Grade: 7.5/10
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- CD-R, 2006.
Fearox - Grind control CD-R
Genre: Grindcore
Origin: Sweden
Released: 2007
Label: -
Uploaded: 09.04.08

So the second demo from these young grinders is finally upon us. I do sense a slight change of direction and development, but I still get an Aussie-vibe from it. Though I�d say this is much more fastcore than the previous demo. Now don�t get me wrong, this is still grindcore, just with a hardcore/crustcore vibe. Anyway, let�s get on with it.
Nine tracks with the majority of �em clocking in at just about 1:15, and I wouldn�t wanna have it any other way. This is just perfect for these energetic, blasting bits. Short, fast, aggressive, in your face and ripping grindcore tunes. A slight metallic string sound, harsh and soar screaming (with tiny doses of growl) and mangling drums. This will easily speak to grinders as well as crusties, and I�d say Fearox should make for an awesome moshpit. Each track is just jam packed with so much energy it�s damn tempting to trash your apartment to bits as you mosh around all by yourself.
Sweden is producing a number of awesome grind acts at the moment, with a few on them really on the go. Fearox definitely deserve some attention along with fellow countrymen such as Splitter, The Arson Project and Afgrund. And I might add that those four acts would make the perfect line-up for one of the most vicious grind tours ever. Let�s just hope some label picks these guys up soon.

01. Puke your pride
02. Reek
03. This grace
04. Slice up these scars
05. Sink into dishonor
06. Stench of shame
07. Slackdispencer
08. Lard and disorder
09. We host the cancer