He... This interview took pretty much forever to finish. I sent the first question, by email, sometime during the summer of �03 (!), and the whole thing didn't get finished until October 13th �04. Not blaming anyone - I'm lazy, and I suppose P�rerik's too, hehe.
Anyway. Liquid Phase just rocks my socks off. You can find so many emotions in their music, yet it's ripping brutal at the same time. I hope you can enjoy this little interview, even though some of the info can be a tad out of date...

I thought I should just start with a simple question. Who will be answering my questions and what other members are we missing?
my name is P�rerik thorp and I play guitar and do some back up vocals in the band. The other members are Bj�rn Schagerstr�m (guitar), Johan Pettersson (screams), Kristian "zacke" Zackrisson (drums) and David Zackrisson (bass).

Ok then...I find your music to have a lot of different influences, and I can't put my finger on any particular band or style, era, whatever... So it would be great if you could just let me (and of course the readers) know what actually inspires you. It's not your everyday ordinary hardcore. It's much cooler and better than that :)
well...our taste in music varies quite alot and we think that it�s really important not to limit your taste to one or two types of music. There is good music everywhere and anyone who think that they can�t listen to anything else than "hard" music is just an ignorant bastard. I guess that the only thing that determines if music is good or not is if there is an honest intent behind it or not. If someone makes a song and tries to convey a true feeling it can become a great song no matter how it sounds. In the beginning we were, of course, influenced by the ume� hc scene, and we still are to some extent, but our other influences are too many to mention. We listen to everything from Christian Kjellvander to Breach, Dillinger escape plan and Converge. One thing that I think we want to get across is that there is still hope for a better world no matter how sick the world may seem. You can�t give up cause that�s when it really becomes hopeless. Our lyrics are mainly inspired by the way that people are made to do things that they really do not want to do just to be able to survive in our capitalistic society. It�s really pretty difficult to pin point exactly what influences our music, we just try to do music that will inspire people to think and not just accept things as they are. Energetic music which gets the adrenaline rushing.

hmm. I have to say I think that's what your music gets across. Just a couple of days ago I was sitting at home feeling kind of sorry for myself. I had been listening to depressing music and had kind of run out of hope. Tired of feeling sorry for myself I put on Liquid Phase, and it worked! It actually got my adrenaline rushing a bit and made me just a little bit happier. So, to feel better, I chose Liquid Phase :)
Your website doesn't tell you much about your releases except for a couple of reviews of your demos. And the only thing I actually own with you guys is the split 7" with Aspected. Your MP3s tells me that you've developed a lot from that split. You have an upcoming split CD with three other bands. What releases do you have? I'm curios. I'm wandering around in the dark here...

It�s great that our music makes you feel better, then we are doing something right. well, well. When Liquid Phase started I (P�rerik) wasn�t in the band. I joined after a year or so. They released two demo tapes during that time but since only the drummer, Zacke, had any idea of how to handle an instrument they are barely worth mentioning. The second demo was called "Interfear" any way. I assisted on the recording of that demo. They are definitely no longer available, unless you are really,really,really nice to us and makes us some awesome food and suck up to us in all sorts of ways. A year later, or something like that, we recorded another demo tape called "Almost alive in the sauna", a pretty dumb name but it came from our rehearsal which was called "the sauna" (bastun). We almost recorded that live too, in the sauna. Since I couldn�t play either it was barely any better. The next demo was called "Poems of the struggle" and this one was recorded in a friend of ours studio far out in the woods of dalsland. It contained almost the same songs as the 7" with aspected does, which is recorded in the same place. It was about this time that our sound was beginning to take form but it wasn�t until we recorded a mini cd in V�nersborg at the east mental hospital studio that we really felt we had recorded something that we were proud of. Then last year we recorded a four song cd in V�nersborg at don pierre studio, called "disaming traps". This cd has gotten real good response and we got in touch with a guy who was starting a record label called "eye will drown records" and he wanted us to be on his first release, �new sounds for the noisy youth", a compilation cd with mostly swedish hardcore and punk bands. Next off he wanted us to be on his second release, "Thrash it up" together with the two great bands "rentokiller" and "setmypath". So for this release we recorded four songs which also has become our latest demo "acts of love". Both of these came out in may this year. And brings us up to date.

Ahh... Damn it, send me your latest recordings! I want those baaad, hehe.
Well, how's the response from the "kids" or what to call them. I mean, the buyers of your demos and the people setting up shows and so on... Is there a craving for Liquid Phase in hc-Sweden?

Most of the people that have bought our latest demos have really liked them but we haven�t really had that many gigs. We�d like to play alot more live than we�ve had the opportunity to do. So i can�t really say that there is a craving for us. So come on give us some more gigs!

That's too bad. You haven't gotten the attention that you fully deserve... I think... Have you done many interviews and stuff? Does people come up and talk to you after gigs telling you they think you're great...? All those sort of things.
We do not get many interviews, this is actually one of the few that we ever have had. People usually comes up to us after the shows and tell us that we done a good show and most people that we talk to says that they really like us, but it�s pretty hard to get a gig so we would like to hear it more often than we do.

Nah. I saw you live at the Augustibuller �02 festival. Even though it was just a couple of us that tried to mosh, you did quite a good show. Although the vocalist was the one moving the most, but that�s normal, hehe.
Well, this interview has taken a long time to do. Have you got any new releases on the way now? I read that you shot a video, tell me�

sorry about the delay, I�m an idiot. Thanks for moshing at our show that�s how we like it! Yes we have shot a video. We�ve got a friend, Manne Bj�rkman, who attended a film school outside of Falkenberg last year. He made a video for us as a project in school. It basically had no budget at all and we shot it in a studio they had at the school and the surrounding area. The song we used is "arbeit macht frei" which can be heard on the "thrash it up" compilation and the "acts of love" demo. I haven�t actually seen the finished version of the video but I think it is done, at least the cutting. There might be some things left that should be done with it to make it look a bit nicer. Most of the video (I think) is just us moshing around, and playing the song, but we did some additional footage where we dressed up as zombies. The song is about how pointless it can seem to go to work everyday when you really hate it and in a way you are like a zombie when you perform the tasks that you are suppose to do �cause if you start thinking about what you�re doing you will go mad. I�m sorry to say that we haven�t got any new songs on the way yet, �cause we haven�t been rehearsing at all during the summer. We will start doing this now and hopefully something new will be released the coming spring.

Are there any plans to put together some form of video-tape, sort of like Roswell have done? I mean, with some sort of documentary about the band, making of the video, or anything like that? What was the reason for you shooting the video? And what are your plans for the future?
No there ain�t no plans for any documentary or anything like that. We just shot the video �cause it was fun and we had a friend that could do it for free. (None of us have any money at all.) Our plans for now are just to rehearse as much as possible. We just want to play together without any pressure from anyone and that includes ourselves too, so basically just jam. We have been doing this during the past few months and it feels like something really good is going to come out of it. We have been contacted by a small record company who wants to release something with us but nothing is decided yet so I can�t really say anything more about it.

So a label has contacted you� Sounds interesting. But you don�t seem to have anything confirmed there yet so I suppose there�s no point in asking about it? Hehe, I�m curious.
well, well, well it�s nothing secret really but nothing is , as you said, confirmed and there�s no time plan or anything, we don�t even have any songs yet. It�s just a guy who have contacted us and he likes us and would like to release something. Nothing is decided and there�s not much more to say.

Well, the 4-way split CD called �Trash it up� has been released for a while, do you know how it�s been selling?
And, you got played on national Swedish radio, any response from people �cause of it?

The cd has been selling quite good (don�t know any numbers), but he�s had to make more copies. We haven�t got any real response from the radio thing other than that our friends thought it was cool.

Ok. So just on to some less serious, but still fun to know, questions.
Latest record you bought?

Neurosis-the eye of every storm
Elliot smith-Figure 8
A perfect circle-Thirteenth step
Latest record you listened to?
Neurosis-The eye of every storm
Latest book you read?
H�ndelser vid Kirkstone abbey
Latest show you went to?
David Sandstr�m
Crappiest record you've bought?
Erasure-some record that came out in the beginning of the 90�s

Something I really find interesting to know is up next. It can be seen as a stupid or pathetic question, but the human psyche interests me, so I tend to ask it. If you were to ever commit suicide, how would you do it?
If i were to commit sudicide i�d find the highest building/mountain i could and jump of of it, just for a final rush before i go.

And with that note about ending life I will end this interview. It took way long to finish, so I suppose some things might look funny for the reader when stuff I asked about could very well have happened over a half a year ago, haha. But that�s the way it goes sometimes. But I�d like to thank you for your time, and wish you good luck. I hope a fullength will be out soon. Up to you to end the interview now! Take care�

Photos taken from dist.nu

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