is a label that continues what did since 2004 in supporting the extreme forms of music, but focusing on releasing pro-format like CDs and maybe in the future LPs and 7", leaving SEWER RECORDS to deal only with D.I.Y. cdr or tape releases.


The CD contains - 35 hidden diamonds of ultra guttural brutality the American way - the ultra rare LIVIDITY promo 94 (one man project), the Ritual of Mortal Impalement / split with MORGUE FETUS from 1995, unreleased Ritual of Mortal Impalement sessions 95, rehearsals 95, the split 7" with TERRORISM, live Ohio Deathfest 99, the split 7" with PROFANITY, live 2003 from Czech Rep., live in Lyss Switzerland 2004, a Pussy Lover live edition from the Illinois Metalfest 2004 featuring Shaun LaCanne of PUTRID PILE on vox, the Used, Abused and Left for Dead rehearsals, and an unknown studio track from 2003!!!! - liner notes from Dave Kibler hisself - ultra sick artwork from all LIVIDITY's artists - a whole page of sick photos from all their line ups to date - a whole page of thankslists... - 2 pages of rare LIVIDITY flyers, tickets and posters for the fans all in all in an 8 page booklet for your brutal pleasure!!! LIVIDITY - SUPPORTING THE UNDERGROUND SINCE 1993!!!
Our first pressing of the CD is in 500 units, so act fast... Flyer.

News from Deity Down Records:

Italian extreme Death Metallers have been confirmed for this year's NEUROTIC DEATHFEST. On Saturday May 1st the band will replace Antigama. Furthermore, "THE SCOURGE", the first official MURDER THERAPY video has been released. The track is the opening song from the band's debut album "SYMMETRY OF DELIRIUM", recorded and mixed at 16TH CELLAR STUDIO in Rome, Italy by Stefano Morabito (who is known for his work with the likes of Hour of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse) and released on September 7th 2009 through Deity Down Records.
Direct link to "THE SCOURGE":.

Vietah - Smalisty Zah CD

The second album of Belorussian one man band VIETAH under name "Smalisty Zah" was released by Stygian Crypt Productions. Album includes 7 tracks of Atmospheric Black Metal near one hour of playing time. The new album includes 6 tracks composed by author and cover of Darkthrone� "Quintessence" performed in Belorussian language. Design of album by cz (Vinterriket)...

New release on Epitomite Productions:

The Monolith Deathcult - The White Crematorium 2.0 CD
Not just some basic re-issue... The band decided to totally RE-RECORD the album and also has added videos! It is absolutely amazing. If you have never heard THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT imagine early Nile and early Kataklysm brilliantly tossed together and maybe even more "brutal". After long wait we finally have it and are ready to serve this slab up to the brave!

For the release of the second "" album : "Grotesque", out on March 27th, propose you an Ultra Limited (yet cheap) �GROTESQUE pack� (CD + T Shirt + Patch). Pens�es Nocturnes is a mix of innovative and avant-gardist Black Metal acclaimed by the press.

Famous Norwegian band MAYHEM confirmed at Devilstone Open Air

One of the most famous extreme music bands � Norwegians MAYHEM � is coming to Lithuania. Pioneers of the Norwegian Black metal shall make the only performance in the Baltic States on July 16-18, in the �Devilstone Open Air�, Anyksciai, Dainuva valley. Noted for their history and radical behavior on the stage and beyond it, MAYHEM shall come to perform their creation of 1994-2007 period in the 70 minutes show.
The �Devilstone Open Air� is devoted for different styles of heavy music and it will never do without Black metal in it. This year MAYHEM will be the cornerstone of the black metal field and this is only possible thanks to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Lithuania, which made crucial contribution to the so called Mayhem-project.
Having released only four albums since MAYHEM start in 1986, the band is still acknowledged to be one of the most notorious Black metal bands worldwide. The debut album �De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas� is recognized as the best Black metal album ever. While the last one �Ordo ad Chao�, featuring musical experiments, is valued not only by extreme music fans.
Finally, it is not only MAYHEM creation that makes the band exclusive. No wonder the whole MAYHEM history is a hot object to be analysed by the Media: their shocking behaviour on stage, aggressive image, suicide and murder, church arsons, Black Inner Circle movement, public scandals and many more hardly imaginable facts and covering myths. However, having attained their 25 anniversary, they are still wanted in most of the greatest metal music festivals, and the �Devilstone Open Air� is not an exception...
To get back to the festival itself, the other headliner and all the rest 20 bands should not be forgotten as well. These are Americans DEICIDE (death metal), Germans TANKARD (thrash metal), and many more. Ukrainians SEMARGL (black metal), Dutchmen DEVIOUS (death metal), Italians WHITE SKULL (heavy/power metal) and Belgians GORATH (progressive black metal) are the last confirmed bands among the others. No wonder the �Devilstone Open Air� is looking forward to unleashing the real storm with the second coming.

Gather your fellows into a larger group and get the DEVILSTONE Open Air tickets for the minimal price. DECENT DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR FOREIGN GROUPS. Find all information at

Much more information in detail �
DEVILSTONE video trailer based on 2009 video:

DEVILSTONE Open Air 2010 line-up:
DEICIDE [death metal, USA]
MAYHEM [black metal, Norway]
TANKARD [thrash metal, Germany]
DEVIOUS [death metal, Holland]
NIGHTMARE [heavy meal, France]
WHITE SKULL [power/heavy metal, Italy]
HELEVORN [doom metal, Spain]
SCYTHIAN [war metal, England]
LIE IN RUINS [death metal, Finland]
GORATH [Progressive Black Metal, Belgium]
SEMARGL [black metal, Ukraine]
ARGHARUS [black metal, Lithuania]
BURYING PLACE [death metal, Lithuania]
+ Seven more bands TBA

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