Grade: 9.5/10
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Furia - Plon MCD
Genre: Black metal
Origin: Poland
Released: 2009
Website: Furia
Label: Pagan Records
Uploaded: 16.04.09

I had never heard of Furia before, but upon receiving this MCD and discovering how great it was I looked them up. And upon doing so I discovered another killer act; Massemord (Pol), whose drummer is involved in Enclave. So suddenly I had found three new acts, all absolutely killer. So for a while all I listened to were these three bands. But, the subject of the matter here should be Furia, and Plon in particular.
Starting off in a raging manner you�re instantly thrown in a whirlwind of icy melodic riffing, blasting drums and a voice evil enough to invoke death in the listener. But while you�re still getting used to the brutality Zgnije, nie odpowiem! takes a turn for slow, harsh and agonized black metal reminiscent of Shining and the likes. It�s absolutely mesmerizing and heartfelt, and the vocals sound so torturous. And then the old school Norwegian agenda sets in with some marvelous riffs, overlaid with a melodic guitar solo. Some freakin� nuanced shit, but still sounding extremely coherent.
All while Ohydny jestem has a very pagan feel, topped with the typical Eastern European ferocity in the vocals. You�re never quite sure what to expect, as the music seems to be able to take on any influence and still sound like this is the way it�s meant to be. The title track has some serious doom metal influences going on, dripping with gloom whilst an acoustic guitar takes you on a journey to your own deepest, darkest misanthropic thoughts. While the ending blasting gets my adrenaline pumping so damn much I just wanna smash something and scream along like a maniac, but I can�t since I have no freaking idea what the lyrics is about.
This is without a doubt the most overwhelming first experience I�ve had with a band in a long, long time. I can�t wait for new material to emerge as this is so full of emotions, variations and extremely potent black metal.

01. Zgnije, nie odpowiem!
02. Ohydny jestem
03. Plon!