Grade: 7.5/10
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Funeral Goat - Mass ov perversion CD
Genre: Black metal
Origin: The Netherlands
Released: 2009
Label: Daemon Worship Productions
Uploaded: 08.01.10

When Sauron sadly decided to call it quits two of the members forged Funeral Goat in an effort to play more primitive black metal. And this is definitely way rawer and primitive than the now defunct Sauron, lacking completely in said band�s masterful riffing department. It�s true, the riffing could almost be undecipherable; it wouldn�t make much of a difference. While it definitely has an old school, somewhat thrashing vibe, it does very little in adding to the atmosphere in pure riffage. It�s just the fuzzy noise the guitar makes that does any difference as the riffs are simple and non-memorable. That does however not mean the end-result of it is bad.
The testosterone-ridden attitude is at an all-time high, and the simple musical recipe is quite effective. As I�ve already stated this isn�t an album from where you�ll hum some specific guitar lines, but its thrashing edge does deliver in aggression. Attitude and aggression are what's really delivered here. Most of the tracks are fairly short; under two minutes long, which works great in effect with said aggression. You don�t have time to get bored with a track as it pummels like a whirlwind and soon moves on to the next track. Tempo-wise it�s mostly fairly fast-forward in that true-ringing old school sense (meaning it doesn�t get out of hand with the modern day ultra-blasting), but when they do slow things down for some of the longer tracks they still pull it off. Take for instance Conjuration, which just reeks of dusty doom metal. The punky riffs and slow tempo accompanied by the hoarse vocals makes for a killer track, so they can stretch the intensity to five minutes as well.
The vocals pretty much take the forefront. While the hammering drums and fuzzy guitar lays the foundation it�s the deep screams, as if resounding from an abyss, that takes it to the next level. As simple as everything might be it works out perfectly. It�s catchy, aggressive (as stated several times already) and in your face. And when the dark vocals echoes out into a gnarly, slightly more high-pitch scream in Morning star I almost get goosebumps. Fans of Von and Beherit should really get a kick out of this one.

01. Praise the beast
02. 666
03. Dead angels
04. Essence ov impiety
05. Death hymn
06. Conjuration
07. Mass ov perversion
08. Kiss the goat
09. Funeral goat
10. Age ov all ages
11. Calling forth the storm
12. Morning star
13. Communion of the black lord