June 2010

Freak-friendly Extreme Musick Open-Air Festival
15.-16.-17. July 2010, TRUTNOV - Battlefield - Czech republic

Thursday 15.7.2010 start 14.00, Friday 16.7.2010 start 12.00, Saturday 17.7.2010 start 10.00

Until 1st of July tickets are 36 euro, at the festival area 40 euro
OEF has no limit, festival place can take in 20.000 fans so don�t worry about your place on festival if you�ll buy ticket at the gate! Ticket including Obscene Extreme 2010 festival CD! You�ll get the CD at entrance to festival area!

To make you comfy and feel good we have for you official OBSCENE EXTREME festival beer Gambrinus � of known Pilsener brewery!!!


More info, such as a list of FAQ, concerns about accomodation, maps or a guide to Trutnov, visit www.obsceneextreme.cz.

Three new releases Terr�tten Records:

/ - Realidade har ingen grenser CD
This long awaited split it now out and ready to destroy! Disarm brazilian fucks are back after so many years on hell breakdown! Complete Crust D-beat attack with social agenda. Eleven storming songs including a SYA cover. International crust spirits! On the other side, straight from Oslo, comes Sound Your Alarm, playing CrustPunk influenced by Hellshock, Doom, Amebix and No Security. Raw riffs with d-beat and gruffy vocals. The band is Dispal, Lille, Anders, Nico and Roy. In this split they shreds eight songs of fucking insane holocaust crust!!! They even cover Disarm as a salute for Friendship!

- Ciclo da Trai��o CD
Social Chaos arised in late 2001, formed by members of old brazilian ragers like ROT and F.D.S, and musically inspired by most of the 80's bands such as Anti Cimex, Axegrinder, Rattus, Concrete Sox, Sepultura. This is some of the most raw and agressive music to ever come from Brazil since a long time. Imagine Hellshock covering Sepultura circa Beneath the Remains in a basement infested by rats carring tropical diseases! Eleven songs of pure madness!.

Warcry - When comes the end? CD
22 songs. In the beginning of 2010, Warcry, the maniac PDX d-beat machine travelled to Brazil to show us monkeys how the true Discharge worship should be done! To celebrate this awesome tour a couple brazilian labels released this compilation CD that brings tracks from their demo, 2 EPs and 3 LPs. Members of Tragedy, His Hero is Gone, From Ashes Rise and Hellshock teaching the world a lesson about true punk ethics and sound.

�15th anniversary edition�
August 12-14, 2010 - Old Army Fortress Josefov, Czech republic

The Old Army Fortress in Josefov, Czech Republic, will open its hell gates and welcome the 15th anniversary edition of the Brutal Assault Festival. The anniversary volume will take place on the 12, 13 and 14 of August 2010 and you should not miss it!
This year�s edition promises to be the best �Brutal Assault� ever. Marathon of extreme music can be started! The open air festival Brutal Assault 2010 will present during 3 days on 2 stages the best from various extreme music genres, in total more than 75 bands from around the world.
Anniversary volume needs special bands. This year headed by Canadian musical visionary DEVIN TOWNSEND, Florida-based death metallers CANNIBAL CORPSE, reunited cyber metallers FEAR FACTORY, Finnish leaders of melodic metal CHILDREN OF BODOM, death metal legend HYPOCRISY headed by Peter T�gtgren, former Emperor frontman IHSAHN with his project, French metal juggernauts GOJIRA or legendary quartet SEPULTURA, NAPALM DEATH, VOIVOD and AGNOSTIC FRONT.

Actual line-up:

The festival will take place inside the Old Army Fortress in Josefov (approx. 130 km from Prague). Unique atmosphere and history of the Fortress is an integral part of festival�s image and provides to our festival-goers unusual experience.
The both stages are on the main square and the festival �accessories� are placed in the surrounding space. The festival-goers will discover more than 30 refreshment kiosks with various kinds of food for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans, 4 big �beer tents� offering 5 brands of draught beer (1,15 EUR per 0,5 litre!) and also several kiosks with wide offer of various kinds of alcoholic drinks.
Visit our �chill out� zone on the place called Greenfield! This place is inside the Fotress, just a small walk from the main square with both stages. Greenfield is a place for your pleasure and relaxation when you want to escape from the sound terror. It is a place for recharging your batteries. Among others you can find there monster �Metal Market� with more than 50 stalls and Horror Cinema Tent.
Visit also our natural stand, a place for those who want to see the festival rush from above directly opposite both stages. We call it "natural stand" since it reminds a hillside where you can stay standing or sitting. This year first time with separate sound coverage!

The camping site is approx. 300 m from the festival ground on a grass field. The camping site also includes �VIP Camp� which offers camping in the fenced area, toilets, washbasin and depository for use of the VIP camp inhabitants exclusively, a free 3-day pass for the natural stand and one time pass to the showers situated in the camping site. VIP camp is guarded 24 hours a day from Wednesday August 11th till Sunday August 15th.
There are no parking capacities at the camping site. Parking is possible in the near roads and streets of Josefov. Please respect the local traffic signs.

As the festival celebrates its 15th anniversary edition and the line-up is becoming stronger and stronger, it is highly recommended to buy your tickets in advance. The capacity of the Fortress is approx. 15000 persons.

Tickets: edition of tickets at reduced pre-sale price (49 EUR) will be available only between May 01st, 2010 and July 31st, 2010. The price for 3-day ticket at the door is 59 EUR.

Visit the official website www.brutalassault.cz for more information about tickets, bands, camping (incl. VIP Camp), accommodation and other important things.
Next information channels:

July 16-18, 2010, Anyksciai, Lithuania

�DEVILSTONE Open Air�, Lithuanian metal music festival, acclaimed for the prominent debut last summer and apparently the biggest throughout the Baltic States, is looking forward to unleashing a real storm with the second coming this year on July 16-18, in Dainuva valley, Anyksciai town. The festival will feature eighteen performers of various metal kinds from the entire world, occupying the stage for three shows, headlined by DEICIDE, MAYHEM, TANKARD, NIGHTMARE, and supported by other promising acts.
The epicentre of the thoroughly arranged and purely metallic uproar is the Dainuva valley, surrounded by forests of the cozy and historical town of Anyksciai. Small town has a rich cultural, literary background, as well as touristic and mythological places all around. A mysterious ancient legend, involving the devil, threatening against the local church with a huge stone, purposefully lies at the root of the DEVILSTONE name.
Thus the festival mission is far more reaching: beside the core of it all � three big metal concerts, it will also offer a wider program for those, striving to hide from the matrix and seeking for the alternative action. Night Rockth�ques of purely old-school rock music will please those, who would better stay awake all night and day long. Volleyball tournament will challenge to win a Devil�s stone as a trophy. Workshops of local crafts and other creative actions shall also be present to flavour the festival with specific spice. Camping ground will be based right there along the river. Swimming parties, football, fresh air � overall place is grateful for natural attractions.
Finally, loads of beer and other seductions will no way be missing. There are all reasons to take this devilish challenge for the midsummer�s holiday in the intimate and natural surroundings with metal music and some of the world famous performers!

DEICIDE [death metal, USA]
MAYHEM [black metal, Norway]
TANKARD [thrash metal, Germany]
DEVIOUS [death metal, Holland]
NIGHTMARE [heavy meal, France]
IZEGRIM [thrash/death metal, Holland]
DOMINANZ [modern atmospheric metal, Norway]
PANTHEON I [black metal, Norway]
BATTALION [thrash metal, Switzerland]
VALKYRJA [black metal, Sweden]
WHITE SKULL [power/heavy metal, Italy]
HELEVORN [doom metal, Spain]
SCYTHIAN [war metal, England]
LIE IN RUINS [death metal, Finland]
GORATH [Progressive Black Metal, Belgium]
SEMARGL [black metal, Ukraine]
ARGHARUS [black metal, Lithuania]
BURYING PLACE [death metal, Lithuania]


Anyksciai is a small town, located in the North East of Lithuania, 114 km North away from the capital Vilnius, 297 km East away from the seaport Klaipeda, 195 km South away from Latvian capital Riga and 503 km South away from Estonian capital Tallinn.
Cheap flights are available to the Lithuanian capital Vilnius or Kaunas city and Latvian capital Riga. Bus routes are available to Anyksciai town from Vilnius and Kaunas. One way bus ticket prices vary from 20 to 30 LTL (~8 EUR).
Anyksciai is easily reachable by car from various Lithuanian cities or towns at the border zone. Use Google maps to find the most comfortable road depending on the spot you are coming from.

The festival site, Dainuva valley, is about 1 km away from the Anyksciai town centre.

Audience is allowed in the festival site from July 15 (Thursday), 5 PM. Official opening of the festival � July 16 (Friday), 3 PM. Official end of the festival � July 18 (Sunday), 3 PM. Dainuva valley should be left until Monday evening.

Foreign visitors can book their tickets in advance at www.devilstone.net and pay in cash Euros at the entrance on the festival day. Big discounts are available for organized groups of foreign visitors.

Secured Parking Area will be available at the festival site. A fee for a place in the Parking Area is 7 LTL (2 EUR).

The Campsite will be based on the very bank of the river and divided into Quiet and Active Camping zones. The tent fee is 7 LTL (2 EUR).

Food and drinks service on the festival site starts on Friday afternoon. Professionally prepared and delicious hot dishes will be available. Vegetarians will also have a fair choice. Prices for a dish vary from 5 to 20 LTL (1,5 -5 EUR).
Festival beer � the local brand named TAURAS. Two kinds available: �Tauras Extra� and �Tauras Traditional�, as well as Cider �Sun�. Beer / Cider price � 5 LTL (1,5 EUR).

Various bands and DEVILSTONE Open Air�s merchandise will be on sale in the Festival Site as well as various crafts.

Professional video, photo equipment is prohibited (except for the media representatives). Casual photo-cameras are welcome.

The town is small but cosy and the most important services are available there: cash machines, shops, pharmacies, bars, hotels, if you long for comfort. Prices for a night in a hotel vary from 25 to 220 LTL (8-63 EUR).
Anyksciai region is rich of cultural and natural heritage, thus it is an interesting place for sightseeing. Consult in the INFO centre on the festival site.

Only cash and only Litas are accepted in the festival area. Euros are accepted only at the entrance when paying for the tickets. Banks and cash machines can be found in the town centre. Mind that banks are only open on workdays. Thus it is recommended to cash / exchange the currency in advance / at the border.

Have more questions? Visit: www.devilstone.net

signs with Naga Productions
Electro / Industrial Black metal duo GORGONEA PRIMA signed deal for their debut album with NAGA productions. Album Black Coal Depression will be covered in glossy digipak and will be released in August 2010. Hogath and Tyrael shows their unique essence of electronic influenced black metal still on demo Behind the Border of Abnormality. New album goes far, so you can look forward to unique record full of dark beats and glacial coldness of mankind's cyber�netic future. Tracklist and cover will follow soon.

Six new confirmations for this years edition of

MADRID IS THE DARK Festival II that will take place in the Sala Caracol, Madrid on 30 & 31 October 2010. Tickets will be on sale on 1st July along with the confirmation of the final band to complete the lineup.

Tickets (PreSale):
2 day: 40 ? + booking fee
1 day: 23 ? + booking fee
Tickets (On Door): 2 day: 45 ?
1 day: 25 ?
Sales Points:
Madrid: Arise, Tipo Rosa Negra, Pub Hellraiser, Pub Redrum, Pub Ragnarock, Arise.
Barcelona: Camden Club
Rest of World: www.metaltripshop.com

Saturday 30th Oct
Band TBA

Sunday 31st Oct

is presented by Lugga Music Productions and

New releases on Necroterror Records:

/ 7"
Black vinyl limited to 300 copies only. Contains a fold-out cover and 14x14" poster
Gallic psychopathic sickos Vorkreist and Hellenic serial-killers Soulskinner unite in filth on this split 7". Vorkreist offer an exclusive live track from their 2007 Pest Pandemic Contamination Over Europe (with Horna and Blacklodge) entitled "Soldiers of Satan's Wrath" which showcases a decidedly different, more old-school side to the band. With Soulskinner however, it's business as usual, offering a face-searing slab of brutal and evil Death Metal with "In Attrition of a World Collapse", a track recorded exclusively for this release.

/ 7"
Released in 300 copies on black vinyl. Features a spot-varnished fold-over jacket with artwork by Grindwerkz and an A4-sized double-sided inner sheet with lyrics.
Almost three years in the making, this long-awaited EP features exclusive material from both acts. "Onslaught of Black Putrefaction" brings together two contrasting and distinct entities that, interestingly enough, complement one another in the fullest. Foscor's offering entitled "The Others' Voice" is a permeatingly bleak and ominous cacophony, oozing a dark and misty atmosphere from every fold and crevice; probably some of their rawest material ever recorded, yet fitting comfortably within their more avant-garde efforts. Necrosadist's cut "Incision is Release" is an eerie and chaotic cut of frenzied militant violence, bleeding hatred and perdition from every self-inflicted wound; this track also marks a significant step forward in terms of evolution of the band, being their first released material since their 2005 demo. The onslaught has begun!

/ 7" out soon!

News from Deity Down Records:

- Crush, kill and burn CD
The new album 'CRUSH, KILL AND BURN' by D�sseldorf, Germany based Thrashing Death Grind band DEBT OF NATURE is close to hitting the shops. The record will see the light of day through DEITY DOWN RECORDS on July 12th. Mixed and mastered by ANDY CLASSEN at the STAGE ONE Studio and artwork created by German artist ROBERTO PARADA (a.o. EDGE OF SANITY), 'CRUSH, KILL AND BURN' has a running time that lasts well over 46 minutes. A brand new song 'INSALATA TARANTULA', combining groove and enraged Deathgrind parts with an unforgettable chorus, taken from the forthcoming album, currently is available for streaming om the band's .

01. Intro (Debt Of Nature Reprise)
02. Masturbator Generator
03. Crush, Kill And Burn
04. Like Breeding Rats
05. Insalata Tarantula
06. Eisenfresser
07. Why I Hate
08. Nightmare Of The Fashion Whore
09. Blackguard
10. Caterpillar Walk
11. Demise Of Dementia
12. Peeping Tom

Brutus - Murwgebukt CD
Today we're proud to be able to report that the long awaited sophmore BRUTUS album "MURWGEBEUKT" / ("TOTAL LOSS") will be released on July 20 in the EU territory exclusively by DEITY DOWN RECORDS in collaboration with . US based label UNIQUE LEADER RECORDS will see to the release in the rest of the world. More information about what's to come can be found on BRUTUS band page at the following link: deitydownrecords.com/brutus.html.
The band wishes to issue the following statement about the upcoming brutality:
"Brutus have inked a deal with Unique Leader Records and Deity Down Records for the release of the sophomore album "Murwgebeukt (Total Loss)". The album has been recorded with drummer Ploegbaas, who took his own life shortly after drum recordings. Release is set for 20th of July 2010 (Europe through Deity Down, RotW through Unique Leader). A new song "Lijdensweg / (Living Hell") has been uploaded on the band's profile. Brutus will perform songs from "Murwgebeukt (Total Loss)" for the first time on this year's edition of the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany."

Oslo We Rot - / / / 2x7"

Some of the best underground death metal bands from Oslo, Norway, namely OBLITERATION, DISKORD, EXECRATION and LOBOTOMIZED, have teamed up for a split release on double 7" vinyl.

Vinyl 1
Side A:
Execration - Entheogen
Side B:
Obliteration - Envenomed

Vinyl 2
Side A:
Lobotomized - Piss on my grave
Lobotomized - Golden showers (The Mentors-cover)
Lobotomized - I shit on your grave (Autopsy-cover)
Side B:
Diskord - As the circus leaves the galaxy
Diskord - Cease of existence

Order now from Unborn Productions

- Ritual Executions CD
The second full length album of The Dead is a brilliant mix of twisted, brain-warping death metal and miasmic sludgy doom like no other. Perfectly arranged to maintain a sublime, engrossing balance, the combination of sharp, visceral hooks and massive doom trudges with remarkably groovy parts render Ritual Executions one of the most unique and fascinating albums to be released in this era. The remixing and remastering done by Aphotic Mote (Portal) specially for this DC Records version makes the originally dense and suffocating Ritual Executions much more breathable but retains the rawness and underground vibe that bring The Dead to life. The modified artwork sketched by vocalist Mike Yee suitably captures the essence and horrific otherworldly feel of The Dead's music - only a band member could achieve that.

Special Pre-Order rates - �7 EUR / $8 USD / $9 AUD - postage paid WORLDWIDE!
Paypal ID: (Don't forget to mention your address in the note when making the payment.)
Buy now because prices are sure to increase after the album is released. The official release date of Ritual Executions is June 28, 2010.

More info at Diabolical Conquest Records' site

I received an e-mail from a guy called Tom Stark, who's created a new pure metal social network called Metal Music Online, where you can create and comment on profiles, upload and tag photos, add articles/blog entries, find and list gigs, sell items in your own shop etc. Go check it out!

will cooperate with accordeon player on a new album. Band looks forvard to this teamwork and believe that new instrument will bring them more epic sound. It is certainly something to look forward. Now band works on new songs and rehearsal with accordeon. HROMOVLAD will enter recording studio at the end of this year and release date is scheduled for January 2011 by Naga productions.

Brutal Assault festival news.

Brutal Assault Festival starts already in 73 days! Let�s move to the Old Army Fortress in Josefov for a while and remind all important things you can expect this year. The Old Army Fortress in Josefov, Czech Republic, will open its gates of hell and welcome the 15th anniversary edition of the Brutal Assault Festival. The anniversary volume will take place on the 12, 13 and 14 of August 2010 and you should not miss it! This year�s edition promises to be the best �Brutal Assault� ever. Marathon of extreme music can be started! The open air festival Brutal Assault 2010 will present during 3 days on 2 stages the best from various extreme music genres, in total more than 75 bands from around the world. Already on Wednesday, August 11th, FEAR FACTORY will open Brutal Assault Festival on an exclusive club show in rock club Bastion in Josefov. This show with limited capacity of 300 visitors is already SOLD OUT!!! Anyway, we have good news for those who did not get a ticket for this unique show since there will be also regular �warm-up� party consisting of several bands playing in the main festival area on Wednesday. The festival will take place inside the Old Army Fortress in Josefov (approx. 130 km from Prague). Unique atmosphere and history of the Fortress is an integral part of festival�s image and provides to our festival-goers unusual experience. The both stages are on the main square and the festival �accessories� are placed in the surrounding space. The festival-goers will discover more than 30 refreshment kiosks with various kinds of food for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans, 4 big �beer tents� offering 5 brands of draught beer (1,15 EUR per 0,5 litre!) and also several kiosks with wide offer of various kinds of alcoholic drinks. Visit our �chill out� zone on the place called Greenfield! This place is inside the Fotress, just a small walk from the main square with both stages. Greenfield is a place for your pleasure and relaxation when you want to escape from the sound terror. It is a place for recharging your batteries. Among others you can find there monster �Metal Market� with more than 50 stalls, Horror Cinema Tent and newly also films with the theme of human rights and environment. Visit also our natural stand, a place for those who want to see the festival rush from above directly opposite both stages. We call it "natural stand" since it reminds a hillside where you can stay standing or sitting. This year with separate sound coverage for the first time! The camping site is approx. 300 m from the festival ground on a grass field. The camping site also includes �VIP Camp� which offers camping in the fenced area, toilets, washbasin and depository for use of the VIP camp inhabitants exclusively, a free 3-day pass for the natural stand and one time pass to the showers situated in the camping site. VIP camp is guarded 24 hours a day from Wednesday August 11th till Sunday August 15th. There are no parking capacities at the camping site. Parking is possible in the near roads and streets of Josefov. Please respect the local traffic signs. As the festival celebrates its 15th anniversary edition and the line-up is really strong, it is highly recommended to buy your ticket in advance. The capacity of the Fortress is approx. 15000 persons. Tickets: edition of tickets at reduced pre-sale price (49 EUR) will be available only between May 01st, 2010 and July 31st, 2010. The price for 3-day ticket at the door is 59 EUR.

15th anniversary is not every year and that�s why we have other great news regarding BA 2010. Ladies and gentleman, we are proud to announce that cyber metal pioneers FEAR FACTORY will open Brutal Assault Festival on an exclusive club show in Bastion Rock Club in Josefov on Wednesday, August 11th. It will be a unique club show with limited capacity of 300 visitors. Do you want to see this legendary band, featuring Burton C. Bell, Dino Cazares, Gene Hogland and Byron Stroud, in a small venue and have them within a reach? Do you want to be a part of something special? Then order your tickets for only 220,- CZK (less than 10 EUR!) via our PayPal account! The presale starts on Monday, May 17th. Entrance to the venue will be possible either for people with �BA2010 wristband� or �BA2010 ticket� plus presale ticket for Fear Factory show in Bastion Rock Club. This is a present for all of you, BA people! The venue is located in Josefov near the river, approx. 200 meters from the camping site entrance. FEAR FACTORY will finally spend two days in Josefov and play two shows, on Thursday then on regular big stage.

Confirmed bands: Afgrund * Agnostic Front * Ahab * Alkonost * Aura Noir * Bal-Sagoth * Bleed From Within * Bonded by Blood * Candlemass * Cannibal Corpse * Catamenia * Children Of Bodom * Cock And Ball Torture * Control Human Delete * Converge * Cro-Mags * Demonic Resurrection * Despised Icon * Devin Townsend * Devourment * Diablo Swing Orchestra * Dying Fetus * Ensiferum * Fear Factory * Gaza * Gojira * Gorgoroth * Graveworm * Gwar * Hypnos * Hypocrisy * Ihsahn * Ill Nino * Jesu * Kalmah * Kylesa * Kypck * Lock Up * Lost Soul * Macabre * Madder Mortem * Meshuggah * Mnemic * Monstrosity * Moonsorrow * My Dying Bride * Napalm Death * Necrophagist * Obituary * Origin * Proghma-C * Ragnarok * Rotten Sound * Sadist * Sarke * Sepultura * Short Sharp Shock * Sigh * Suicidal Angels * Sybreed * Tankard * The Arusha Accord * The Black Dahlia Murder * Trail Of Tears * Voivod * Watain

announces Brazilian tour dates.

Virginia war metal legends AT WAR will be headlining a string of dates up the Eastern United States before heading to Brazil for the very first time in support of their skull crushing comeback album Infidel, released in 2009 on Heavy Artillery Records. Come show your support for true metal! Dates are as follows;
June 12th Newport News, VA @ Carnival of Brutality Festival w/ Goatwhore and Misery Index
June 13th Richmond, VA @ Alley Katz w/ Vindicator
June 20th Brooklyn, NY @ Club Europa
June 31st Virginia Beach, VA @ Summer Fest 2011
July 9th Belenzinho Sao Paulo, Brazil @ Fofhino Rock Bar
July 10th Curbita, Brazil @ Hangar Bar
July 11th Brazil TBA

Formed in 1983 by guitarist Shawn Helsel, bassist and vocalist Paul Arnold and drummer Dave Stone AT WAR went on to solidify themselves as one premier metal bands in the American underground. After the reviews and college radio play of their 1985 demo Eat Lead, AT WAR went on to release their albums Ordered to Kill (1986) and Retaliatory Strike (1987) for New Renaissance Records. A follow up to Retaliatory Strike was recorded in 1994 but ultimately scrapped which prompted AT WAR to go on an indefinite hiatus only to have the beast awaken from its slumber in 2006 to begin working the material that would become Infidel. Throughout 2007 and 2008, a series of triumphant US shows and festival appearances in Europe and Mexico showed AT WAR at the top of their game and unphased by the passage of time or musical trends. Woken from its slumber AT WAR once again entered Pyramid Sound to record Infidel with Alex Perialas known for not only has work on AT WAR?S seminal 1987 album Retaliatory Stike but also for other genre defining albums by such bands as ANTHRAX, TESTAMENT, OVERKILL, NUCLEAR ASSUALT, ETC.
For more info visit atwartheband.com

- Welcome My Last Chapter CD
Temple of Darkness Records, coinciding with the 15th anniversary, re-issued W.M.L.C. in 24th April 2010 in a deluxe CD edition:
-Gold CD surface
-Clamshell box
-Old paper texture
The re-issue also includes new layout with old photos taken by the band between 1993 - 1996 and the bonus track:
10. Freezing Moon (Mayhem's cover) 5:56
Limited to 2000 copies. Cat.No. TOD020

Two new releases on Debemur Morti Productions:

- The Aeon Of The Angelslaying Darkness 2xCD/2xLP
Almost a year ago, we started working on a massive project. The intent was to properly honour the 20 years' existence of the Angelslaying Beast ARCHGOAT. The path to completion was littered with unexpected problems. One after the other, we overcame them. Now it is here; it is at hand and we truly feel it is an accomplishment, as a label, to present such an amazing and special release. We hereby announce that the 2xCD+2LP version of "The Aeon Of The Angelslaying Darkness" is available ! For this edition, the 12"x12" BOOK contains two black polycarbonate CDs and two 180g red with black splatters records just so you can enjoy this piece of history in both digital and analog format. The whole is encased in a magnificent slipcase with a massive embossed ARCHGOAT logo. Pointless to mention this is a very limited edition and there will be no repress, isn't it? Half of the copies are already gone. Secure yours now at www.eitrin.com as this might be your last chance to own this black pearl!

Blut Aus Nord - What Was Once... Liber I CD
Another accomplishment for us is to present our very first BLUT AUS NORD release under the banner of Debemur Morti Productions. "What Was Once... Liber I" is also available as of today! Transcending all boundaries, "What Once Was" constitutes an epitaph for the past; a headstone for the present; and a funeral of the future. BLUT AUS NORD bares, here, a previously-undisclosed visage.

is the new band from Stevo of IMPETIGO! The band has posted a brand new song on their myspace page, titled "Roast of the Town".

May 2010

- Haven for the Insane CD/DVD package deal

Get the CARDIAC ARREST - "Haven for the Insane CD" / DVD, t-shirt, patch and Beer koozie for one low price! Pre-order now. This product will be shipped on Tuesday 25 May, 2010. CD/ DVD in stores June 8th 2010. This is no frills brutal American death metal that leaves one remembering the varied songwriting and slamming grooves, while never forgetting the pain inflicted from the merciless pummel and the tales of horror told through the lyrics. The riffs gouge out the eyes, the searing solos pierce the skin, the rhythmic assault batters the body, and the commanding growl �n screech vocals will leave listeners in a perpetual state of shock and awe.

CD track listing: 1. Insanity's Grip
2. Mind and Body Deteriorated
3. Against Their Will
4. Paralyzed With Fear
5. Haunted Remnants
6. Embrace The Aftermath
7. Twitching At The Noose
8. Rage On� Fuck Off
9. Extinction Endured
10. Affliction of the Beast
11. Unearthly Pleasures
12. The Blade That Reaps

DVD track Listing (Live Feature):
1. Haunted Remnants
2. Against Their Will
3. Stiffs In the Basement
4. Carnage Your Fate
5. E-Viper-Ate
6. Beast Among Many
7. Extinction Endured
8. The Process of Self-Mutilation
9. Among Us
10. Rage On� Fuck Off
11. In His Name They Spill Blood
12. Make Them Die Slowly
13. Paralyzed With Fear Plus Interview featurette and hidden surprises!

Order now at www.officialabyssrecords.com or www.ibexmoonrecords.com

- The Infernal Return 7"

"The Infernal Return" limited gatefold 7" E.P. is now finally out on Goathorned Productions! This E.P. comes in regular Black gatefold edition as well as a special "Funeral Purple" edition. This E.P. contains the following tracks, recorded early last year:
1. The Darkside Calls (intro)
2. Of The Seven Gates
3. Godforsaken (With Hate I Burn)
Order from www.goathorned.com

announce new guitarist.

After some discrepancies STORMNATT decided to seperate ways from Antimessiah. A replacement to hold our upcoming rituals has already been found and we are proud to introduce Hrodgar from Asathor/Bifr�st/ex-Selbstentleibung. For the moment he will handle the part of a session guitarist and will be integrated more and more to a full part of the STORMNATT Deathtemple. Join us on our upcoming deathmasses and await a new full length album which will be a lot more back to the roots sounding (Resurrection Ov The Kult/Funeral Apocalypse) but even darker, colder and much more intense than anything else ever created by STORMNATT. The magickal word of death shall be once again heralded over the european wastelands to proclaim that STORMNATT stands solemnly on the pinnacle of Austrian Black Metal!

Two new releases on Me Saco Un Ojo Records:

Chronic Decay - Justify your existence LP
Recorded back in �94, only now excavated from the crypts, Justify Your Existence is a masterpiece of Swedish Death Metal in the ancient tradition. Comprised of members who went on to form legendary rawpunk acts Dischange and Meanwhile, this LP documents a very different approach. Anger, despair, and hateful desperation; imagine if you will the effortless poise of Dismember colliding with the brutal threat of early Sepultura, all combined with the violent fury of Napalm Death. Chronic Decay takes the tired clich�s of death/thrash, injecting the corpse with a mercurial holocaust of merciless intent. Raise the dead, raise your fist!

- S/T 7"
Recalling none other than the elders of Swedish Death Metal, this debut EP introduces the crushing might of Miasmal. Following their exceptionally well-received 2008 demo (reissued on 12� through Nuclear War Now!/Detest Records), this highly anticipated release sees the band further develop their core sound. One listen and you�re left wondering how it took until 2010 for the unprecedented mastery of Entombed to meet the gatecrash-the-entrance-to-hell dynamics of early Disfear. A level of supreme confidence crashes through these songs with an audacious disregard for genre orthodoxy; simplicity and complexity duel for the upper hand in a display of rotten regal pride. If you appreciate some brains beside the guts on your plate, you need to hear this� WORSHIP THE MONARCHAL ROT. Split release with Detest Records.

/ CD

14 tracked Hungarian / French grindcore split released in co-operation between the two Brazilian labels and .

New line-up.
Emil D. (Drums) : Joinus (Guitars and Vocals) : Tomas N. (Guitars) : Carl S. (Bass)

"We have been silent for some time now and that is because allot has happened. We ended up our co-operation with Century Media and Erik (LEGION) has left the band because of his Job. He is a tattoo artist and he works allot. He felt he couldn't put the necessary time into the band that we require" Emil Dragutinovic
"For this third album we focused on making it exactly the way we want it. We really wanted to work with it thoroughly, simplifying the song structures and really make it a perfect album." Tomas
"To all you who've been waiting for some news Devian. We hope this can ease you hunger for a while. The new songs will be on myspace within short time. We will kill when we return. Just you wait...." Joinus

April 2010

is a label that continues what did since 2004 in supporting the extreme forms of music, but focusing on releasing pro-format like CDs and maybe in the future LPs and 7", leaving SEWER RECORDS to deal only with D.I.Y. cdr or tape releases.


The CD contains - 35 hidden diamonds of ultra guttural brutality the American way - the ultra rare LIVIDITY promo 94 (one man project), the Ritual of Mortal Impalement / split with MORGUE FETUS from 1995, unreleased Ritual of Mortal Impalement sessions 95, rehearsals 95, the split 7" with TERRORISM, live Ohio Deathfest 99, the split 7" with PROFANITY, live 2003 from Czech Rep., live in Lyss Switzerland 2004, a Pussy Lover live edition from the Illinois Metalfest 2004 featuring Shaun LaCanne of PUTRID PILE on vox, the Used, Abused and Left for Dead rehearsals, and an unknown studio track from 2003!!!! - liner notes from Dave Kibler hisself - ultra sick artwork from all LIVIDITY's artists - a whole page of sick photos from all their line ups to date - a whole page of thankslists... - 2 pages of rare LIVIDITY flyers, tickets and posters for the fans all in all in an 8 page booklet for your brutal pleasure!!! LIVIDITY - SUPPORTING THE UNDERGROUND SINCE 1993!!!
Our first pressing of the CD is in 500 units, so act fast... Flyer.

News from Deity Down Records:

Italian extreme Death Metallers have been confirmed for this year's NEUROTIC DEATHFEST. On Saturday May 1st the band will replace Antigama. Furthermore, "THE SCOURGE", the first official MURDER THERAPY video has been released. The track is the opening song from the band's debut album "SYMMETRY OF DELIRIUM", recorded and mixed at 16TH CELLAR STUDIO in Rome, Italy by Stefano Morabito (who is known for his work with the likes of Hour of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse) and released on September 7th 2009 through Deity Down Records.
Direct link to "THE SCOURGE": .

Vietah - Smalisty Zah CD

The second album of Belorussian one man band VIETAH under name "Smalisty Zah" was released by Stygian Crypt Productions. Album includes 7 tracks of Atmospheric Black Metal near one hour of playing time. The new album includes 6 tracks composed by author and cover of Darkthrone� "Quintessence" performed in Belorussian language. Design of album by cz (Vinterriket)...

New release on Epitomite Productions:

The Monolith Deathcult - The White Crematorium 2.0 CD
Not just some basic re-issue... The band decided to totally RE-RECORD the album and also has added videos! It is absolutely amazing. If you have never heard THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT imagine early Nile and early Kataklysm brilliantly tossed together and maybe even more "brutal". After long wait we finally have it and are ready to serve this slab up to the brave!

For the release of the second "" album : "Grotesque", out on March 27th, propose you an Ultra Limited (yet cheap) �GROTESQUE pack� (CD + T Shirt + Patch). Pens�es Nocturnes is a mix of innovative and avant-gardist Black Metal acclaimed by the press.

Famous Norwegian band MAYHEM confirmed at Devilstone Open Air

One of the most famous extreme music bands � Norwegians MAYHEM � is coming to Lithuania. Pioneers of the Norwegian Black metal shall make the only performance in the Baltic States on July 16-18, in the �Devilstone Open Air�, Anyksciai, Dainuva valley. Noted for their history and radical behavior on the stage and beyond it, MAYHEM shall come to perform their creation of 1994-2007 period in the 70 minutes show.
The �Devilstone Open Air� is devoted for different styles of heavy music and it will never do without Black metal in it. This year MAYHEM will be the cornerstone of the black metal field and this is only possible thanks to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Lithuania, which made crucial contribution to the so called Mayhem-project.
Having released only four albums since MAYHEM start in 1986, the band is still acknowledged to be one of the most notorious Black metal bands worldwide. The debut album �De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas� is recognized as the best Black metal album ever. While the last one �Ordo ad Chao�, featuring musical experiments, is valued not only by extreme music fans.
Finally, it is not only MAYHEM creation that makes the band exclusive. No wonder the whole MAYHEM history is a hot object to be analysed by the Media: their shocking behaviour on stage, aggressive image, suicide and murder, church arsons, Black Inner Circle movement, public scandals and many more hardly imaginable facts and covering myths. However, having attained their 25 anniversary, they are still wanted in most of the greatest metal music festivals, and the �Devilstone Open Air� is not an exception...
To get back to the festival itself, the other headliner and all the rest 20 bands should not be forgotten as well. These are Americans DEICIDE (death metal), Germans TANKARD (thrash metal), and many more. Ukrainians SEMARGL (black metal), Dutchmen DEVIOUS (death metal), Italians WHITE SKULL (heavy/power metal) and Belgians GORATH (progressive black metal) are the last confirmed bands among the others. No wonder the �Devilstone Open Air� is looking forward to unleashing the real storm with the second coming.

Gather your fellows into a larger group and get the DEVILSTONE Open Air tickets for the minimal price. DECENT DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR FOREIGN GROUPS. Find all information at http://www.devilstone.net/en/pages/tickets/tick

Much more information in detail � www.devilstone.net
DEVILSTONE video trailer based on 2009 video:

DEVILSTONE Open Air 2010 line-up:
DEICIDE [death metal, USA]
MAYHEM [black metal, Norway]
TANKARD [thrash metal, Germany]
DEVIOUS [death metal, Holland]
NIGHTMARE [heavy meal, France]
WHITE SKULL [power/heavy metal, Italy]
HELEVORN [doom metal, Spain]
SCYTHIAN [war metal, England]
LIE IN RUINS [death metal, Finland]
GORATH [Progressive Black Metal, Belgium]
SEMARGL [black metal, Ukraine]
ARGHARUS [black metal, Lithuania]
BURYING PLACE [death metal, Lithuania]
+ Seven more bands TBA

March 2010

DEVILSTONE Open Air - three days of music with devils in nature

DEVILSTONE Open Air, Lithuanian metal music festival, apparently the biggest and the most rapidly growing throughout the Baltic States, will take place for the second time in Dainuva valley of Anyksciai, on July 16-18 of this year. Highly acclaimed for the prominent debut last summer, DEVILSTONE Open Air is looking to unleash a real storm with its second coming.
No longer a secret, US death metal veterans DEICIDE are announced as one of the festival headliners, together with German thrash metal fellows TANKARD and French heavy metal enthusiasts NIGHTMARE. It is hardly possible to present these acts within a short paragraph, as all of them have their particular stories or shocking scandals, experienced throughout the long years of existence.
Lithuanian front this time will be held by black metal bastards ARGHARUS and veteran brutal death metal headbangers BURYING PLACE. The latest news report three more bands, recently added to the line-up. LIE IN RUINS shall evoke mystic old school Finnish death metal aggressiveness, while SCYTIAN will bring warlike moods from the shores of Great Britain. And yes, there will be a doze of melodious metal as well � Spanish HELEVORN spread the spells of gothic and doom metal flavour.
All together, up to twenty bands will share the stage of DEVILSTONE Open Air this year, the selection of which is most thorough & particularly attentive. Uniqueness, creativity and professionally performed metal music are the basic criteria set for the musicians to make the DEVILSTONE an exclusive weekend. Keep an eye for the upcoming revelations of festival line-up in coming weeks, and trust the DEVILSTONE taste!
Apart from live performances, other action will be presented on the second festival stage and all around the river site. Night Rockteques of purely old-school rock will make it sleepless. Volleyball tournament will challenge to win a Devil�s hoof as a trophy. Workshops of crafts and other creative actions shall provide a feeling of art and culture, as well as the whole town of Anyksciai, rich of unique cultural heritage and possibilities for tourists. Beautiful and untouched nature of the festival site in Dainuva valley is also one of the festival cornerstones � the location alone is worth the trip. One shall find a cozy campsite on the bank of the river as well as a refreshing shadow among the tall pines... Finally, loads of beer and other seductions will no way be missing. There are all reasons to take this devilish challenge for the midsummer�s holiday!
Gather your fellows into a larger group and get the DEVILSTONE Open Air tickets for the minimal price. Decent discounts are available for foreign groups. Find all information at devilstone.net/en/pages/tickets/tick

DEVILSTONE Open Air 2010 line-up:
DEICIDE [death metal, USA]
TANKARD [thrash metal, Germany]
NIGHTMARE [heavy meal, France]
HELEVORN [doom metal, Spain]
LIE IN RUINS [death metal, Finland]
SCYTHIAN [war metal, England]
ARGHARUS [black metal, Lithuania]
BURYING PLACE [death metal, Lithuania]
+ twelve more bands TBA

New bands announced for this years Brutal Assault festival line-up.

Over the last few weeks these bands have been confirmed to play at the festival; pic/black metallers BAL-SAGOTH (uk), funeral-doom metallers AHAB (ger), Greek thrash metal stars SUICIDAL ANGELS, Polish deathmetallers LOST SOUL, Finnish pagan metallers ENSIFERUM, murder metallers MACABRE, veteran German thrashers TANKARD, Norwegian black/thrash metal band AURA NOIR, cyber metal pioneers FEAR FACTORY, Swedish doom-metallers CANDLEMASS and Finnish pagan-metal band MOONSORROW.
Complete line-up and more info at brutalassault.cz.

- Est Deus in Nobis CD

The second album from Swedish ORCIVUS comes as a more than worthy follow-up to their amazing debut "Consummatum Est". "Est Deus in Nobis" serves as a very natural continuation of their previous work.
More info at Next Horizon Records' website.

First volume of festival will welcome pagan/black metal warriors from Latvia - SKYFORGER! This show will be a first in Czech Republic where SKYFORGER will play songs from new album "Kurbads"! Polish hellish black massacre BESATT with new album "Demonicon" and Serbian black/thrash evil metal MAY RESULT will destroy the stage as well!
And the next 6 bands are the best picks of the Czech pagan and black scene! In the raffle you can find great prices!

Band schedule:
club will be open at 14:00!
15:00 - 15:30 ABSTRACT (Slovakia)
15:30 - 16:30 CRUADALACH
16:30 - 17:30 ASGARD
17:30 - 18:30 PANYCHIDA
18:30 - 19:30 AVENGER
19:30 - 20:30 TROLLECH
20:30 - 21:30 MAY RESULT (Serbia)
21:30 - 22:30 BESATT (Poland)
22:30 - 22:45 tombola
22:45 - 00:30 SKYFORGER (Latvia)

You can find complete info, news and current tracks of bands plus details info and directions to Ostrava and the directions to the club and more on our official page!

- All Hail the Cult DigiCD

"The third Earth shattering storm of hateful Black Metal malevolence has come to cleanse weakness from your very soul! Germany's AMYSTERY deliver ice cold blasts of raw Satanic fury on their third opus, "All Hail the Cult"! Those familiar with the cult of AMYSTERY will revel in this frostbitten 50-minute masterpiece of pure Black Metal holocaust and the uninitiated will consumed by 7 tracks overflowing with unbridaled hatred for Jesus Christ! Keeping with the traditions of the early Norse masters of the genre, AMYSTERY are as raw and frozen as ever, but the production found on "All Hail The Cult" is more powerful than ever! "All Hail the Cult" (lim. 1000) comes packaged as a lush noble digipack incl. 8-pages-booklet, and the first 50 true Satanic Cultists of AMYSTERY will receive a ultra limited patch to adorn your armor! Also, PESTILENCE RECORDS will be offering special T-shirts (lim. to 99), Longsleeves (lim. to 33) and a shirt-package (lim. to 50, including the new DigiCD, the t-shirt and the band-patch) to appease the true Elite! The Infernal Kindoms Rise for the third time and the inhabitants of heaven tremble in fear!"
More info at Pestilence Records' website.

Pre-order the new March releases on Power It Up:

- S/T CD
About 21 tracks of furious D-beat Grindcore in the vein of the 3D's (Disrupt, Disfear and Disgust) and of course ancient Napalm Death & Extreme Noise Terror. After 3 years in the work, several recordingsessions, we got the final product and of course, the recordings so fucking brutal and tight. But these tracks are extremely aggressive and in your face,these 21 tracks are the best crustcore / D-beat stuff in the last years for sure. The frantic dual vocals really add tons of aggression, and you will love the deeper voice. It doesn?t matter if they do a two minute long crust song or a forty second long grind tune; they deliver the goods!!!!! Absolutely!! The CD comes in a nice Digipack, designed and printed from the band himself. D.I.Y. rules!!!!!

- Pulling Out The Nails 2xLP
Out in a few weeks, the discography collection of splits and EPS, entitled "Pulling Out The Nails" (after the first song the band wrote). It will feature 30 tracks, and include ALL non-album material from 2001-2008, including the Overthrow and Dissent EPs, as well as the splits with Structure of Lies, Commit Suicide, Mumakil, and Bathtub Shitter, the Hang em' High 7", live tracks, bonus covers etc. The compilation was remastered by Scott Hull last year. No More words needed. It comes with a noble Gatefoldcover on 300g and heavyweight 180g vinyl. We also made a Die Hard edition: 150 copies in grey marbled vinyl/handnumbered.

signs with Brutal Bands!

Indiana based death metal band VISCERAL THRONE have just signed a multi-album contract with Brutal Bands. Right now VISCERAL THRONE is actively booking shows and writing material for their debut full length album. With the writing process about half way complete, VISCERAL THRONE plans to enter the studio later this year.
Brutal Bands founder Scott Ellingboe comments: "I just recently found out about this band a few weeks ago. After listening through just half of one song on their myspace page, I knew this was a band to take interest in. I�m really excited to welcome this newer band to our growing roster."
Visceral Throne drummer Andrew Sutton adds: "We're extremely proud to be apart of the Brutal Bands family. It's really a honor to be apart of a label with some of our favorite bands. Now that we've confirmed the deal with Brutal Bands, it has really motivated us to write our sickest material yet."

- S/T CD

The debut album by one of Sweden's craziest metal bands, Skitarg, is as of March 1st out on Ovis Records.

February 2010

- Grotesque CD

The second Pens�es Nocturnes album, "Grotesque" will be released next March 27 on . A radical change but a mixture just as incongruous as proved by the two tracks posted on the band's myspace:

01. Vulgum Pecus
02. Paria
03. Rahu
04. Eros
05. Monoses
06. Hel
07. Thokk
08. Suivant

It sucks and it's a pity we won't be hearing more from this amazing band. The black metallers of have gone separate ways. Down below is their official statement.

We have decided that this is the end of IXXI
It�s been some great years we�ve had together writing and recording this trilogy of albums. We hope you have taken our music and especially lyrics to your heart. The reason for this decision is many, but we will write more on that later.
We also have some words to our current label that will be written and posted within 24 hours. Until then, big thanks to our fans for the support! And a big FUCK OFF to the rest of you!

- Death Incarnate MC
The Swedish death metal act Abscession have just released their debut demo through Suffer Productions. Limited to 166 copies (66 on red, 100 on black tapes) it contains three tunes of the finest old school death metal I've heard in a long time - supreme!

signs with Brutal Bands!

Swiss death metal band AMAGORTIS have just signed a multi-album contract with US label Brutal Bands. After having self-released their debut album "Abominable" and their second album "Pre-Natal Cannibalism" through Fastbeast Entertainment, AMAGORTIS are back in the studio recording their third full length album "Intrinsic Indecency" to be released this summer through Brutal Bands. "Intrinsic Indecency" will contain 11 crushing new tracks as well as a re-recorded version of the song "Cannibal Obsession" from their debut album. The band is currently recording guitars and bass with producer and sound technician Dave Snow, who will be mixing the album as well. And the soon to be unveiled artwork was handled by the legendary Tony Koehl. Additionally Brutal Bands will be re-releasing the out of print "Pre-Natal Cannibalism" album making it available world-wide once again.
Amagortis vocalist Pascal Engi had this to say: "We are extremely happy and excited about this deal, since some of our absolute favorites are now our label mates! A big thanks goes out to Scott for this opportunity!!!"
Brutal Bands founder Scott Ellingboe adds: "I've been watching this band since their first album "Abominable", and was impressed by the band's progression on "Pre-Natal Cannibalism". Having seen this band live, I know they can deliver the brutality, and they will be a perfect fit with our roster."

Press release from Deity Down Records:

D�sseldorf, Germany based Death Metal band have signed an agreement for the release of their forthcoming full-length "CRUSH, KILL AND BURN" through DEITY DOWN RECORDS (Netherlands).
Recordings, engineered by CARSTEN REHMANN (JAPANISCHE KAMPFH�RSPIELE, UNCHALLENGED HATE) are scheduled to take place at CKB Studios (Essen, Germany) during February, the result of which will be mixed and mastered at ANDY CLASSEN's Stage One Studio (KRISIUN, ASPHYX, BELPHEGOR, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, HOLY MOSES) in March. "CRUSH, KILL AND BURN" should be ready for release around May of 2010. Along with a brand new logo, DEBT OF NATURE introduces new drummer KEVIN "Kev" SIEPMANN and female lead vocalist MASAE DAUSEND.
The band comments:
"It's kinda cool to sign with a company that is really into music. Gerard of Deity Down records is not only a cool guy with a good taste, but even came down all the way from Breda to D�sseldorf, just to see us play live. That's pretty astonishing in a time where other labels just check the total hits on a band's myspace- or facebook-site to sign them. But that's definitely the same approach to music that we have and therefore we have the greatest respect for the label." (Marc)
"It's an amazing thing to be on a roster with great bands like Thanatos, Murder Therapy, Devious or Persistense. This is just the beginning - be prepared!" (Marcus)

News from Blood Harvest:

- Chaos Echoes CD
BLOODY SIGN�s third full length album, Chaos Echoes, is at the pressing plan and should be out in mid/late February 2010 on Blood Harvest records for Europe. Gatefold LP version will be unleashed for spring time through Blood Harvest as well. Expect Death Metal Darkness. A voyage from the deepest caves of the earth to the last cosmic black holes, roots of extreme metal hermetism and black psychedelism, dealing with the magical links between Music, Death, primal elements, spirits, myths and ancient surrealistic rituals of Sound.
Two new songs have been added to the page.
Digisleeve version with different artwork for USA market to be released by Ibex Moon records in early 2010.

The Australian grinders signs with Obscene Productions and Deepsend Records.
"We're proud to announce that our new album Our Ashes Built Mountains is set for release in Europe on Obscene Productions and in the USA with Deepsend Records. After 9 months recording this new album we are incredibly happy to be working with both these amazing labels. Curby from Obscene and Graham from Deepsend have been really enthusiastic about the album and we really appreciate their support. Both labels have great bands and brutal releases on their rosters and we are stoked beyond words to be joining their ranks. This is just the beginning of a whole new exciting chapter for us."

January 2010

The brand new Russian doom metal label Endless Winter has its first release out this month, in the form of 's debut album Procul Este, Profani. Three tracks of obscure and mysterious funeral doom.

New acts confirmed for Brutal Assault Fest; Napalm Death, Gwar and The Black Dahlia Murder are added to the line-up consisting of (among others) Cannibal Corpse, My Dying Bride, Kylesa, Converge, Sepultura, Devin Townsend, Mnemic, Devourment, Rotten Sound, Necrophagist, Despised Icon, Dying Fetus, Origin, Graveworm, Children of Bodom etc...

have revealed the artwork to their upcoming album Asylum, to be released ATMF/De Tenebrarum Principio.

The Swedish Viking death metallers Wulfgar have uploaded two news tracks from their upcoming album Midgardian Metal to their site.

to tour with and :

Norwegian Black Metallers GRAVDAL are set to join fellow countrymen GORGOROTH and KEEP OF KALESSIN on a short European tour in April of this year. The exclusive mini-tour will be the first time that GORGOROTH hits the road following the release of their new album "Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt�. Dates for the tour as follows:

09.04.2010 - Belgium, Vosselaar @ Biebob
10.04.2010 - Holland, Rotterdam @ Baroeg
11.04.2010 - France, Paris @ Trabendo
12.04.2010 - Germany, Hamburg @ Marx
13.04.2010 - Germany, Cologne @ Essigfabrik
14.04.2010 - Germany, Ludwigsburg @ Rockfabrik
15.04.2010 - Italy, Milan @ Magazzini Generali
16.04.2010 - Germany, Osnabr�ck @ N8
17.04.2010 - Germany, Glauchau @ Alte Spinnerei

GRAVDAL, whose line up includes Galge on vocals, guitarists Phobos (AETERNUS, MALSAIN, GALAR) and Specter, and Taakesjel (BIZARREKULT) on drums, are, like GORGOROTH, part of the prolific Bergen Scene. The band recently announced a collaboration with SHINING�s Niklas Kvarforth on a track on �Torturmantra�, the upcoming sophomore album from GRAVDAL, which was produced by ENSLAVED�s Herbrand Larsen, and recorded by Larsen, Bj�rnar E. Nilsen (( VULTURE INDUSTRIES, BLACK HOLE GENERATOR) and Arve Isdal (ENSLAVED, AUDREY HORNE) at their CONCLAVE AND EARSHOT STUDIOS in Bergen.

A message from Deity Down Records:

Italian extreme Death Metallers MURDER THERAPY are working on a videoclip of the song �The Scourge� which will be completed during the month of January. Also, a short European tour through Italy, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic is scheduled for the month of April. Last but not least MURDER THERAPY decided to stream their complete album Symmetry of Delirium from their page and from last.fm indefinitely. The band comments:
"We decided to take another step in doing things our way. We have uploaded our entire album, hoping it will stay online a long time. We know we are not the first band to do this, and will not be the last, although most of the time albums are streamed only for a limited promotional time. We want to use this blog to be clear about what we are doing. There are certain beliefs about the music/internet relationship that we think don�t make sense anymore. To think that downloading an album equals a failure in selling it is madness. Thinking that streaming an entire album could demotivate its purchase is absurd (unless the album is really bad, eh eh). Having the listener find somewhere else (blogspots, Torrents, P2P..) a �preview� of the entire album, instead of having the band present it is nonsense. So, in the attempt of taking back what is ours and present it to our listeners in the way we think is right, we decided to leave our entire album �Symmetry of Delirium� online. If you think our music is interesting listen to it here and maybe tell us what you think about it, it will be more than appreciated. And if you feel like supporting Murder Therapy, grab our merch online, in a store or at our concerts� now!"

- It's far from fucking over CD
The first installment of APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT's discography is now available. The CD includes all the songs from their 2007 Armageddon Won't be Brought By Gods EP, their 2008 Greenwashing LP and one unreleased cover song by FINAL WARNING. The package includes 24 page booklet, with all lyrics, writing, and original artwork from Marald, Hush and others, plus a bonus ATU vinyl sticker. APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT hail from Huntington, WV and play a powerful blend of classic anarcho-punk, crust and a hint of metal, with aggressive female vocals, and urgent political lyrics. This discography compiles all the songs that launched ATU's meteoric rise in popularity and is being released while they are taking a break from touring while Sarah is pregnant. They are using the time off to write new material, for which they have recently recorded for a split EP with OI POLLOI, and have more recording plans for the near future.

Candlelight Records signs Krieg, Woe and Yaotl Mictlan:

The Isolationist is the confirmed title for the sixth album from New Jersey-based . Main creator Imperial says, �it is truly an honor to get to work with a professional label at this point in KRIEG�s career. The Isolationist will be more experimental, uglier, and yet more beautiful than previous KRIEG records.� The album will start production in early February at Volume Studios in Chicago. The record is tentatively planned for a July release.

Philadelphia-based join Candlelight after the underground success of their debut, A Spell For The Death Of Man, in 2008. The band, featuring creator Chris Grigg with a rotating lineup that features members of ABSU, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Green Evening Requiem and Woods Of Ypres, will kick off the new year performing alongside Behemoth this Thursday at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia. Titled Quietly, Undramatically, the new album is tentatively planned for a late summer release.

Salt Lake City-based have completed recording of their second album currently planned for release in April. Dentro del Mantro Gris de Chaae showcases the band�s Mexican and Mayan culture (their name in the Mexican language of Nahuatl meaning �warriors from the land of the dead�). The band, originally discovered by Brujeria vocalist Juan Brujo, was formed by brothers Yaotl and Tlatecatl in 1998. YAOTL MICTLAN plan to tour in support of the album throughout 2010.

Sator Marte and Hromovlad signs with NAGA Productions:

The first title for 2010 descend on czech black metal SATOR MARTE. Album called �Za zdmi� (Behind the Walls) grips you with it's unusual, devastating bass parts and original concept as well as songs' mood. As it's evident from the title, lyrics are inspirated by powerlessness, war and the horrors associated with it (no political or ideological overtones or belief).
The release you can enjoy at the end of February and March 2010.


It is our very pleasant duty to disclose information which has been conceived a few weeks ago. The new �dark� horse on NAGA productions' roster are Slovak HROMOVLAD. The band is well-known by natural and very successful concerts and its potential is still growing. Fans also very familiar with the previous two records, and very quickly HROMOVLAD's folk / black metal popular. We believe that together we produce the best HROMOVLAD's album and look forward to what the year ahead in this respect will.
The issue you can enjoy the autumn / winter 2010th


News from :

We are pleased to announce that for the first time since last summer, Putrescence are set to enter the recording studios at The House That Catshit Built to record 8 or so new tracks for some upcoming vinyl we wish to have released for us. For the weekend of Jan 16/17, Ryan Forsythe will be at the helm turning the stale and rancid switches up to 11. New tracks include "Shh'd For Anal Decapitation", "The Ol White Picket Fence (Detrunked Wizard Part 3)", "Squeeze and Squint Until Your Eyes Water" & our personal favorite, "Sad Sacks in Sad Slacks Can't Relax (No way To Live)". Add a fucking cover of Dead Shall Rise by Terrorizer, a bottle of Hendricks and an unusual amount of confidence in the new shit and BAM!! Snake Foreskin summed it up perfectly. "We want it to sound like sitting down in a pile of shaving cream"...expect to see a Half Gorilla/Putrescence 7" in the new year as well as a contribution on the "Crush Your Canadian Idols Vol 2" compilation and maybe some other stuff too. Want to help release a Putrescence EP? We might just be able to help you out with some deadly new tunes. Get in touch, friend.

+ tourdates announced:

07.01.2010 DE Frankfurt Batschkapp
08.01.2010 DE Saarbr�cken Roxy
09.01.2010 NL Enschede Atak
10.01.2010 BE Vosselaar Biebob
12.01.2010 FR Paris Nouveau Casino
13.01.2010 DE K�ln The Underground
14.01.2010 DE Munich Backstage
15.01.2010 AT Wien Arena
16.01.2010 AT Linz Posthof
17.01.2010 CZ Zlin MOR Cafe
18.01.2010 AT Graz Seifenfabrik
19.01.2010 IT Bologna Estragon
20.01.2010 DE Bochum Matrix
21.01.2010 CH Pratteln Z7
22.01.2010 DE Stuttgart LKA 01:10 - 02:00
23.01.2010 DE Leipzig Hellraiser
24.01.2010 DE Berlin Postbahnhof
25.01.2010 DE Hamburg Markthalle
26.01.2010 SE Gothenburg Brew House
27.01.2010 SE �rebro Virus
28.01.2010 DK Copenhagen The Rock
29.01.2010 DE Hannover Musikzentrum
30.01.2010 DK Kolding Godset
31.01.2010 NL Amsterdam Melkweg

The world premiere of M�negarm's new video "Vetrarmegin":

Taken from the latest album "Nattv�sen", "Vetrarmegin" is online at and .
The video was filmed on site in a "Viking village" with an incredible pre-renaissance atmosphere, near the band's hometown, Norrt�lje. M�negarm states; "The Viking village, with its amazing surroundings, will fit the theme of the video just perfect!!". The video was done by Standard Film Team (DARK FUNERAL, PLECTOR, ZONARIA)

Foe - Madness CD
LET THEM COME Productions proudly presents its new release. In January 2010 the label's catalogue will be enriched by a band FOE with its debut CD �Madness�. This Polish band, once known as ALKOHOLIKA, performs an old school death metal with a touch of thrash and progressive elements. The sound of the album can be described as raw. One of the track from the album has already been added to the label's profile on . More details soon on http://let-them-come.eu.

December 2009

A press release from Ashen Productions:

- Fragments Digi MCD
This italian duo delivers three slow and droning dirges in the vein of MY BLOODY VALENTINE, old TYPE O NEGATIVE, SONIC YOUTH and BURZUM with an atmosphere that is somehow removed from what could be called Black Metal, but still distant, monolithic and otherworldly. 'Fragments' also includes one long ambient/noise track that furthermore enhances its bizarre aura. Comes in a digipak with 8 pages full color booklet.
* tasteful and extensive artwork by Diramazioni Studio (GODS OF METAL & NO MERCY Festivals etc.)
Sample track - - Press kit.

Animo Aeger - Impuls CD
This unique german project merges the majestic, cold harshness of early norwegian BM with thrilling structures, truly memorable riffs and extremely varied, sometimes bizarre vocals into something that is so passionate and compelling that it will keep the listener hooked for many spins. "Impuls" was recorded by the band members themselves at their rehearsal room, a fact that partly shows in its thin (but transparent and organic) sound, but the maturity and strength of the songs easily outshines these minor shortcomings and makes it hard to believe that this is "only" a debut album.
* mastered by Arjan Peeks / Tuianti Studio
Sample track - Press kit.

- Rust CD
EWIG FROST are finally back - dirtier, heavier and wilder than ever! Noise of Dissent proudly presents: "Rust", the new D.I.Y. recordings of Austrian die-hard Black Metal Punx EWIG FROST. Take some early 90's black metal, add some 80's thrash / punk and mix it with some filthy archaic rock'n'roll riffings, refined with some big balls of blues. Rebellious, ruthless and unrestrained, EWIG FROST take no prisoners. Released by Noise Of Dissent Recs., distributed by Ashen Productions.

Irish Doom veterans GRAVEYARD DIRT have just signed a deal with Ashen Productions. The band has been around since 1994 and was already signed to german label Ars Metalli in 1997 for their debut album before line-up problems forced them to break up. After reforming almost ten years later they released the MCD "Shadows Of Old Ghosts", which received raving reviews from all over the world, and now they are finally preparing new material for their first full-length. Epic Doom/Death in the british vein at its very best, up there with the classic releases of My Dying Bride, Anathema etc.!
Sample track (demo version, this song will be re-recorded for the album) - - Press kit.

2010 will also see the re-release of COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE's "Curse" compilation, previously available only on tape. This release offers a glimpse into the early days of this cult New England band with tracks from CNV's first demo recorded back in 2002/2003, ultra rare material and bonus tracks. New layout with obscure photos, dreary New England landscapes, lyrics and various quotes to be included for a more "light bearing" view into one of USBM's greatest occult bands...

"Die Asche Eines Geistes" will be part two of the SIEGHETNAR re-release series, featuring yet another long and epic track of instrumental Ambient Black Metal. The artwork will again be designed by Poisoned2Reality. This release is planned for spring / early summer 2010.

Their "Impuls" debut album is not even released, but ANIMO AEGER have already recorded a follow-up called "Fieber", featuring four brand new tracks with massive studio sound and some older, self-recorded songs. This will be quite different to their previous material, and really in a league of its own... more information will be revealed when the time is right.

Being the oldest extreme Metal band from their home country Costa Rica, PAGANUS DOCTRINA have been around for 15 years now. They are currently working on their debut album - 7 tracks / 45 minutes of ravaging and bestial satanic Black/Death Metal with some epic moments and great melodic guitar work, to be unleashed in 2010.
Band website.

A message from Dead Center Productions:

Trunar - Christs Not Christians CD
16th release at our DEAD CENTER Prods � CD TRUNAR (Belarus) �christs Not christians� � old-school poisonous BLACK METAL, pure brain holocaust! 9 tracks of straight-forward, blaming killing machine! CD released in cooperation with WINGS OF DESTRUCTION Prods!
Two tracks you can listen here � A Long Way and U piecach Mauthausena.
You can order CD for: 40 UAH / 168 RUB / 4,08 EUR / 5,20 USD

Press release from Deity Down Records:

Nijmegen, Netherlands based Death outfit have signed to DEITY DOWN RECORDS. The band�s full-length �Tales Of Loss And New Found Serenity� is slated for release around July of 2010. Recording sessions will begin in April 2010 at Split Second Sound in Amsterdam, Netherlands; the outcome of which will be mixed and mastered by Dan Swan� at Unisound in �rebro, Sweden. The album�s artwork will be designed and created by filmmaker, photographer and graphic designer .

November 2009

Solitude Prod. & BadMoodMan Music news:

V/A - Rising Of Yog-Sothoth: Tribute To Thergothon 2xCD
Long-awaited tribute album to one of the most famous funeral doom metal bands Thergothon which were the forefathers of the style who gave birth to numerous followers among musicians and fans among listeners. "Rising Of Yog-Sothoth: Tribute To Thergothon" is the first wide-range attempt to pay tribute to this great band. Seventeen bands of various styles and countries including Great Britain, Finland, Russia, USA, Netherlands, Australia, Germany and Canada took part in this tribute being outstanding and interesting musicians of those somehow influenced by Thergothon. Yog-Sothoth is rising!
1. Asunder � Who Rides the Astral Wings
2. Officium Triste � Crying Blood and Crimson Snow
3. Evoken � Yet the Watchers Guard
4. Imindain � Everlasting
5. Colosseum � The Unknown Kadath in the Cold Waste
6. Mournful Congregation � Elemental
7. Worship � Evoken
8. Umbra Nihil � The Twilight Fade
9. Persistence In Mourning � Dancing In The Realm Of Shades
1. Nojda � Evoken
2. Otzepenevshiye � The Unknown Kadath in the Cold Waste
3. Krohm � Everlasting
4. Inter Arbores � Who Rides the Astral Wings
5. Astral Sleep � Yet the Watchers Guard
6. Aarni � Verivaikerrus � Hurmehanki
7. Axis Of Advance � Elemental
8. Singultus � The Twilight Fade

- Moving Crosscurrent Of Time CD
The second long-awaited album by Russian masters of melancholic metal, The Morningside "Moving Crosscurrent Of Time", holds the direction chosen at the debut band album demonstrating combination of lyrical and heavy compositions touched with the mood of slight sorrow. New The Morningside work also demonstrates tendency to melodic complication while fragmental parties of atmospheric keyboards associating with Eduard Artemyev�s works ("Solaris", "Stalker") add depth to the album sound. The essential part of this album is inspired by Ray Bradbury� novel "Something Wicked This Way Comes". Brand new album of The Morningside will be a perfect present both for old band�s fans and for all those Katatonia and Agalloch fans longing for a breath of autumn air filled with fallen leaves smell. The album is issued on a gold-plated CD with pit-art. Limited to 500 copies edition packed in stylish digibook is available.
1. Intro
2. Fourteen
3. Autumn People
4. Insomnia
5. Moving Crosscurrent Of Time
6. The Outcome (Admit One)
7. Outro

- Aava Tuulen Maa CD
New album of this successful Russian band could be a real surprise for those familiar to early Kauan works mixing folk, black and doom metal. "Aava Tuulen Maa" shows musicians� yearning for more lyrical and soft music filled with refined atmosphere of calmness and melancholy. Harmonic combination of guitars and male vocals with piano and violin gives birth to unbelievably beautiful melodies filled with dark romanticism and unbounded nature spirits. New Kauan album is addressed to fans of such bands as Tenhi, Subaudition, Nest and October Falls. The 20-page booklet is illustrated with watercolour paints adding new strokes to the musical mood of the album.
1. Ommeltu Polku
2. Valveuni
3. Fohn
4. Sokea Sisar
5. Neulana Hetkessa

- Mortal Aspirations CD
New Raventale album "Mortal Aspirations" demonstrates the final of band�s transformation from depressive black/pagan metal to black doom metal. The music became more rigid and cold. Power guitar riffs framed by atmospheric keyboards are able to veil the listener with the gloom of night and take away to the world which has never been seen before. "Mortal Aspirations" also features exclusively English lyrics which evolve from panegyric on nature to inner feelings and emotional experiences.
1. The Fall Of The Mortal Aspirations
2. Cosmos Inside
3. My Birds Of Misfortune
4. A Fading Scent Of Cinnamon And Naked
5. Watching A Luna Becomes Thy Face
6. The Silhouette Of Despair
7. Escape To The Stars
8. Suicide As The Destined End
9. A Ravens Fade

:DWP: Is Proud To Announce Its First Two Vinyl Offerings: [To be unleashed within 3 weeks, PREORDERS ACCEPTED NOW!]

/DWP006/ SAURON - "The Channeling Void" Gatefold LP - Black Metal
I shall open their eyes and turn them from light to darkness and from the power of god to Satan so that they may receive forgiveness of sin and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Him!
Over two and a half years have passed since the initial release of this jewel of pure Satanic Art on a CD by a great Swedish label Carnal Records. Since then, it has become an object of worship for many, including myself. Being the third and the final album, "The Channeling Void" stands as an epitaph to the cult of terror, blasphemy and hate, a refined diamond of ultimate zealotry and occult arts, that is SauroN. The line-up of this unity always remained the same:
Herr AIDS: Bassquakes
Sunless: Deathsaw
Ludas: Blastphemy
Eklipse: Throat & Deathsaw

I am the Channeling Void in all you gave life, know my path!
And since the start, SauroN.Death.Squad delivered its utterly wicked audial violence, with every album moving even further, widening the old and opening new horizons of Darkness. And while every creation of SauroN's black will is a masterpiece, "The Channeling Void" was chosen to be released on a noble gatefold LP with an exclusive bonus track as a tribute to the Cult. :DWP: is honoured to serve as a host to one of the best and the sickest congregations, ever spawned by the void! Let the Beast be unleashed! Preorders accepted!

Over the years, this jewel accumulated a host of fantastic reviews, here are some excepts:
* "Metal bands often talk of war, but few actually sound like it�Sauron�s The Channeling Void is the sound of the fog of war." / Metalinjection.net
* "The music is so furiously ripping that it creates a nearly exhausting and claustrophobic atmosphere with its unrelenting hyper-hostility. Sauron are lords of black metal uniting shadowed armies of undead legions to rise against the armies of the white light." / Brad & Nocturnal Cult
* "This is apocalyptic black metal in its purest form, far better than the Dutch average." / Aardschok magazine
* "When fully absorbed, there is a stunning realization that Sauron have perhaps created one of the most engaging black metal albums you are likely to hear this year and one that will no doubt be in many an underground scribes top ten poll. Amazing stuff. " / Vampire magazine
* "The black metal of Sauron is filthy, agressive and above all furious. With The Channeling Void, the band delivers their best album so far. With bands like Sauron, it�s worth to support the local (read Dutch) black metal scene." / Sanguis & Digital Steel
* "What I can tell you is that this is an incredibly hate filled black metal assault. Blazing fast, tight-as-hell, blasting drums accompanied by slick, slicing riffs and a frenzied screaming vocalist. The bass is lurking in the background, adding a heavy and more brutal touch, while the guitars are more in your face, delivering an icy and ripping sound. The Channeling Void reminds me a lot of the French scene of the late 90ies, much like I�ve felt for the later Marduk albums. It has the same extreme hatefilled and brutal sound and boundary pushing musicianship of acts such as Antaeus and Arkhon Infaustus. SauroN keeps one foot steady in the old school and the other one firmly in the forefront of battle, making this raging album extremely punishing. / Kristoffer & My Last Chapter
* "Sauron stand for very rhythmic panzer black metal with almost militaristic bass/drums foundations, insane screamed growling and some elements of brutal death metal." / Georges & Pull The Chain
* "To give you a small idea of what Sauron sounds like, think the current, what is known as Swedish Orthodox Black Metal scene. Thinks bands like Watain, Ondskapt, Heresi and Funeral Mist, combined with some parts of the French scene, Antaeus springs to mind. Buy this if you are into, cold, well played Black Metal with a clear message and agenda." Mordant & Minacious
* "The mass of the sound conforms a solid monster that might submerge the listener into a violent whirlwind of dark emotions, embellished by subtle but audible tricks that enrich the whole. The sensation of unity is certainly strong, effectively achieved through a collection of melodies linked to create an overwhelming chaos harmony, a soundtrack for apocalypse." / Fjordi & Tartarean Desire
* "The Channeling Void is the new album from SauroN and this stuff is literally armageddous in all degress. SauroN proves that Black Metal does not need to have a glossy production, but one that's grim, raw, and venomous." / Living For Metal
* "The Channeling Void is monstrously aggressive and destructive for its entire duration, while being intelligent and atmospheric enough to remain engaging for its entire run time of forty-five minutes. If you spit at the current crop of mopey suicidal acts, pseudo-intellectual technical wankfests, and sleep-inducing �ambient-black metal' myspace abortions, and have grown similarly weary of the blasturbating grind-core shite passing itself off as aggressive black metal, you'd do well to look into Sauron; they are violence with a brain, wasting not a single note in their effort to lay waste to your senses and destroy you. Recommended with the most extreme prejudice imaginable." / Alex Donks & Diabolical Conquest

- SauroN.Death.Squad - "The Channeling Void" reviews.

/DWP007/ FUNERAL GOAT - "Mass Ov Perversion" Gatefold LP - Black Metal
From the darkest depths, from the deepest caverns ov unexistence, the unholy prayers for the coming ov the Lord echo and thunder high and low. Eternally dedicated to the glory of our Master, FUNERAL GOAT is a channel of His will. This unholy entity, summoned by His loyal servants, - HerrAIDS and Ludas - manifests itself in a form of pure Orthodox Devilworship! No beautiful melodies, just pure religious exaltation and Satanic devotion. Influenced by and dedicated to such prophets, as VON, Beherit, Archgoat and War, FUNERAL GOAT spreads the Gospel of Ancient Black / Death. Primitive and raw, yet entrancing and hypnotic chants, played solely for His glory and in His name!
Raw primitive Goatworshipping insanity! Unleashed by DWP on CD on the 14th of august 2009, hereby we announce the LP version with two exclusive bonus tracks! Preorders accepted!
Communion ov the Black Lord - prayers are spoken backwards for the glory of our Master!

"Mass Ov Perversion" received tremendous feedback from nearly all reviewers!
* "Mass ov Perversion will eviscerate you and leave you crying in agony in the damp earth!" / Brad Smith & Nocturnal Cult
* "Mass ov Perversion has become a fine album to those who believe that the scene has not yielded anything interesting and furious enough for like fifteen years or so." / Neithan & Lords Of Metal
* "I definitely recommend this album! Buy or die!" / O.O & Funeral March
* "Funeral Goat sounds oldskool as fukk in the early: South American and Scandinavian vein. Inspired by gods such as: SACROFAGO, BEHERIT, BATHORY,VON and HELLHAMMER! Total satanic goat worshipping including lots of tempo ranges and possessed vocals from the deepest pit of hell! Best black metal album of the last century and definitely a must for every hellbanger around!" / Patchman Marco & Violent Moshground Mag.
* "Mass ov Perversion is beefy, the fuzzed out guitars cruising over blast beats while the charnel vocals of HerrAIDs bark off into the Satanic night. Being that they are in Sauron, they have little to prove here. Funeral Goat is going to appeal to fans of really raw, old school black. It's messy and charming, grim and nocturnal!" / From the Dust Returned
* "...Remember when Black metal needed to be raw, primitive and just full of so much verb that everthing echoed to the gates of hell? Well, this is what Funeral Goat is. There is not much to say here other then Bestial Warlust, Beherit and Mythos would be damn proud to add them to there collective of madness!" / Absolute Zero Media

A message from :

We're coming back to europe, July 14th - September 5th 2010. We'll be hitting some countries we didn't get to last time and also revisiting some places as well. If you can help with a show please contact timo @ .

The Swedish old school death metallers have announced they'll enter Studio Misantropen sometime in December to record an upcoming demo. More info concerning this can be read here.

News from Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation:

- Welcome Winter MCD
�Welcome Winter� the new opus from the Scandinavian based Lustre, will come out on Late November / Early December as limited Mini-Cd edition of 500 units (won�t be repressed) as a special gift to glorify this dark hemisphere. This limited Mini-Cd will be available, out of very few exception to be confirmed, through our mailorder / eshop. Don�t live on regretting and grant your copy by pre-ordering to our eshop for 8 euro, orders will be shipped the very first working day after the availability date. Pre-order it here.

News from Delicious Bowels Agency:

// 1. Bowels Supper IV: Billing complete
On 14th February 2010 we will continue to have a Bowels Supper Festival after years of break. This time it will be located in the Bastard Club in Osnabr�ck. Line-up will be: Demonical (Swe, Death Metal), Deathbound (Fin, Death/Grind), My Own Grave (Swe, Death Metal) and December Flower (Ger, Melodic Death Metal). Check out for more details

// 2. Gentle Carnage Sampler Vol. III
There are still a few open slots for the next edition of our sampler. Just write us an email for more informations or visit

// 3. DB Agency Shop
We added new items to our online-shop. Just visit http://www.db-agency.de/shop to check it out. Furthermore the Embedded T-Shirt "Your Heaven Is My Hell" is available only at our shop.

// 4. Bandlogo wanted
A common band is planning to come up with a new logo. If you are graphically skilled or know a person who is, you are welcome to send us an email.

// 5. Booking
(Melodic Death Metal), (Brutal Death Metal), (Old School Death Metal) and (Death/Thrash Metal) from our roster are open for booking offers. Just send us an email if you are interested.

Necroterror Records hereby announces the next scheduled releases:

Septic Flesh - Communion 12" LP/Box
Upon its release last year, Septic Flesh dropped a proverbial atom bomb on the worldwide Metal scene. "Communion" marked the return of legendary Hellenic masters Septic Flesh to the forefront of exreme Metal; claiming rave reviews and extrordinary accolades including "Album of the Month" in several Metal publications the world over. Necroterror Records will be releasing this grueling, dark and absolutely crushing album on vinyl limited to 350 copies. This release will feature all-new alternative cover artwork (pictured above) and layout to the CD version, created by the one and only ever-talented Seth Siro Anton. A special edition gold vinyl boxed set will also be available containing several unique extras. Release date to be announced in due time...

Foscor / - Onslaught of Black Putrefaction 7"
Catalonian Black Metallers Foscor and propagators of Raw Necro Violence Necrosadist conspire to vomit forth a truly unique release. Featuring exclusive material from both acts (written and recorded especially for this release), "Onslaught of Black Putrefaction" brings together two contrasting entities that, interestingly enough, complement one another in the fullest. Foscor's "The Others' Voice" is a permeatingly bleak and ominous cacophony, oozing a dark and misty atmosphere from every fold and crevice. Necrosadist's "Incision is Release" is an eerie and chaotic cut of militant violence, bleeding hatred and perdition from every self-inflicted wound. This release will be limited to 300 copies featuring a spot varnished fold out cover and double-sided A4 inner sheet. Release date to be announced in due time...

The brand-new EP from the legendary Hellenic occultists entitled "L'Evangile Du Diable" will see release in 2010 on both 7" vinyl and 3cm mCD formats, including a very special limited edition to be announced when the time is right. This release will feature all-new and exclusive material from the band. Note that Chris Moyen once again offers his boundless talents with one of the best cover illustrations in all his career.

Also, the planned split 7" EP between Gallic maniacs and Hellenic sadists will also see release next year. Vorkreist offer an exclusive live track from their recent Pest Pandemic Contamination Over Europe (with Horna and Blacklodge) entitled "Soldiers of Satan's Wrath" which showcases a different side to the band. Soulskinner offer a face-searing slab of brutal and evil Death Metal with "In Attrition of a World Collapse", a track recorded exclusively for this release. The notorious "black ink warlock" Justin Bartlett of VBERKVLT (whose sickening designs have catered for artists such as Gorgoroth, Aura Noir, Cadaver, etc.) will be accused of spawning the artwork for this release.

A message from the Swedish hardcorepunks Abnorm:

ABNORM 1999-2009
As the members of Swedish punk/hardcore band ABNORM are tired of the band, they have decided to take a break. Wheter it's going to be forever, 5 years (like last time) or just for a short while is presently not clear. ABNORM would like to thank the few who have supported them, and ask all the others to fuck off (hehe).
All stuff that's been released so far can still be downloaded for free from abnorm.se

News from My Kingdom Music:

- Depicting the Macabre CD
WARFECT is without any doubt the new big thing coming from Sweden. WARFECT is an explosive mixture of hell bent riffing inspired by giants from back in the day with the addition of a ravishing new trademark sound. The debut "Depicting the Macabre" is a collection of blazing solos in harmony with fast paced rhythm sections accompanied by crushing drum hammering and melodic choruses. A must have for those into bands of the early days of thrash metal like Sepultura, Paradise Lost, Slayer and Metallica. The appointment for the definitive releases is November 16th, 2009.

15th anniversary celebration needs big names. So here you are: CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEVIN TOWNSEND, GRAVEWORM and DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA belong among first confirmed bands for Brutal Assault 2010. And now the party can start...
12.-14.08.2010 - Jaromer, Army fortress Josefov

New releases on Not Enough Records:

- A Ceol Ar Canan Ar A Mach LP
A repress, but for us it's a great and honourable part of releasing one of our biggest influces and most inspiring punk acts along the time of punk, and being into this kind of A//E political punk. Oi Polloi has been one of the most actively touring bands around this scene of punk, and this release is a brilliant follow up to the Fauim Catha. This release has been a Gaelic tounged release, compared to the previous release this edition comes with Englinsh explanations and a nice pacage to it. Get this now!

/ 7"
With the most intensed hardcore fury we deliver two bands of hardcore straight in your face. From CCHC and H�rda Tider we get two furious new tracks about the current and obvious problems within the scene of punk and hardcore, also to back it all up with a Warzone cover. These songs are totally amazing and it all get's stuck in your head with the best result! From HGHC and Balance we get one new track about our leaders the fucking arseholes, and a No Security cover as well. Both bands decided to do one cover each and this is the result of an amazing split 7" that you need to get a hold of.

- Il Secondo Tragico CD
After four ep's the psyc[ho]rder's ready to launch its second fullscream: "Il Secondo Tragico" The Involved sound degenerated in rather untested re-structured anti-music no-grind. You'll be dragged in the age of fertility tribal rituals, where the arts didn't know rules or staffs. Sub-homosapiens violence devoted to impregnate your mind with noise-genes. "Il Secondo Tragico" is the first full lenght release with the new line-up feat. Luca T Mai [ZU] on baritone sax. Pressed in Deluxe Slipcase Edition. The album had been recorded once again at the GO!GO!SOUND Studio and co-produced with the resident engineer Stefano Colli. The album includes important collaborations on a couple tracks with the italian improviser SEC_ and Eraldo Bernocchi (Sigillum S). Artwork done by Elena Rapa.

October 2009

New release out on Death Dealers Association:

- Lost In Eternal Shadows CD-R
We are truly honored to announce the release of a first official material by SYTRIS, a Polish black metal project presenting a musical style similar to the one known from early Burzum or Gehenna releases. The vocals were recorded by one of the most talented vocalists on polish scene, Xaos Oblivion from Demonic Slaughter. The demo material contains four tracks and two bonus ones - 28 minutes of music in total. Spread out cover contains eight pages booklet and an A4 size poster

New releases on Solitude Productions and BadMoodMan Music:

- Tragedy And Weeds CD
Country: Russia
Genre: Funeral Doom
Album �Tragedy And Weeds� has become a new era in the bands work, denoting the transition to a new, high quality sound, more thoughtful material, and the desire to mature. The team once again became a trio, but the Abstract Spirit has ceased from a side project of famous musicians to a full band, performing live shows. �Tragedy And Weeds� is the same sludgy funeral doom, full of fleeting touches of depressive black. Melodies, filled with despair, and if is filled with schizophrenic delusions, evokes feelings of anxiety and fear, casting the listeners down into the abyss of despair. The sound of wind instruments resemble the old, sad, funeral orchestra, accompanying the low belly growl, hysterical cries and sepulchral recitative. All this gives birth to a unique atmosphere Abstract Spirit!
1. Tragedy And Weeds
2. Funeral Waltz
3. Crucifixion Without Regret
4. Face The Nightmare
5. Wrapped In Solitude
6. Sepulchral Winter

- Happiness For All CD
Country: Russia
Genre: Technical Death Metal
BadMoodMan Music and Technical Sound Productions present a new album of the Moscow band Beheaded Zombie! The album �Happiness for All� has become a large experiment for the band trying to overcome the frames of technical death metal for creating unique sound. Beheaded Zombie have created a very surprising material filled on the one hand with psychedelia and beatifual melodies and on the other hand with aggression. This is the music for the fans of heavy music seeking for something novel and fresh!
1. Intro
2. Obratnaja Storona Odinochestva
3. Skazhi Mne, Drug
4. Schast�e Dlja Vseh
5. Chervi
6. Chernoe I Beloe
7. Tvar�
8. Chistyj List
9. Dno
10. Vojna
11. Moja Lirika

A message from Devian:


Some time ago when Legion was out racing the over lands of the J�nk�ping with his new motorcycle that he bought after coming home from the last Devian tours earlier this year, in search of lyrical inspiration for the new yet untitled third Devian opus something went terrible wrong! In a very sharp turn he lost control over the motorcycle and crashed into a stone wall. He flew over the steering wheel with only one word spinning around in his head � FUCK!!! After he had tumbled into road he knew that he had to get up so he wouldn�t be run over by a car. Still high on adrenaline he dragged himself back to the motorcycle and discovered that it was a total wreck!

Later on in the hospital they told him that he was very lucky. He got away with a few cracks in the ribs, some really bad bruises and due to the pain he has been forced to sleep sitting up in his bed the last few weeks. The only �good� thing that has come out from this accident is that during the time Legion was high on the adrenaline the inspiration and ideas just came to his mind! As soon as he has recovered from the accident he�ll start working on the new lyrics for the album. /Devian

Two new releases on Delicious Bowels Agency:

- Parasites MCD
Death/Thrash Metal From Germany

- The Deadventure CD
Old School Death Metal From Germany

Two new releases out in October on Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation:

- Einsamkeit CD
Black Metal as a renewed weapon can overcome the time passing by, shaped to infect and rage the rotten body of humanity with hateful pride. Semen Datura is the further demonstration of the great time that the German scene is living, performing their most impressive album to date, where personality and skilful songwriting is transcended into a pure form of darkness evocation. Semen Datura music accrue to field that can be associated to bands like Secrets of the Moon, Deathspell Omega, investigating on the deepest corners of the decayed human being.

- Aurelia CD
The Coldness can be manifested into different forms in its timeless truth. U.K. based Sanctus Nex are the modern black metal wanderers, their harmonic and disharmonic tunes a current of perception. A trip into usual and unusual shadings starts there, where Black metal is a constant recall but a departure point to develop a new visionary and evocative journey. The traditional black metal instruments are just a gateway to depart from the mortal, the vision is luckily, far beyond� Sanctus Nex are the feverish mood of introspection of Deathspell Omega detached from the Judeo-Christian paradigm, walking a different occult path, drenched into the heritage of their island: in pursuit of Albion.

is a new label fused from PMC/Columna Hardcore and an ex-member of AccidiaHC Records, and they've got their first three releases out:

/ 7"
Post Fata Resurgo, after some years on stage and an early demo, give us a brand new song, a 6 minutes-long track that enclose all their many influences. Dark neocrust waves with melodic and metal riffs, two powerful vocals and now an ex-Nagasaki Nightmare member! Mithra are completely mad, nothing more!!! They call their music "Nomadic Grind", a pure mix of all you know, and many more: jazz-core, doom metal, grind, voodoo percussions and madness of course. Beware, they're always around Europe and now they could bring the chaos at your home...

- King of thrashers 7"
OSS! repress their first MCD on multicoloured 7inch! Great fast anticlerical-political-introspective thrashcore from Rome played by 5 assholes punx, also members of Tear Me Down, Charlie (r. i.p.) and Ludd Rising!! For fans of early Suicidal Tendencies, Municipal Waste and Vitamin X!

- The Sermon of Vengeance 7"
A baptism of fire for Iconoclast! From Chicago, the mighty deathblackcrust metallers Black September come back after three releases with two brand new songs! Epic, furious, violently fast and violently slow too, with a powerful female voice to complete. One word: APOCALYPTIC! Out now through Shaman Records and Injustice of Humanity Records in the US and through Iconoclast Records in Europe.

Two new releases out on Agonia Records:

- Black Devotion CD
This band, hailing from the Czech Republic, have been prolific since their first appearance in 1996. Through a series of demos, splits, EPs and albums, they have forged a sound that is closest to the Norse black metal ideology and sound. 'Black Devotion' is their fifth full-length, and highly recommended to fans of bands like Gorgoroth, Taake and early Darkthrone.

- Incubus CD
After the killer debut album �Unio Mystica Maxima� (Scarlet/SPV) in 2007, Malfeitor announce the release of their lethal second chapter called �Incubus�. Nine disturbing hymns of unspeakable darkness and qliphotic introspection through the Left Hand Path, and a sonic post-V.I.T.R.I.O.L. sigil filled with deadly antisaturnian chtonian vibrations.

Comatose Music is accepting pre-orders for two albums to be released in October:

- Shitfisted Superman... The Man of Stool CD
Comatose Music presents the one man shitbearded, cyber slamming, bizarro booze fueled, muthafukin' tardgrind machine Sikfuk! This newest pooty tang stained, gore spackeled, shit encrusted full length CD is entitled "Shitfisted Superman... The Man of Stool"! Songs like "Eight Ball in Her Brown Pocket" and "Donkey Dicks and Hot Dog Tits" will have you laughing like a raging lunatic! Twelve page full color booklet loaded with offensive cartoon artwork courtesy of Lou Rusconi (Anal Blast, Meat Shits). Satisfy your depraved addictions for perversion and get this today!

- Population: Zero CD
Unique, fast, and technical death metal from Texas. A welcome alternative to a scene full of slam clones. Massive sound of refined brutality mastered by the mighty James Murphy. Killer eight page fold out booklet with detailed apocalyptic artwork by Marco Hassmann. Includes the cover song "Out of the Body" (Pestilence). Features members from Putrilage and Exulcerate.

October 4th is the date when the brand new Dark Funeral video My Funeral will premiere on the band's and sites.

New release out on Old Temple:

- Ejaculating Chaos CD
Long awaited debut of horde from Wroclaw, Poland is an evil blow of chaos. Eight uncompromising songs spread ultimate doom. Each minute of this album is an unpure form of destruction and blasphemy. "Ejaculating Chaos" is 30 minutes of fast and extreme black metal without redundant ornaments. Album released in a standard case. All copies hand numbered. Special CD with graphic pressing !!!

September 2009

New release on Necroterror Records:

- To Those Who Stand Against Us...
Scythian 's debut full-length "To Those Who Stand Against Us..." is a ferocious tour de force presenting Scythian 's unique brand of Metal; malicious, down-tuned riffs that could have been recorded by Sodom in the mid-80's melt into truly magnificent choir-backed passages reminiscent of "Hammerheart" -era Bathory only to collapse into a frenzied blasting orgy of war, death and desolation; emerging once again from the chaos with some of the most virtuose guitar solos ever to be heard on a Metal recording. Enshrined in a face-melting production courtesy of Leon Macey (Mithras) that perfectly captures the sonic madness as it happens, "To Those Who Stand Against Us..." is one of the strongest debut albums in recent years and proves that Scythian are truly a force to be reckoned with.

New CDs out on Solitude Productions / BadMoodMan Music:

- From Under The Tarn
Debut full-length album "From Under The Tarn" is a brilliant first step of a Swedish doom metal band S:T Erik towards the top of the genre. The music is mainly inspired by bands like Ufomammut, Sleep, Om, Electric Wizard and High On Fire. But the combined influences of the members' previous engagements (ranging from death metal and stoner to post-rock), extensive use of spacey synthesizers and something as rare as a talented vocalist, result in an interesting sound, quite unique to the genre. Psychedelic doom metal filled with dense riffs performed by S:T Erik is an outstanding discovery for adepts of the genre.

- Via Gnosis
The debut album of a young Swedish band Nox Aurea is specially created for those ones seeking for combination of aesthetic sophistication with solid sound and deep sense in doom death metal. �Via Gnosis� album is close in musical sense to the early works of Swallow the Sun being pierced by the gnostic philosophy veil and creating a unique atmosphere. Members of Nox Aurea earlier played in several black metal bands while now they try to create the very traditional doom death sound with its own mentality. Nine album tracks based on atmospheric keyboard sound are opened up before a listener as the pages of ancient book carrying esoteric wisdom in lyrics sung by vocals varying from growling to clean male and female vocals. The album was recorded and mastered at Sonic Train Studios, in collaboration with Andy LaRocque (King Diamond)!

- Beyond The Gates Of Insanity
The next chapter of the Book of Apocalypses written by Deimos � the one and the only member of the project. "Beyond the Gates of Insanity" continues to submerge a listener to an insane world standing on the edge of a catastrophe. Seven tracks of gloom and despair as the traces of dense clot blood are fixed on a CD as a document of unique Darktrance style combining cold dark metal with desperate depressive black and menacing dark ambient. The world, in opposite to renovated Darktrance, has not become better. The Gates of Insanity are opened now!

News from Northern Silence Productions:

Undivine - Into Dust
On their second album Undivine (consisting of members from In Aeternum, Isole & Rimthurs among others) once again show how the melodic Black/Death from Sweden is properly celebrated. Influenced mainly by the Swedish acts that came before them such as Dawn, Dissection & Hypocrisy as well as Marduk, Dark Funeral and the classic Swedish Death Metal they unleash an inferno of Swedish power that nearly turns your speakers Into Dust...

Dark Funeral have announced the title for their upcoming album; Angelus Exuro pro Eternus, which is planned for release on November 18th.

New release from :

- Chapel of The Apocalypse demo CS
War-mongering Houston death metal that worships faithfully at the altar of BOLT THROWER! Pro-printed debut cassette demo limited to only 300 hand numbered copies. Features members of INSECT WARFARE, BLASPHERIAN, DISSENT, NIBIRU and other Houston atrocities.

News from the Aussie grindcore label :

- Beastmode
Grindcore from almighty Deutschland. Blasting out 31 tracks of pissed-off nihilism. A disturbing and unpredictable combo of sick guitar riffs, blast & screech unleashed in 24 minutes of pure bedlam violence.

- Collection 05-07
Finally... All Hatred Surge out of print material up until '07 on the one disc. This is nothing but ruthless head smashing hardcore that makes all grindcore sound weak as piss.

Three Hails To Our Unholy Master
Black Crucifixion (Fin) � Thornium (Swe) � (Net)
Central European tour Oktober 2009

Finnish BLACK CRUCIFIXION back on stage after 18 years, co-headlining tour with THORNIUM and HERETIC.

The three bands are teaming up with and SOULSELLER RECORDS for a ten-day central European tour through The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The tour shapes up to embody the return of three unique, influential and remembered bands, as all three bands have had a long inactive period during the end of the nineties and start of current decade. Each of them were founded in the nineties, but they are back now, more motivated then ever before!

Fr 09: JUKUZ, ASCHAFFENBURG, GERMANY + Capitis Damnare (Ger) and special headlining guest Pest (Ger)
Sa 10: UNI, LICHTENSTEIN, GERMANY without Black Crucifixion
Su 11: OHRAKEL, INGOLSTADT, GERMANY + supports (Ger)
Tu 13: EXHAUS, TRIER, GERMANY + Eishet Zenonim (Ger, ex-DNS members) and Phobos (Fra)
We 14: Tbc
Sa 17: DE GONZ, GOUDA, THE NETHERLANDS + Styxian Industries
Su 18: FRONTLINE, GENT, BELGIUM + Goat Torment (Bel)

Also check out the tour poster and PDF file for further info.

News from Deity Down Records:

Along with a video studio report, Italian technical Death Metallers MURDER THERAPY have posted �STARING AT THE ZODIAC�, another new track off of their debut album �SYMMETRY OF DELIRIUM� online at their .
�SYMMETRY OF DELIRIUM� is scheduled for release by DEITY DOWN RECORDS on September 07th 2009 (World), and October 5th 2009 (UK/Eire). The studio diary can also be watched on YouTube: .

News from My Kingdom Music:

- Teatroelementale
On October My Kingdom Music will present you a new act ready to remain in your head and in your heart. They are IN TORMENTATA QUIETE, already known for their theatricality and emphatic Folk-Progressive Rock mixed to an avantgardish Black Metal, and that present now �Teatroelementale� (release date October 12nd), a brilliantly crafted masterpiece that takes both the delicate melodies and mighty distortion sound for giving the listeners shock and emotions. There will be everything from the italian tradition of Folk-Progressive Rock via an avantgardish Black Metal form a la SOLEFALD to the theatricality of the great DEVIL DOLL. It�s a music influenced by any sound that gives emotions�

- Midwinter Blood
We welcome with great pleasure the new My Kingdom Music creature. They are INFERNAL ANGELS, and perform epic violence, rotten vocals and obscure melodies for a great Black Metal comeback. "Midwinter Blood" is their second full length and will be released by My Kingdom Music at the end of September. It continues the path taken by the band with the previous album "Shining Evil Light", but now they are more violent, heavier, more epic and more rotten than ever. Infernal Angels sound is very personal, supported by a perfect and powerful production. It's a must for all fans of Taake, Dissection, Gorgoroth, Naglfar and old Aeternus. You must have it!

Siberian extreme Death Metal act DEFECT DESIGNER have signed for My Kingdom Music for the release of their debut album "WAX". Release date is fixed on Sept 7th, 2009 and you'll expect great toothbraking torn riffs and odd melodies squeezing your brain through your eyes, different guitar and bass parties, hysterical choking vocals and sick drums added to crystal pure sound recorded in Hertz studio (Vader, Decapitated, Sceptic, Behemoth), Poland. DD is gonna be a surprise for all fans of complicated Death Metal stuff in the style of Edge Of Sanity, Hypocrisy, Carcass, Bolt-thrower!

August 2009

News from the Russian metal label Stygian Crypt Productions:

- Chertovorot CD

LESHAK is an ancient spirit of sombre mysteries of avital Russia. The project put down roots in cold winter of 2006. The interest in mythology and dark sides of slavonic culture enabled Redgoat to create this band whose musical part is full of slavonic melodies, which are closely intertwined with brutal riffs of death metal as a basis.
Cover artwork by Alex Vietar (Svartby, Saltvind).

News from the Polish metal label Time Before Time Records:

- No Peace At All - Thrash �r Die CD

Reedition of both demos of this great Black/Thrash Metal horde!!! Witchmaster takes NO SLAVES! Beware!!!

The Russian metal label Daemon Worship Productions have got three new releases out:

- Mass Ov Perversion
From the darkest depths, from the deepest caverns ov unexistence, the unholy prayers for the coming ov the Lord echo and thunder high and low. Eternally dedicated to the glory of our Master, FUNERAL GOAT is a channel of His will. This unholy entity, summoned by His loyal servants, - HerrAIDS and Ludas - manifests itself in a form of pure Orthodox Devilworship! No beautiful melodies, just pure religious exaltation and Satanic devotion. Influenced by and dedicated to such prophets, as VON, Beherit, Archgoat and War, FUNERAL GOAT spreads the Gospel of Ancient Black / Death. Primitive and raw, yet entrancing and hypnotic chants, played solely for His glory and in His name!
Raw primitive Goatworshipping insanity! To be released by DWP on CD on the 14th of august 2009, followed by an LP later this year!
Communion ov the Black Lord - prayers are spoken backwards for the glory of our Master!

- Abysmal Incantations
INSULT, hailing from Sweden, was born in 2004, as a manifestation of sinister and hateful spirit of Old-School Death Metal in its (im)purest form! At the moment the band is writing new anthems, and, in preparation for the forthcoming full-length attack, a pact was signed with DAEMON WORSHIP PRODUCTIONS to release both of the band's official demos - "Decree" and "Axiom" - on a single CD, to finally make them available to wider audience. Pounding raw hatred combined with haunting melodies, INSULT proudly marches forth, crushing everything to dust! 11 hymns of (im)pure blasphemy - "Abysmal Incantations" - OUT 14.08.2009!

- Architecture Of Realities
Hailing from Netherlands and including members of such bands as FLUISTERWOUD, SAURON and GALGERAS, DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS manifests in a form of shizophrenic Black Metal soundscapes. Chaotic and desperate, yet with a good share of chilling melodies, it certainly does not pose an easy listen. No raw primitivism, but violent and perfected complexity, a steel yet thin carcass of riffs, whose, at first, random strings form a finished and complete vision. Destruction is the essential element of creation. And chaos is the balance.
DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS' "Architecture Of Realities" is a journey beyond the borders of sanity. Madness from the depths of oblivion. Visions of countless galaxies destroyed and reborn. Shizophrenic visions from beyond... Beyond space, beyond time. OUT 14.08.2009!

The Ukranian metal label Dead Center Productions have got a new release out:

- Blasphemous Communion

Old-school PURE Death Metal from Philippines, in the way of MORBID ANGEL, AUTOPSY, TERRORIZER etc� 8 tracks of HELL! Pro-manufactured CD with 4 pages booklet incl photos and lyrics.

The sold out 2007 demo Where the corpses lie by US black/death metallers will be released by Nusantarajim Productions with an additional track and alternative album art and inlay. Check the band's site for more info when made available.

(Turkey) & (Finland)
Grindcore Roadkill - European Tour August/September 2009

Old school grindcore band SAKATAT from Turkey team up with Finish grinders DEATH TOLL 80K for an ultimate grindcore tour across Europe! Fans of old NAPALM DEATH, FEAR OF GOD, AGATHOCLES, SOB, ROT and alikes, be sure to visit one of the 20 gigs including performances at Play Fast or Don't Fest and Mountains Of Death Fest!

Aug 21 Fri CH - Mountains Of Death Fest*
Aug 22 Sat CH - Mountains Of Death Fest*
Aug 24 Mon NL - NEED HELP!
Aug 25 Tue NL - Leiden @ Sub 071
Aug 26 Wed NL - Amsterdam @ Occii w/ KRU$H
Aug 27 Thu BEL - Knesselare @ Idem Squat
Aug 28 Fri BEL - Zonhoven or Alken @ TBA w/ KASATKA
Aug 30 Sun GER - Berlin @ TBA
Aug 31 Mon GER - Freiburg @ KTS
Sep 01 Tue IT - Milan @ Villa Vegan Okkupata w/ BESTIAL VOMIT and SUPPURATED
Sep 02 Wed IT - Bolo gna @ Lazzaretto w/ DIORRHEA and REPULSIONE
Sep 03 Thu SLV - Beltinci @ Ambasada
Sep 04 Fri CZ - Play Fast or Don't Fest
Sep 05 Sat CZ - Play Fast or Don't Fest
Sep 06 Sun CZ - Ceske Budejovice @ Velbloud w/ THE ARSON PROJECT and ONANIZER
Sep 07 Mon CZ - Praha @ Motoraj w/ THE ARSON PROJECT
Sep 08 Tue POL - Wroclaw @ Wagon
Sep 09 Wed POL - Leszno @ Czerwona
Sep 10 Thu POL - Poznan @ Rozbrat Squat
Sep 11 Fri GER - Leipzig @ TBA
(*without DT80K)

More info at:

Funeral Doomsters wanted for round table discussion
Daniel of is looking for a small circle of Funeral Doom fans / experts / groupies for a closed round table discussion. If you think you are an expert, or simply enjoy Funeral Doom metal a lot, if you consider yourself "hardcore" or you rather listen to a lot of stuff - and you have some opinions about the genre, about where it should or shouldn't go: just "apply" at info[AT]EndzeitElegies[DOT]com (please use the SUBJECT = Funeral Doom) or comment/message here, with your name, age, Skype id, and some words about yourself and your connection to Funeral Doom.
The group will meet on Sunday 30th of August at 15:00 CEST (14:00 GMT), to allow for folks from most countries of the world to be awake at that point of time. The selected participants will be invited to the Skype group text chat.
"I have some new and some old ideas, some might be great, some might be weird, and I would like to run them past the group, and listen to your opinions. Also, we could brainstorm about how the genre should improve, can we evolve? What should we change, what should we never change? I am also open for your ideas & feedback. - Daniel"

- Dead but breathing.
Highly anticipated second full-length album by Japanese INFERNAL REVULSION. Expect a powerful varied brutal Death Metal album that has all what you want from these genre: killer production, blast beats, slamparts, guttural vokills, excellent riffs and above all great songs. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

More info at Revenge Productions' website.

News from Deity Down Records:

The recordings of �SYMMETRY OF DELIRIUM�, the debut full-length by Italian Death Metal quintet MURDER THERAPY, produced, mixed and mastered by STEFANO MORABITO (HOUR OF PENANCE, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE) at 16TH CELLAR STUDIO in Rome, have finished. �SYMMETRY OF DELIRIUM� is scheduled for release by DEITY DOWN RECORDS in September of 2009 (World), October 2009 (UK/Eire). Designer ALEX ECKMAN-LAWN (PSYOPUS, CROWPATH, SUCCESS WILL WRITE APOCALYPSE ACROSS THE SKY, AS EDEN BURNS) took care of the art. MURDER THERAPY, influenced by acts such as CEPHALIC CARNAGE, IMMOLATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MESHUGGAH, MORBID ANGEL, GOJIRA, DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, will have the following tracks to offer:
The Scourge
Extra-Ordinary Perfect Machine
Staring At The Zodiac
Tales Of The Bizarre
Two Shots In Colebrook
Hidden In Lies
The band uploaded the track �EXTRA-ORDINARY PERFECT MACHINE� to their .

�IN BLOOD AND HEART�, debut full-length by groove metal band PERSISTENSE (not a spelling error but a contraction of �to persist� and �intense�), scheduled to be released by DEITY DOWN RECORDS in September of 2009 (World), October 2009 (UK/Eire) currently is being mixed and mastered at EXCESS Studio in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Artist RONALD VISSER was responsible for the album�s graphical representation. PERSISTENSE draws inspiration from the likes of MACHINE HEAD, LAMB OF GOD and PANTERA. The record�s track list is as follows:

The Reality
Infinite Madness
In Blood And Heart
Sick World
Further information can be found on PERSISTENSE�s . Album tracks will be posted there in the near future.

The Swedish death/thrash/black metallers Devian have got a special merch offer for their chubby fans (yeah I know 'chubby' might come off as condescending, but I'm a fatty myself so what of it). The offer contanins shirt deals with special prices, and the offer is valid throughout August, so check their site for more info.

July 2009

DEVILSTONE OPEN AIR festival of extreme music � this weekend at Dainuva valley in Anyk�ciai

The debut of international extreme music festival DEVILSTONE will rock the Anyk�ciai town this weekend on 17-19 of July! The Dainuva valley, also known as the valley of songs, for the first time this summer will turn into alternative oasis, bidding to experience the energy of uncompromising, live music.

The festival is intended to occur annually, with ambitions to get acknowledged in the context of European metal festivals. The core of it is the art of extreme, heavy rock and metal music, which will be revealed by three concerts of twenty participating bands from Europe and further countries like Brazil or Jordan.

The headliner of this year DEVILSTONE is SEPULTURA, which comes to Lithuania for the third time now, despite the recently expressed objection of the Lithuanian Exorcists Association via Lithuanian public media means (imagine?). The negative attitude has been directed towards the music style and the band�s �satanic� ideology, which was of course interpreted in a dabbler way. The fact that SEPULTURA had performed in Lithuania for two times before and no similar negative attention was received only proves that the recent �scandal� has been plucked out of the air. This was probably provoked by the festival�s name which incorporates DEVIL. However, the SEPULTURA performance will occur for sure as well as the very DEVILSTONE Open Air.

Anyway, other fierce leaders of the festival are the Norwegians KEEP OF KALESSIN and CODE, the Netherlanders SINISTER. The most exotic band can be considered BILOCATE from the Islamic land Jordan, and the most contradictory � the local �AS, better known in the Lithuanian popular show business. These kickers are challenged to prepare a special heavier program of their live music. The local Lithuanian stage will be also represented by nearly the whole Lithuanian metal music elite, which is undoubtedly reinforced by the intriguing and recently revieled special guest � the black thrashers of Anyk�ciai DISSIMULATION.

The end of live performances will give a start for the night rockteques, introducing a program of old-school rock music of 1960-1974. This will be a tribute to the roots of alternative music, the classics of rock. The nostalgic melodies, transferring to the past decades, will prevail during the breaks between the live performances, what will hold the particular atmosphere in the Dainuva valley throughout the weekend.

Apart from this entertaining program the festival idea is supported by its surroundings. The Anyk�ciai town is known for its inexhaustible cultural heritage. One of its ancient legends about the devil, aiming to crush the church with a huge stone, prompted the obvious festival�s title. The ones who care for the cultural tourism will be provided with information at the special info centre. Try a challenging route of sightseeing, which destination is the festival�s symbol � the Puntukas rock, here referred to as the Devilstone.

The campsite will be set besides the festival ground along the beautiful river �ventoji (Holy in English). Right here the second day of the festival shall be started with a volleyball tournament. The winner shall be awarded with a proper trophy � a piece of art, representing the devil�s stone. Another challenge is the special tea of Lithuanian herbs and orient spice, which holds at least an idea of voodoo power. Plus, do not forget to shoot the most devilish moments of the festival. The one, who shall maybe take a picture of the legendary Anyk�ciai devil, will be evaluated with a symbolic present, worth 666 Lt.

Wish you a really devilish weekend!

All information in detail � www.devilstone.net

Poster for the festival can be found here.


Thursday � Saturday
August 06-08, 2009
JAROMER � Old Army Fortress JOSEFOV, Czech Republic

Brutal Assault Festival vol. 14 is coming! Check out the Czech prime metal meeting, this time with such bands as BIOHAZARD, IMMORTAL, OPETH, ULVER, TESTAMENT, BRUJERIA, DARK FUNERAL, MADBALL, WALLS OF JERICHO and many others! The festival takes place in unique Old Army Fortress in Jaromer (130km from Prague) in the Czech Republic.

After the last year�s successful edition, which was visited by 13 000 metalheads from all over the world, the next volume is coming and promises next impressive experiences. From year to year the festival�s program is more and more attractive and promises more and more well-known metal crowd-pullers for all fans of various extremely musical genres.
The festival takes place in unique festival ground in Jaromer, in the Old Army Fortress called Josefov. Imagine musical festival to be held at an old army fortress! This place has a huge history and unique atmosphere. There are many parts of the fortress and one of courtyard will be used as the festival ground. The fortress was built 1780 - 1789 for the Emperor Josef II. It comprises ramparts (in the form of octagonal bastions), extensive casemates (to a length of some 45km, of which 5km are open to the public), the headquarters building, a hospital, barracks, the armory, the Church of the Ascension and houses. Jaromer is situated 130 km east of Prague, 20km north from Hradec Kralove.

As usual, at the festival are gonna be more than 60 bands from all over the world! Check the actual line-up (in alphabetical order):

Tickets available in presale for only 45 EUR for 3 orgasmic days! Ticket at the door is for 54 EUR. For more info regarding tickets visit our official websites: http://brutalassault.cz/en/tickets/.
The festival is starting on Thursday, August 06, 2009 at 3pm. Camping and parking nearby the festival ground is free of charge, open on Wednesday, Aug 05, 2009.

More information:

or get in touch with us : or call directly hotline +00420774220183.

Poster for the festival can be found here.

News from the headquarters:

The new album by SQUASH BOWELS is done. 14 tracks of old school Grind Core. "Grindvirus" will be released sometime during September 2009 on Willowtip Records (USA). As usual, the album was recorded and mastered at Hertz studio in Bialystok in May and June 2009. Artwork by Lukasz Jaszak

"Grindvirus" tracklist:

7. D. I.

News from German Pestilence Records:

Nazarene Decomposing - Demonic Inquisition.
A Black Storm of Pure Unadulterated Evil is brewing in the German skies... and that Storm is NAZARENE DECOMPOSING! Not since the late 90's masterworks of MARDUK has anyone been able to spew forth such a blast of Black Metal fury! The band's first official debut comes in the ritual form of "Demonic Inqusition", a ten track Black Mass to bring Jesus to his knees! From the heavy machine gun blast beats, to the Christcrushing guitar work, and vokills that scream into the night to summon the Unholy Hordes, NAZARENE DECOMPOSING leave no Christian without terror after unleashing the "Demonic Inquisition"! This is only the first phase of Satanic Victory! Be warned! NAZARENE DECOMPOSING perform the Satanic Gospels that frenzy the Demonic Legions! "Demonic Inquisition" is the Satanic Black Metal conjuration that will tear heaven apart!
Comes incl. 12-pages-booklet & band-poster!!

The Canadian metal label Mankind's Demise Records have got two new releases out:

- La mort du prince noir
Csejthe evokes the gloomy story of a countess that once lived out of time, lurking in deep caves, caught in the blackest of magic. La mort du prince noir features nine songs that embrace the life of the tormented countess. Csejthe is a creepy black metal rumor from the legendary Hungarian castle.

- The great obscurantism
Superior Enlightenment is an extreme metal outfit featuring members of Magister Dixit, Utlagr & Fragments of Sentience. Somewhere between Keep of Kalessin and Zyklon, Superior Enlightenment is pushing the limits of brutality into the black metal genre. One of the best drum performances in Canadian extreme metal in 2009, Franky Blastbeat is literally outstanding. Combined with Ekinox' relentless and merciless double guitar assault, it constitutes a crushing piece of violence. Superior Enlightenment condemns the attitude of the governing class. The great obscurantism is a criticism of the ruling elite and their means to keep and increase their power. Supreme wealth is a sign of supreme depravity.

On the 10th of July Golgara of the Swedish black metal outfit will enter the studio to record a new EP, and also two tracks for a split (to which he's still looking for a label as well as band).

Some news from the Old Temple headquarters:

Debut album of is a murderous dose of grim metal from the '90s. Over 40 minutes of raw music and uncompromising message. Anti-christian, blasphemous black/thrash with raw sound. This music is for the fans of old school metal without any fucking useless ornaments. Unpure, dark, primal destruction. Album released in a standard case. Cover art - Perversor. Limited to 1000 hand numbered copies.
VOCIFEROUS : Hellscreamaross - Vocals (Exhalation, Witchfuck), Achab - Guitar, Vocals, BeerTerror - Bass (Witchfuck), Armagog - Drums (Mystes, Embrional, Witchfuck)..

News from Gormageddon Productions:

New album of ultrabrutal death metal band - Interplanar Decimation.

Some news from doom metal label Solitude Productions:

New Solitude Prod. / BadMoodMan releases is out!

- Broken Leaf
Revelation from this Belgian band with their debut album "Broken Leaf"! The first album of MY LAMENT consists of eight powerful, perfectly recorded songs, which have a balance between cruelty of ATARAXIE and melodic lines of OFFICIUM TRISTE and SATURNUS. Brilliant playing skills of the musicians with great sound separate MY LAMENT from a lot of modern bands in this style, and put their music on same line with the famous bands of doom death metal scene!

Tales Of Dark - Perdition Calls
The second album of this Serbian band, who gathered attention with their debut album "Fragile Monuments" in 2006. They haven�t lost their trademark sound of doom death with beautiful melodies including a great mixture of male growling vocals and clean female voice. "Perdition Calls" � another brilliant one on the field of gothic doom metal worth the attention of all lovers of MY DYING BRIDE and DRACONIAN.

News from :

- Fall OF The Holy Cult.
Death Metal tercet Hetzer has completed works on its new stuff "Fall of The Holy Cult". The new album is a blasphemous 32 minutes blitzkrieg, recorded at Hounted Studio in Myslovitze (Poland). The opening song "Black Flame of The Antichtrist" is already available at Myspace profiles.
The new album will be released on September 2009 through Dissonance Records.

News from Deity Down Records:

JOEY FERWERDA, instigator and mastermind of melodic metal project MORTON BLACK has posted the track �World Is Closing In� on the project�s MySpace . �World Is Closing in�, featuring vocals by guest musician MARCEL OERLEMANS (CEREMONY OF OPPOSITES) is a roughly mixed and unmastered non-CD track and fow now, a MySpace exclusive. A preview of the songs on the upcoming mini �CONFUSION OF EXISTENCE�, due out later this year on Netherlands-based label DEITY DOWN RECORDS will follow shortly.

News from Let Them Come Productions:

New release by LET THEM COME Productions will be out on 8th July 2009. This time You will experience SONNEILLON, sympho � black metal band from Poland. Over 30 minuts of a mystical journey through anger, pain and darkness into the place where the fallen ones await their return. You can listen to a sample track on The MCD also contains a video to the song �Into the unknown� and �the making of� to the video. You already could listen to the samples of SONNEILLON's music for BEHEMOTH's episodes starded with the music by Spirit, the keyboard player form SONNEILLON. The cover and the booklet was made by Xaay, who had worked with NILE, BEHEMOTH, NECROPHAGIST, HATE, YYRKOON. The CD is available for � 8 (shipping included!!!). To purchase the MCD please contact the label on www.let-them-come.eu or on . Anyone interested in any kind of cooperation please contact us!