To be honest I have no idea when I first came in contact with this band. But who can deny that these fellows create great, hysterical and raging deathgrind? No one! So why not interview Pat, the mainman? No reason why not! So here it is, an interview with one of Swedens coolest grindbands.
Have no idea when we started doing this interview. The first question/answer is from way back when my computer broke down. But the rest is new. Done by email, ended feb the 22nd.

Heya Pat!
I normally start off interviews by asking for an introduction of the band, but you guys doesn't that much of an introduction since you're only two guys. But I'll give it a try anyway. Could you please start with introducing the band?

Yeah, well the band is me really, as I write, record and play all the music myself, so far anyhow. And on vocals it's me (aka Evil Bastard) on low-pitch vocals and Anders (aka Bili Rubine) on high-pitch vocals. We only write the vocals together, but sometimes also separately.
We are both from Uppsala, Sweden but I am currently a student in High Wycombe, England, studying for a degree in Music Industry Management & Live Production. I graduate this june. Oh actually, Anders is originally from Orebro. He's also in 2 other bands: The Unabombers (old type punkrock) and Harrkorauta (thrashing punk/hardcore with finish lyrics, don't ask me why, no one is finish in the band). I think that's about it about us. Except that we're both psychos and like eating babies and choking people to death maybe. And getting drunk of course.

Yeah, you live and study in England (for the readers). Ever planning to move back to Sweden?
A while ago you got elected to demo band of the month in Sweden�s biggest magazine for metal, Close-Up. Have you gotten any response from people �cause of that? Or should I say: What�s the response been like after that?

Yeah I do. But the longer I've lived here the more I realise that Sweden isn't as bad as I always claimed it to be. I guess London is different though, but unfortunately that's not were I live. So YES, I'm definitely going back to sweden after I graduate. At least for a while until I know what I'll be up to after these studies.
Yeah the whole Close-Up thing came as a bit of a surprise actually, I was simply hoping for a semi-decent review of the demo, that's all, but we got more, which is nice obviously. Yes we did get some response, mainly people e-mailing me wanting to buy the demo CD. No labels or anything. The thing is that we'd probably got a lot more response if the people at Close-Up (the dude who wrote the article) hadn�t missed out on including our website address in end of the article. We'd put up a new site only for the purpose of promoting ourselves more through making the whole demo CD available for download on the website. So that kind of fucked up, I was a bit pissed off about that actually, but hey, shit happens. A lot.
Other than that I often get e-mails from japanese distro/trader dudes who can barely speak english so I often end up not really understanding what the hell they're trying to say.

You�ve had a little change of heart there, haven�t you? I thought you used to consider the option of staying in England�
Besides the review/interview in Close-Up, and the Japanese distros, what kind of response have you been getting from folks? �Cause I know you kind of started the band as a joke, but took on a more serious vibe after that�

Well yeah I guess I have slightly, but in the end it all depends on if I get offered a job around here for when after I graduate or not. But I've just grown more tired of living here and I'm also longing to go back to Sweden more and more to start playing and recording new music again. As we all now, extreme metal and metal scene in general is ten times better in Sweden, therefore the great bands we produce too. As far as I'm concerned, we even have better hardcore and grindcore bands. In england there's a bit of a trendy hardcore thing going with stupid moshing styles like "the windmill" and "kicks" n shit too, it spoils the good gigs. Grindcore barely even exists.
Yeah, it all started off as a joke, as I think we all know now. The only reason I decided to continue doing Penile Suffocation was after a very positive review on the first issue of Audiozine, a fanzine all recorded audio on a CD based in Stockholm. We were strangely compared to early Carcass n stuff which was a bit of a compliment as I've never really listened much to Carcass.
Anyhow, yeah... we have got a very positive reaction to the demo CD in general. A lot of people seem to like the intensity mixed with the humour or the lyrics. We just generally got really good feedback from everyone who heard it, I was and am still very surprised, I can't really recall anytime when someone's actually told me it's shit and don't like it. I mean, damn... it's all lead to us now last sunday being played on the radio, Sthlm radio - "Rockharder 95,3". Who the hell would ever have thought that Penile Suffocation would ever have been played on the radio???

It�s really cool that you�ve gotten played on the radio, it�s not often hear that kind of stuff on the air. So� The listeners definitely like you, but what about the labels? Have you gotten any offers or so? I know you�re planning a split with Swedish new death metal stars Deviant for instance�
Well, I haven't heard from any proper labels yet. As you know, we've only very recently sent some CDs out, so I guess we'll see what happens. But I'm quite sure that I can record a better EP or album than this demo we've made. So I'm kinda aiming at trying to get the next release released on a label instead. But hey, if anyone wants to release this shit, go ahead.
Yeah well so far the split with Deviant is just an idea but there's no reason for why it wouldn't happen. They are mates of mine from back home and their stuff really impresses me, especially considering that they're all only about 18. The drummer EB is who we've planning to have as a drummer in Penile Suffocation when we start gigging live this summer. In fact, we might even start using real drums full-time.

Yeah. The use of a drum machine kind of restricts you when it comes to gigs. But have you already started the search for gigs, already confirmed some maybe?
Nah, there's no point doing that if the live band isn't even complete. I mean, we've never rehearsed or played live. Mainly because of my studies abroad and due to the fact that I play all the instruments in the 'band' which as you know only consists of me and Anders.
All I can say about the whole live thing is that this summer we're definitely gonna start playing live, and that's gonna be with a real drummer too, which hopefully will be with EB of Deviant. Other musicians that might be joining the live band is my mate Joel 'Dunken' Madberg on bas and Rikard on guitar who used to be in Assel in the early days. Other than that, there's not much to say. We will be grinding your ears this summer, some day some time. A gig at Fellini in Uppsala has been in the talks for a while now and will probably happen sometime late this summer.

As said earlier Penile Suffocation started off as a joke. To� make fun of grindcore? But now that you are serious about the band, where do you get your inspiration?
That's sounds like a bit of a misunderstanding. I've never had the intention to make fun of grindcore. The idea was just to kinda copy the style of stupid lyrics like Anal Cunt etc and just generally take the piss out the whole concept, even though we like it. To be honest, we never really had any deep thoughts about what we wanted to do, we just did it.
Anyhow... inspiration. Hmm... I would have to say stuff like Anal Cunt, Nasum and stuff like Retaliation that I'm sat listening to now for example. I don't really know, I never really though about it too much, I just recorded some heavy shit simply. I know a lot of my influences are from the metal and death metal side though, like Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and a lot of stuff that I listened to as a teenager like old Sepultura and similar shit. Allthough one of my favourite bands is Meshuggah i really don't think I've used them as an influence in the making of Penile Suffocation. But I get inspired to continue with doing the grindcore thing when I hear new shit coming out that fuckin grinds, like Relevant Few and Gadget - two of my favourite grindbands at the moment.

No, I didn�t think that was your intention either, to make fun of grindcore. Was just wondering what your intention actually was.
So. You mentioned Relevant Few and Gadget as two of your favourite grind bands right now, and also a lot of other bands. But, since we�re talking fav bands right now I�m curious to see which albums you�d list as your favourites� It�s a really difficult thing to do, but which albums would you say rock the most?

Well... haha, this one of the Kerrang! questions. hehe. That is quite hard yes, especially for me because I listen to such a broad variety of stuff. And I also often listen to something like hell for like a month or so and then I don't listen to it again for ages, unless it's really good. So I'm not gonna list anything in any particular order, I'll just mention a few albums that I'd rate high. I think you'll be surpised coz most of it isn't death or grind. some of my favourites I have listened to since I was like 11-12. hehe
Faith No More - "Angel Dust". - This was one of my childhood/early teens favourite, I listened like fuck to that and I still do sometimes. But I suppose we're talking about what I think 'rocks' now? So... well, Meshuggah - "Destroy Erase Improve" will always be one of my favourites, and you might find this a bit cheesy but I think the Killswitch Engage album "Alive Or Just Breathing" is fucking excellent. I love the Decapitated album "Nihility". Emperor's "Anthems To The Welkin at Dusk" is brilliant. Been listening quite a lot to Cult Of Luna's "The Beyond" too. Isis - "Oceanic". I've just quite recently got into bands like Retaliation and Remains Of The Day too. Damn, I like so much different stuff, I could go on for an hour. Oh shit, almost forgot, i'd be stupid not to mention At The Gates - "Slaughter Of The Soul", it's a fuckin' classic. And of course Anal Cunt will always be a favourite. Sorry for the long answer but you gave me a hard question. hehe...

I just lost all respect for you. Haha, no just kidding. But yes, I am kind of surprised. Not exactly what I�d list, and not exactly what I thought you�d list. I imagined it would be a lot more brutal death and gore.
Well, let�s look to the future. What will Penile Suffocation sound like on the next recording? Are you planning to go down the same line or alter the sound? Anything you�d like to change about your sound?

Haha well... I was thinking of adding that I'd probably lost all respect from all the die-hard hc/grind and death metal fans but, hey... that's the fucking truth and if they think less of me because of that they can suck my c**k. haha... as if I care, I live for music and it's my therapy, I listen to whatever I appreciate and that's it. So... "f**k ya'll" as the retarded americans would say (Bush if he was allowed... retard). It's been pretty much grindcore lately anyhow, due to this country pissing me off more and more (england, sorry english people).
The future sound of Penile Suffocation... Well, I kinda know, as i've already recorded some song ideas for future demos/releases. I'd say it'll be a lot more intense. The first demo was too varied in style and I want to make the next one a bit more consistant. But I still want to keep the part where people can recognize the scream-a-long parts, after all, we're kind of a party-grind band. I mean, wouldn't it be great if people just sang along to "choke choke die" (they already do hehe) while getting pissed? The future stuff will be more grind, death and gore simply, less slow stuff and more intense chaotic shit. I feel the need and urge for that, this world is beginning to suck more and more the longer time goes. Damn, we might even end up being slightly political (hopefully not, but the way things are going...) . haha... on the day of doom.

While on the subject of politics. Are you involved politically? You mentioned the oh-so-great puppet-man Mr. Bush, for instance. But why don�t you want Penile to go political? Don�t want to play political music or just the wrong band to do it with?
Well, let's put it like this... Penile Suffocation was never intended to be a political band at all but the truth is that it's hard to not in some way sometimes involve politics in the lyrics. Like "Fat Fuck" for example is pretty much about how we dislike fat, sweaty and loaded capitalist businessmen, hehe. Particularly the fat and sweaty. But no, Penile isn't really the right band I think, I mean if we do write any type of lyrics relating to a political subject it'll be in a bit of a exaggerated and humoristicly evil way. Penile Suffocation will never be a hardcore political band, we'll never be 100% serious about anything. That would be wrong. hehe...

But personally you�re involved in politics? Seems like you have an interest for it at least�
No, I'm not involved in politics at all, I just have my point of view about things. An opinion you could call it.

Anyway, let�s play a small game.
Latest record you bought?

Gadget - "Remote", but I haven't received it yet.
Latest record you listened to?
Hmm... that must have been last night (I just woke up), erhhmm... probably Tragedy - "s/t".
Latest book you read?
I don't read books, I don't think I've ever read a full book, I've never got the patience.
Latest show you went to?
A Perfect Circle in London, an amazing show, and also the only mellow gig for ages, we were even seated?? Going to see Macabre and Cephalic Carnage in Camden in a few hours though, that should be good.
Crappiest record you�ve bought?
What like ever? That's a hard question... I really don't know. I don't see why I would buy a crap CD though? I always listen to CDs before buying them.

Haha. You don�t read? You must be a very educated person, haha�
So, I�m running out of questions. How does it look up ahead for Penile Suffocation?

Well, I don't think that reading made up stories by some pretentious fuck is going to educate me. I read whatever I find interesting, simple as that. And as far as education goes I'm pretty well ahead a lot of fellow metal and grinders, I'm in my last year doing my degree in Music Industry Management & Live Production. But mentioning that... I've learned that the music industry is a fucking shithole, full of pretentious fucks and people who just seem to be in it for the 'status'.
The future of Penile Suffocation? Well... who the hell knows... in my eyes it's just a project which has generally been for me just for fun and something for me to do while studying. I'll see what happens, at the moment I just want to get this fucking education sorted out coz I'm fucking tired of it. I just want to play music. That's what I live for.

Well, Pat. I don�t have anything else to ask you, nothing important at least. So I guess it�s time we call it quits. Thanks for doing this interview, and I hope you�ve enjoyed our little question time. Anything you�d like to say? It�s all yours from now�
Thank you.
Well, I don't think so, maybe just... check out our website and download some tunes. Also keep an eye out for gig dates this summer.

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