Another Polish band that carries on the tradition of grinding. Dead Infection and Squash Bowels are two pretty known Polish grind bands, and I bet that Rzeznia will become that too.
Can't remember when this interview got started, but I received the last answer at August 26th.

Hey there... Just let me know who will be answering my questions and what other members the band has.
Hello, here�s Paju and I�m a vocal in Rzeznia. The rest of current line up are: Spluka - drums, Bodni - guit, Bialy - vocal, Darek - bass. Kaczor - original bass player is in England and we have no fucking idea when he�s going to be back.

None of the original members of the band is a member today, how did that happen? What made you decide to keep playing as Rzeznia after the last original member left? I can't say that I know your history/biography to a 100%, but it's quite unusual. Often there's at least one original member left. Do you have any other bands and just consider Rzeznia as a side project?
Well, quite frequent I guess line-up changes are characteristic for the band. People were coming in and then they were leaving or were kicked out. But all this took place among poeple who have been knowing each other, people from the area. And finally it came to us - the current line-up and...changes stopped. Thanx to this Mathematic Grind has been released, another material recorded. Rzeznia at the moment is the only band each of is playing in. Some time ago me & Spluczka were in band called Disyf - dispunkabaret. Bialy was vocal in band called Amfa and Bodni was in some death metal band which name I can�t remember now.

How did you get in contact with Self Made God? Was it the CD-R you sent around '01 or are you just old pals...?
No, Fragles - former drummer of Rzeznia ( now kicking asses in Pignation ) had known Karol and after we recorded the stuff he adviced us to sent it to Karol, he liked it and the rest you know.

I know that you've recorded some new stuff after the Mathematic Grind CD was released, but I don't know of any new records that will be coming. Is there anything planned, will you continue to work with SMG on your forthcoming releases?
Yes we recorded new stuff, 17 tracks in 19,28 minutes, total grind fucking core killer. You should have opportunity to taste some of them very soon �cause CD with tracks for your compilation is on the way. We are now sending out the stuff to labels so we will see. As I know Karol already has some other release plans but never say never. .

What have the response been since the CD came out? Have you received nothing but excellent reviews and zines are dying to interview you? And have you noticed an increase in gigs?
Hehe, as for the reviews I must admit that most of them, that we know about and collect, are very positive and we are really happy beacause of that. Honestly I personally didn�t expect such positive response. We �ve been interviewed a few times already, and I know about some other inties to come but I like answering them and it�s great that somebody finds us interesting enough to want know more and asks questions about us. We had a few gigs within quite short time so it was kind of increase, and we were invited to Obscene Extreme but we had to cancel the show about week before the date beceause of drummer�s knee injury. Big pity...

How does the audience differ from your native country Poland and the rest of the world? When it comes to gigs and what people have been saying about you and your release.
From the stage point of you I can compare only the audience from Czech as we played there and I�ve noticed that on our shows they were rather listeners than headbangers but I think it�s normal when a band plays it�s first show somewhere. But generally they rather don�t differ from our native audience. I think we had good contact and shaked hands with a few people who liked the CD and live shows, and that�s great!!!

You have very political lyrics, but they're all in polish. Do you think that have affected the response? Some not liking you because of your lyrics or foreigners asking you about your lyrics, and so on...?
I dont know about the response, you should ask people who know the CD. We put translation in the cover so foreigners know what we sing about.

You recently did some gigs with Ingrowing and Phobia. Would you say that's your best memories from any live gig you've done or can you remember a time of greater happiness? :)
These shows are great memories �cause we met new grind freaks, we saw new places. And just another good experience.

Can we expect a new twist on your new songs, new sound or some other differences�? Looking forward to hearing your new stuff.
Yeah definitely!!!new songs were produced in different studio than MG was, and it's heard. Sound is more clear I think but still it's full of power and agression. Drum sound is not so deep as on MG. As for the songs they are very speedy so to say and there's quite many tempo changes and I think that there happens a lot in them ...

What�s the most common question you get when being interviewed?
hehe. what's the meaning of the band's name RZEZNIA. Why in such a long history of the band just 2 official materials have been released ( demo tape and MG cd ). Also questions about influences etc.

Haha, oh yeah. I had forgot about that question� Why do you only have two releases out? :) hehe�
Haha. I wondered whether you gonna ask any of the FAQs ;). The reason for just two releases lies partly in very frequent line-up changes. Long breaks in playing. Maybe there wasn't such a pressure among the people to release anything. I'm not able to tell about it for the others from those times. Finally we managed to achieve creative line-up.

Have you had any other record deal offers since the release of Mathematic Grind?
Not yet, we are sending out new stuff and waiting for responses so wish us luck ;)

A question I always seem to ask� What can we expect from Rzeznia in the future? Any new tours planned? Ever gonna play around Scandinavia, even Sweden? :)
In the nearest future we will play small tour called Grind Manifesto Tour with our friend from polish bands like Pignation, Antigama, Third Degree and Catheter from USA which play just 3 shows in Poland. We 've been awaiting these gigs impatiently. And I'm sure this tour will kick ass!!!Playing in Scandinavia would be great. I've heard there's great audience. We would come just for travel costs so maybe you could invite us hehe

So� I�m running out of questions now. Can�t think of anything else to ask. Thanks a lot for your time, I hope Rzeznia all the best in the future. Hope to see some great releases from you, and a lot of them. Anything you�d like to say?
Well thanx a lot for this nice intie. I hope that thanx to it more people in Scandinavia will get interested in our band. Good luck with My Last Chapter and Evigt Lidande Prdcs.
Take care.

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