Grade: 8/10
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Flesh Consumed - Fermented slaughter / Inhuman butchery CD
Genre: Death metal
Origin: USA
Released: 2007
Website: Flesh Consumed
Label: Sevared Records
Uploaded: 09.04.08

Two recordings from 2006 jammed into one CD. Well, �jammed� might be the wrong word, as the CD�s only 23 minutes long. But that�s 23 minutes of guttural, slamming, ultra brutal American death metal. Tight-as-hell musicianship, and technical as well I might add. The bass drum keeps grinding away as the remaining tempo can go from slow churning to blazing speed in a heartbeat. And did I mention that it�s tight-as-hell? The first four tracks from the Fermented Slaughter recording has the best sound quality and overall performance, but the remaining tracks are almost as awesome. The vocals remain the same throughout the CD; deep, gory growls.
This is a bloody great album for fans of Devourment and the likes. I�m definitely looking forward to hearing more from Flesh Consumed.

01. Intro
02. Fermented slaughter
03. Lynched with entrails
04. Collecting cadavers
05. Inhuman butchery
06. Nailgun acupuncture
07. Raw