Grade: 8.5/10
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Hatfylld och ner...
- 7", 2003.
Massgrav - Stampa takten alla bokstavsbarn 7"
Genre: Crustcore
Origin: Sweden
Released: 2006
Website: Massgrav
Label: Blindead Productions
Uploaded: 19.03.07

Massgrav are back with a highly limited 7�, and I pity the fool that misses the opportunity to get his or her greedy hands on one of the 200 copies printed. This is rad. A total fucking blowout. Thrashing old school scandicrust, speeded to the max. Like Mob 47 on speed.
The production�s a little thin, and the labels (you know that little paper circle in the middle of the vinyl) aren�t printed. They�ve saved a couple of bucks by putting a sticker on it instead. But it�s nothing that really bothers me. I can fully deal with it when the tunes are like a full onslaught of scrotum kicking. The recipe is pretty simple; but the result is still wicked. I�d say the tunes that really stand out are Det �r svinen som styr and Utan trosor I Tyrolen, while Vi e h�r f�r att hata is a bit too juvenile for my taste.
If you�re a fan of high-octane hardcore crust � la Mob 47 and Krigshot this is definitely for you. Simply put a smack in the face, a punch in the gut, a kick in the nuts.

01. Varf�r ska vi lyda
02. Utan trosor i Tyrolen
03. Idag b�rjar helvetet om
04. Sk�nda flaggan
05. Vi e h�r f�r att hata
06. Det �r svinen som styr
07. Ume� hardcore
08. Brinn era j�vlar