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Dimension 303
- CD, 2005.
Catheter / Fubar CD
Genre: Grind x2
Origin: USA vs. Holland
Released: 2004
Website: Fubar
Label: Self Made God
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The well-known grinders, Catheter, from the States teams up with the not-so-well-known Dutch band Fubar. It's too bad that not more people know of Fubar, 'cause they're really great. I dare to say even the better band on this split. But the fame-issue will soon change as they've got tons of upcoming releases, one of them being a fullength.
So, what to say... Merciless grinding with growled vocals and piglet screaming. Socially aware lyrics, criticizing society. This is fucking good stuff. Fubar gets my adrenaline rushing, and my neck starts to move uncontrollably. 'Nuff said!
Now, you all know Catheter. Well, maybe not all, but most of you. After splits with, amongst others, Black Market Fetus and Unholy Grave, and a fullength, they've managed to gain quite a reputation. They've also done gigs with acts such as Cephalic Carnage, Exhumed and Mortician. Now what does that tell you? Well, that Catheter is fucking top notch. Crusty grind with screamed vocals, sometimes slowing down for pure metallic crust. What else do you need? Just buy!

1. Conspiracy control
2. Daily grind
3. Chained by a belief
4. Blazes of black
5. Prodigal son
6. My life
7. Reason to live
8. Novelty
9. Run
10. Uniformed looser
11. Snitch
12. Way of the fool
13. Take away economy / Leave behind society
14. Divide and rule
15. Thieves
16. Reversed
17. Mind shit
18. Hatred in progress
19. Jenny said
20. Draw the line
21. Scars
22. Like thousands before
23. Cure for pain