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Blodsrit - Swedish old school black metal
Caedere - Dutch brutal death metal
Cause of Divorce - German grind
Causing Chaos - Swedish melodic death metal
Collision - Dutch grind
Decadence - Swedish melodic death/thrash metal
Depression - German deathgrind
Inhumate - French deathgrind
L�hd�n Aika - Finnish hardcore/death metal
M:40 - Swedish crust
Malignant Inception - American death metal
Massmord - Swedish crust
Nidverk - Swedish black metal
Obligatorisk Tortyr - Swedish grind
Project Hopeless - Swedish hardcorepunk
Regurgitate - Swedish grind
Tears of Decay - German brutal death metal

American Line Productions - Mexican metal label
Anarkopunx Record - Swedish crust label
Blindead Productions - Swedish hardcore/crust label and zine
Carnal Records - Swedish metal label
Deathgasm Records - American metal label
Grindethic Records - British grind/death label
Grindhead Records - Australian grind label
Halvfabrikat Records - Swedish crust label
Misantropia - Swedish metal webshop
Nakkeskudd Plater - Norwegian punk/hardcore label
No Posers Please! - Norwegian metal/grind/crust label
Not Enough Records - Swedish crust/hardcore label
Nuclear Winter Records - Greek death metal label
Old Temple - Polish metal label
Ominous Recordings - Swedish metal/noise label
Pagan Records - Polish metal label
Plague Island Records - Swedish metal label

Brutal Assault Festival - Metal festival in Czech Republic
Devilstone Open Air - Metal festival in Lithuania
Obscene Extreme - Metal/grind/crust festival in Czech Republic
Punk Illegal - Punk/hardcore festival in Sweden

Diabolic Conquest - Indian metal webzine
Guttural Zine - German brutal death metal & goregrind webzine
Punklife:Blog - Swedish hardcore punk webzine

Headsplit Design - French artist