Drunken Swedish old school crustcore... Quite common, but N�dslakt's stands out from the crowd a bit.
We did the interview by e-mail between the 4th of April and the 10th of May.

Well hello there. Let�s just start the interview by you giving us a small presentation of the band members and who�ll be answering the questions.
Every member has been helping out with the answers
Frida - Guitar
Anna - Vocals
Linus - Bass
Marcus - Drums

What was the main reason for starting the band back in 2004, except maybe the obvious reason �to play music�?
It was Linus and Marcus� idea, they met at their school (metalcraft) we were sharing the same urge to play mangelpunk, we met the girls after 1-2 months, you make the music that you want to hear- that is our parole/dogma

In 2005 you released your first demo Vi Ruttnar Och D�r. And from what I�ve read and heard the response has been nothing but great. Was it all expected or were your surprised by the positive response from the listeners/press?
We are still surprised, we had no clue what the response would be. The punkscene accepted us and we are happy just like an spoiled brat

A couple of weeks ago you recorded your second demo. Can we expect to hear any differences this time, something you weren�t satisfied with on the previous demo that you�ve changed?
The new demo is more dirty more 80 s we think. A bit more raw. Every recording is wild and out of control, we just cross our fingers and play "otajt vem fan bryr sig" //Lim

And now that the demo�s out, what�s the response been like this time?
Very fucking good, once again we are surprised. People want it on vinyl - Thats cool

I read (in the incredibly shitty zine Skitliv) that you had about 30 gigs planned in the US for February - True? And if so, how'd it go?
To start with, Februari has 28 days, off course this was a joke, lie..stupid punx

Your vocalist, Anna, seems to have a tendency to play live dressed in black tape. That�s� Erhm� Original� Is it a deliberate attempt to appeal more to the male crusties in the audience?
Anna: If a guy would wear the same outfit you wouldn't have asked this question the same way. I wear what I think look cool and I don't give a shit what people say about it..

Well, you know. I would still have asked the question, but I would probably have change the appeal-part of it to female instead of male. �Cause no matter if you�re a woman or man, wearing tape is quite unusual, wouldn�t you agree?
Anna: Maybe it is, havent really thought about it so much. I guess I just like to spex it up a bit. Instead of a fireshow on stage I wear tape. It is also a feminist thing - to wear what you want whatever you look like. During a concert 6/5-06 in Gothenburg I was wearing male underwear (and tape).

When can we expect you to make your debut on vinyl? Haven�t had any luck with labels?
We are not sure if we want a vinyl deal, it's the same music as on a cd-r demo The problem with the diy is the distribution, all my money (marcus) goes for stamps

You seem to have quite a close connection with Slaktattack, what about sharing a 7� with them?
Yeah Slaktattack are cool. Only time and Domarn (of Slaktattack) can tell whats going to happen.

What�s the punk/hardcore scene like in your area? In all honesty I think the only other band I know of from around there is Liquid Phase. But you also arrange gigs in the area. And since it�s your second (I think) year doing so, I suppose you get at least enough visitors to cover the expenses�
We know the guys in Liquid Phase well. Johan and Pererik helped us with the choir on the Demos and David recorded the shit. There is no scene except us. We had 1 glesbygd�rskojpunken and it went well. About 70 deaf hillbillies was there. Please contact if you want to play at the next (it must be r�punk)

Oh, by the way. Any side-projects of the N�dslakt roster that we should know of?
Anna have 2 other bands - Fr�sch Katt and Use Your Hate.

You�ll be participating on part 7 of the compilation series �ggr�ran. That�s a pretty big step, I suppose, as some pretty famous Swedish and Norwegian punk bands have participated in the past. What do you hope will come out of it? A wider range of fans? And how did you get in touch with the label behind it?
�ggr�ran is oldschool = great. Every way to come out with the music is good for a small band. We just sent a demo to the egg about a year ago.

Your lyrics are pretty political, and very aggressive. Are you guys involved politically? We have an election coming up later this year, will you vote?
We are not Very politically active. Anna and Linus is going to vote to keep the moderates away. Frida and Marcus hates party politics. Yes we are very aggressive - its just a fact. See our music as a soundtrack for violence and political acts.

Well, that was the last of the serious questions, and so now it�s time for the standard ones.
Latest record you bought?

Linus - Krunch
Anna - newest Sepultura
Frida � Dilba

Latest record you listened to?
Frida - Skitsystem
Linus - Hawkwind
Anna - 16 Horsepower
Marcus - Rocky and the Sweden, they are the best

Latest book you read?
Anna - Kallocain
Frida - Svenska kvinnliga konstn�rer
Marcus - Ny ungdom

Latest show you went to?
We played 6/5 with Colony and Imperial Leather - not mangle but very good anyway

Crappiest record you�ve bought?
Anna - cant choose he he he

And if you ever decided to commit suicide, how�d you do it?
Anna - Some kind of overdose
Marcus - Exploding liver
Linus - Freeze to death on a cold starbright winternight (very romantic)
Frida - Dont mess with me

That�s it; I�m all out of questions. Anything I should�ve asked that I�ve missed? Thanks a lot for your time, and I wish you all the best in the future.
Latest news: N�dslakt is going to release the demos (cd-r) in Japan - A crasy Japanese like us much...

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