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A tribute to Anti Cimex, CD - Crust
Attack of the... Worldeater, CD - Death metal/hardcore/rock/grindcore
Container Rock vol. 1, CD-R - Punk/crust
Giants of grind #2, DVD - Grindcore
Halvfabrikat Promo �03, CD-R - Crust/grind
Halvfabrikat Promo 2004, CD-R - Hardcore/crust/anarchopunk
Halvfabrikat Promo 2005, CD-R - Crust/grind
Halvfabrikat Promo 2006, CD-R - Crustcore
Hells Headbangers & Deathgasm promotional sampler, CD - Death/thrash/black metal
J�mlikhet, CD-R - Crust/grind/hardcore
Listen to your... Inner voice, CD - Black/death/thrash metal
More world, less bank, 7" - Crust
Obscene Extreme 2005 - Silence sucks, CD - Grind / death metal
Polargrinder, LP - Grindcore
R�ttvisa, CD-R - Hardcore
Solidaritet, CD-R - Punk
The French underground series, CD - Death metal/deathgrind
The horror hive, CD - Grind
The seed of the next season, CD - Hardcore/metalhc/grind
Tribute to Mortician, CD - Death metal
We come in peace, 7" - Crustcore