One of my old time favourite bands, Wolfpack, changed their name to Wolfbrigade. Still they kick ass, so it was only natural that I would eventually do an interview with them.
Started the interview with the first question being sent out August the 14th, and I received the last answer September 11th.

Hey there, Dadde!
Let's just start this thing of by you telling the readers what your job in Wolfbrigade is... And maybe also give the rest of the members a shout out.

Hi I', Dadde, drummer for the swedish hardcore band Wolfbrigade as well as a bunch of other bands. The other guys in the band are: Micke - Vocals, Erik- Guitar and Vocals, Jocke- Guitar and Vocals and last but not at all least; Marcus- Bass.

You joined the band not too long ago, in �02 to be exact. You only rehearsed once before Wolfbrigade went on tour through Europe together with Autorit�r. How did that make you feel, touring after just one rehearsal? I would be extremely nervous. Did everything go alright? And what was the reason for the old drummer, Frank, quitting just before a tour?
Yeah, I've been in the band for about a year now. Well, it went pretty smooth since I had played for years with Jocke in Sunday Morning Einsteins and we had been going with To What End?(who at the time included Jocke and Micke(not in twe? nowadays)) for a while so everything went pretty much by it self. I was a fan of their music and friends with them. Before the tour Frank had said that it was the last he'd do with the band so they pretty much decided that I should join them after that. About two weeks before the tour I was talking to Frank and he said "You know, if you rather do it, I'd be glad. I have so much going on right now", so I just started rehearsing some songs together with Jocke here in Stockholm and then we went down to mariestad and rehearsed the whole band before going on tour. And well, of course I was a little nervous, but it was no biggie. Frank just didn't want to continue, it had become boring and he have a daughter so there is no bad blood between Wolfbrigade and Frank.

ahh... I see. I suppose your adaption to Wolfbrigade have been going well then, since you've played with them before. Did you take an active part in writing songs for the new album "In Darkness You Feel No Regrets"? How does the song writing work within Wolfbrigade?
Well, Most songs were already written. The original idea for this realese was to do a 12" not a full LP. But soon we realised that we had some more ideas and wanted to re-record some songs so it ended up in being a full LP. I was envolved in writting riffs to one song I think and then I was involved with the arrengements in the most parts. The songwritting is done in the rehersalplace. of course there's always someone who have some riffs to start with and then we take it from there.

Is "In Darkness..." the first Wolfbrigade album you're part of? If I'm not mistaken I'm pretty sure it is... A tad nervous because of that?
Yeah. And it was a bit nervous sure. But I'm always nervous in the studio if I play drums. If I screw up then the song is screwed up as well.

What can we expect from the new album, new sound or something like that? As far as I can see there seems to be some interesting things going on. A couple of lyrics in Swedish, re-recording of "Outlaw Vagabond" and so on... "Outlaw Vagabond" is actually one of my all time favourite Wolfpack-songs ever, probably thee favourite! So I'm really looking forward to hearing that one. Although I doubt that it will be the same without Jonsson on vocals for that one, but it will make some interesting listening!
The new album is a progress from the last one but also more metal and less motorhead. Like a mix of Progression/regression(the melodies!), Allday Hell(the crust!) and A new dawn fades(the metal!). The biggest difference from the last one is that the album was recorded at Sunlight and produced by Tomas Skogsberg and that means a really good, thick and heavy sound, something that progression/regression lacks.

Oh crap... Why do you do this to me...? Man, am I looking forward to hearing your new stuff now, your description makes it sound like a kick ass mix! When will the new album be released?
Last I heard September is the month that the CD and followed by the vinyl a couple of weeks later. I really hope that it's out before yannick leaves for the TRAGEDY euro tour.

You weren't part of Wolfpack/-brigade when Jonsson left the band. But I suppose you've been told what happened, and I'm really curious to why. From what I've heard (only rumours) he was kicked out 'cause of drug problems... Any comments, true or false?
Well. Both. I don't want it to sound like Jonsson is a drug addict but, it's true that he sometimes took drugs. But he mainly had problems with alcohol, he couldn't handle it. This ended up in cancelled shows, not singing when he should, he basically becomes an asshole when he drinks and that becomes a problem when you�re an alcoholic and in a touring band. He called every weekend and had panicattacks and quit the band. Every time the guys called him up and said no no, please stay with us, it will get better soon. After a tour and one of his phone calls they didn't call him back. Instead they picked up the phone to an old childhood friend of Jocke, Erik and Frank(the old drummer), Micke. And things have been working so much better since.

I see� Have been wondering a little about what exactly happened. It�s always easy to get things distorted when it�s all just rumours.
How much time does Wolfbrigade take up of your life? It seems like all of you guys have got a lot of other bands too. Can that sometimes cause a problem when planning tours, recordings and so on?

Well, I play in To What End? and Sunday Morning Einsteins that are fairly active and then I'm also in Sju Sv�ra �r and some other projects. Jocke is in To What End? and some yet unnamed band together with some people from Acursed and Scumbrigade. Micke sings in Deny as well, but I don't think Erik and Marcus have other bands. So, of course sometimes it creates problems. If you go on tour with one band, maybe you won't be able to tour as much with another and so on. But to be really honest, it's not such a big issue. And WB doesn't take up that much of our lives since we all live in different citys.

How far away from each other do you live then? Can cause some major problems with rehearsing if it�s too distant. I have that problem myself with one of my bands, all four members lives in different cities. It�s quite often that at lest one of us is away from rehearsal. How often do you rehearse?
That's the thing, we don't rehearse more than "necessary". We've been playing this kind of music for ages, even for my age I've been doing this for about 9 years, and we have our sound. So we mainly rehearse before recordings and before gigs and tours. Me and Jocke lives in Stockholm, Erik in Gothenburg and Marcus and Micke in Mariestad.

Another question I�ve been wondering about. What made the guys finally decide to change name from Wolfpack to Wolfbrigade? It�s not hard to figure out that it had something to do with the fact that a Swedish nazi organisation is called Wolfpack too, but I mean, that organisation has been around for years. Existed before the band started out. So I�m a little curious about why you suddenly changed?
Besides that organization, It had a little bit to do with the fact that we had a new singer and a slightly different musical/lyrical direction. If you look at the No tolerance version of Allday hell we had decided already to change the name but since the vinyl was out under the name Wolfpack we didn�t want it to say Wolfbrigade.
We've made the "Mistake" to play alot of old wolfpack songs when we have played live after the name change, and there for we have decided to re-record some songs as well as some live songs with Micke and me will appear on the re-issue of the split with Audio Kollapse (this time as a 12") so that some old Wolfpack songs that we don't want to quit playing will be considered more like Wolfbrigade songs. In the future we will concentrate more on Wolfbrigade songs(including Allday hell) in our live set, and maybe throw in one or two old goodies if we feel like it.

Oh well� I think this is it for the interview, actually. Hmm, yeah. I can�t think of any other questions I have at the moment. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, I got a lot of my old wonderings answered. I wish you guys all the best in the future. Hope you�ll keep on playing together for a lot of years to come� Anything you�d like to say before we call it quits?
Oh, well, the usual, thanks for the interview and for reading, buy our records, stay punk, yadda yadda...:) Take care, we are needed.

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