GM was grinding to a halt. After talks with Jasper and Henk we put Henk in the capable hands of God dethroned and blackmailed Jasper into staying with us.

Any other bands or side-projects you guys are involved with?
Jasper also does the bass in Grinroth. That's a black/death metal band. The other four also play in the salvation army's death metal band "three nails & a cross".

9mm Facial is a self-released album, right? Why�d you release it on your own?
We released 9mm ourselves because at that moment labels rather had emo-core shit and other gay like "I'm mad and I'm going to tell my mummy." crap. But it can also be our lack of talent.

But now you�ve signed a deal with the American label Sorrow Embraced Records for a re-release of the album. What do you hope will come out of the re-release?
We have decided that we will not re-release "9mm" because it's simply too old. We recorded it in February 2003 and if we should re-release it it'll be almost 4 years old. It's time to start something new.

You�re currently working on new material for an upcoming MCD, will that one be released by Sorrow Embraced? Late 2005 you said you�d probably enter the studio in early 2006, and now it�s been altered to later this year� What�s caused the delay?
Because we had to start with a new bass player things went slower than we hoped to. Now we plan on going into the studio around march/april 2007 for the recording of our new mcd. If hell freezes over and monkeys fly out of my ass and our new mcd would be a success then we might re-release "9mm". Hell, if shit comes to shove we'll re-record "your suffering". But it will be released by Sorrow embraced.

Not until March/April 2007? Why the long wait?
Because we had to find a new bass player en learn him to play the songs. Furthermore we take our time making new songs. And those bastards, I won't call names, take fucking long time to get the sound right.

What will you do between now and the recording? Try to gig and tour as much as possible or what?
Well, there's only one confirmed gig at this moment cause we discovered that our mailserver never send the mails. It took more than 3 months for brainiac Jerry to find out.. Way to go dude!! lol..

By the way, how�d you get in touch with Sorrow Embraced? It�s quite new and a fairly small label�
It's great to be on the internet! Sorrow embraced and GM found each other through myspace.

Ok so now it�s on to my usual standard questions.
Latest record you bought?

War of the worlds - Jeff Wayne

Latest record you listened to?
Best of.. - Richard Cheese

Latest book you read?
Tommyknockers - Stephen King

Latest show you went to?
Waldrock festival

Crappiest record you've bought?
Old man's child - born of the flickering, After the intro it sounds like someone is raping a cat with a industrial vacuum cleaner and the poor critter survives. But that's my personal opinion.

And if you ever decided to commit suicide how�d you do it?
Say above in the face of a fanatic black metal fan over 2 meters wearing a battleaxe as beeropener and a OMC shirt..

That�s it; I�m all out of questions. Anything I should�ve asked that I�ve missed? If not then take care and good luck!
Thanks, good luck to you too. And I hope there are a few in Sweden that can sit through our complete cd without vomiting blood.

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