Man, this band just kicks my arse with their ultra brutal fuckin' gory death metal... I had no other choice then to interview them. It's done over the internet by email.

Let's just start with a pretty easy question for you to answer. Would you please just let the readers know who you are and mention the other members in some way? Just for the sake of it ;)
Hey man!
I�m Per, I play guitar in Stabwound. The rest of the guys are Ante - Guitars, Uffe - Vocals, Viktor - Blastbeats and our newest member Fredrik - Bass.

I won't ask for any type of biography, it seems like everyone asks for that in interviews...
Your second demo "Bloodsoaked Serenades" will be re-released as a MCD with bonustracks, by The Flood Rec. And you recently signed with Brutal Bands for a full length. It seems like things are moving fairly fast for you guys. How did you get in contact with the two labels? It's two pretty small, and also pretty unknown, labels...

Thanks for not asking for the bio man haha
As you mentioned Bloodsoaked Serenades will be re-released as a MCD with a cover version of Dying Fetus song "Kill Your Mother, Rape You Dog" and video clip of the song "Ancient Art of Gutting" from a show we did earlier this year. It will be released through The Flood Records this summer.
We�ve signed a 2 album deal with Brutal Bands. Our debut album called "Seven Severe Sufferings" will be released this winter. It will contain 10 tracks. The new ones are a bit more groovy, a bit longer and much faster! Both The Flood Records and Brutal Bands contacted us. They both have been great to work with. We signed with The Flood only to release the Bloodsoaked Serenades MCD but we where still on the hunt for a label to release our debut fullength album. We negotiated with several labels but the reason why we choose Brutal Bands is that they are really proffessional and offered us the best deal. Easy to work with, answer emails fast and so on.

haha, yeah. It can become very boring when everyone asks for that :)
Ahh, so it's a lucrative deal with Brutal Bands?
Well. How has the response been like on the two demos? Except for the labels, since they seem to have responded great.

Yeah, we got what we wanted and everybody seems really pleased with the deal. One more good thing with BB is that we have daily contact with Scott (the owner). We�re all logged on to ICQ. It really makes everything go quicker and the fact that we know each other pretty good by now is cool too.
The response for our first demo "Malicious Addiction" was good. We got some good reviews but nothing compared to "Bloodsoaked Serenades". All reviews have been totally killer and almost all people who listens to likes it alot. We�re really pleased with it.

Ok, that's it for the interview... Nah, just kidding :)
You haven't had that many gigs. When the new stuff's released, will you try to have some merch available and tour a little?

No we haven�t had that many gigs. Don�t know why actually. That�s the best part man, playing live. Brutal Bands are printing shirts and shit. We�re gonna print some shirts and stickers as well. We�re talking about some cool live shows with Brutal Bands. But nothing is ready yet so I don�t want to say anything about that �til its a done deal. We�re gonna try to put together a release party for the record here in Gothenburg. Check the page for more news on that when it�s getting closer.

Cool. I hope you'll come and play here in our own land of brutality, Skne :)
Hmm, you keep on adding more and more members to the band. Have the alterations of the line up added to the brutality, or is it just the same members as in the beginning that writes the stuff?

Yeah, hopefully we�ll get to play all over Sweden.
Yes! Well, the music is more brutal than earlier Stabwound songs. Since Viktor took over the drums we�ve been able to write more brutal shit. Faster songs, more blastbeats, more technical stuff. And then when we added Uffe to the lineup we really came close to the sound we where looking for.
"Malicious Addiction" was written by me and Ante. "Bloodsoaked Serenades" was mainly written by me and Ante except for a few things that our old bassplayer wrote. The new one is written by me and Fredrik except one song that me and Ante wrote. Usually me and Fredrik writes stuff together in the rehearsal place after rehearsal or we sit at his place with guitars and drummachine and try to come up with new stuff. After a song is complete I program the drumpatterns, records two guitars and send it to Uffe who lives in Varberg so he can rehears at home.

I was thinking of something about the Swedish "scene". What's the response been like from the Swedish audience? I mean... We have crappy metal bands like In Flames and such. We have a pretty big and great grind scene. But the brutal death metal scene is pretty dead over here... It seems like every death band coming from Sweden nowadays are obsessed with sounding like an At the Gates clone...
Yea, but we do have a few good ones. My personal favourite death metal band is actually from Sweden, Soils of Fate! And we have Visceral Bleeding, Spawn of Possession, Obscene so that�s a few good ones. The response from the Swedish audience have been really good, we actually autographed a few demos at our last two shows.

Well, that's true. In the last couple of years we've had an uprising. So I guess I have to correct myself with the ATG-note :)
haha. Cool that you autographed some demos :) How many people attend your shows? I know it's kind of an boring question, but I'm so fuckin' tired right now :) haha

Haha. If we concentrate on the Bloodsoaked era we�ve played two times. The first show was in late december 2002 together with Obscene, Legion and Misericordia. It was one of the best nights of my life. We just released Bloodsoaked Serenades a couple of days before. The gig went unbelivably good, the audience was insane. I think 120-140 people attended that gig. On month later we did another one in Gothenburg together with Darkest Hour, Nominon, Throneaeon, Kaamos. I think maybe 80-90 people attended that one.

Cool. Then you've definitely played with some fairly big names. And the audience didn't attend the show to see you play ;) muaha
I have got a question that I try to remember to ask every victim of my interviews. If you would kill yourself, how would you do it?

Of course they came to see us play man haha
Well, I wouldn�t kill myself. I kinda like my life so it would be stupid to end it all.

Ahh. But I'm saying IF you would kill yourself :)... I actually thought that you would give me a really gory answer to fit the brutal death metal attitude ;)
Damn. I'm too tired to come up with any good questions... How do you see the future of Stabwound?

Haha, sorry an. I dont write the lyrics.
Well, the next couple of months we�ll write the remaining 3 tracks, rehears and get ready to record the album which will probably happen in october or november. Then we�ll hopefully get alot of gigs and maybe a tour. That�s the plan for the next year with Stabwound.

Well, I hope that you will get a lot of gigs and stuff so that I can visit your shows in Skne and show you how we mosh down here :) And I also hope that the recordings and stuff goes well... I think that this will be the end of the interview. A pretty short one, but I'm stuck with the questions :)
Anything that you'd like to say or just end this with?

Thanks for the support man, hope to see you down in Skne sometime. Visit these pages for the latest Stabwound news
Keep it sick

hahaha. Why does every death/gore band sign off with "Keep it sick"? :)
Well. Thanks for taking the time for this interview and stuff... Good luck with everything and keep me updated :)