Grade: 7.5/10
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Fuck the Facts / Subcut 7"
Genre: Grindcore x2
Origin: Canada vs. Brazil
Released: 2004
Website: Fuck the Facts,
Label: Bucho Discos
Uploaded: 15.09.06

Whow� Have Fuck the Facts turned to brutal death metal? Well no, it�s just a short but oh-so-arse-shredding intro. And after that it�s on to the raging grindcore, though dipped in the heavenly batter of death metal. But they won�t stop there. Why not add some meckish hardcore while you�re at it. Bloody raging drums, out-of-control strings and an outrageously mad vocalist creates a brutal slab of frantic grindcore.
I�ve never heard Subcut before, and I don�t know why considering they�ve released four split tapes, a split LP, 10� and 7� before this one. And this split definitely makes me wanna look up their remaining outputs. Totally raving, back to the roots, crusty grindcore. Short bits of pummelling, brutal grind with dual screamed/growled vocals. Highly recommended for fans of Ulcerrhoea and Disturbance Project (like me, hehe).

Fuck the Facts
01. Secret Asian
02. Another living night
03. No one remembered who started
01. Use seu �dio
02. Mais um produto de consumo
03. Em nome de deus
04. Ind�stria b�lica
05. Ra�a humana
06. Nutrindo a esperan�a