Grade: 9/10
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The creature
- CD, 2005.
Decadence - Chargepoint CD
Genre: Thrash metal
Origin: Sweden
Released: 2009
Website: Decadence
Label: Spiritual Beast Records
Uploaded: 08.12.09

Decadence are here with a new album, and for the first time it�s not self-released. I�m not sure what made them take the plunge and give up ultimate control of their own material, but I suppose it will result in a wider promotion and better distribution, which should greatly benefit the band. It�s their fourth album, but only the second one I�ve had the pleasure of hearing. And it�s rare I�d use such a word; pleasure, when dealing with thrash metal. It�s a genre very seldom played in my home, a genre I usually despise for its sloppiness and lack of brutality. But there are a few acts that manage to deliver the goods in such a way that even I�m able to enjoy it. The creature from 2005 was such an album, so one can only hope Chargepoint will do the same.
One of the first things that strike me is the vocals. Kitty has definitely developed her range of vocals since I last heard them and it�s more varied than ever. She goes from pure growling brutality to fierce high-pitch screaming and even with hints of some hardcore aggression at times. And as I keep listening I also find the thrash to take up more space in their sound than before, leaving the melodic death metal to more of a side-step. It�s been quite some time now since I listened to The creature (I blame lack of time to actually choose what I listen to, and the overwhelming amount of promos always waiting to be reviewed), but they certainly sound like a more mature band.
The opening track Discharge is a real kick in the nuts, adrenaline-wise. It might start off somewhat atmospheric with a killer of a riffage, but as soon as it takes off for real the churning of the guitar and the hammering of the drums creates such a groove you can�t help but to get sucked in. And when the chorus choir hits me I admit defeat - Decadence won. And they prove why several times over, and already in the opening of Silent weapon (for a quiet war) they kill me once again. The riffing their guitarist Kenneth delivers is full of incredible melodic lines; the technicality and speed topped off by the groove it produce is simply put overwhelming. When the drumming is flawless and the vocals so powerful and nuanced the combination of it all is simply put masterful. If they would just get the proper promotion to give them as much attention as they deserve the future of Decadence will be searingly bright.

01. Discharge
02. Silent weapon (for a quiet war)
03. Out of ashes
04. Point of no return
05. Strength of mind
06. Fast forward
07. Challenge
08. Be home when I'm gone
09. The demons run